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last rites
▪ Both were given last rites before being taken into the operating room.
▪ But they can not perform Catholic sacramental duties, such as hearing confession, offering Communion or giving last rites.
▪ It might as well have been the last rites.
▪ So he did what he has become accustomed to doing - gave the last rites.
▪ The Steelers were one Hail Mary away from last rites.
▪ They will have nothing to do with Catholic baptisms, marriages, or last rites.
▪ When a priest arrived to administer the last rites, Mansell sent him away.
▪ Your marriage has got off to an unfortunate start but it doesn't warrant the last rites just yet.
last rites

n. The catholic sacrament of Anointing of the Sick.

last rites
  1. n. a Catholic sacrament; a priest anoints a dying person with oil and prays for salvation [syn: anointing of the sick, extreme unction]

  2. rites performed in connection with a death or burial

Last rites

The last rites are the last prayers and ministrations given to many Catholics when possible shortly before death. The last rites go by various names and include various practices in different Catholic traditions. They may be administered to those awaiting execution, mortally injured, or terminally ill.

Last Rites (film)

Last Rites is a 1988 thriller film written and directed by Donald P. Bellisario and starring Tom Berenger and Daphne Zuniga.

Last Rites (Law & Order: Criminal Intent)

"Last Rites" is a seventh season episode of the television series Law & Order: Criminal Intent. It also marks Det. Mike Logan's final appearance in the series.

Last Rites (band)

Last Rites are an English goth- industrial band formed by the Wright brothers of Fields of the Nephilim and Rubicon, Alexander "Nod" Wright and Paul Wright, with Bob Ahern and James Quinn. In 2009 Paul and Alexander "Nod" Wright joined The Eden House as guest musicians on The Eden House debut album Smoke and Mirrors released in April 2009 in USA and in May 2009 in the UK.

Last Rites (album)

Last Rites is Virginia doom metal band Pentagram's seventh studio album. It is the first album since the band's third album, Be Forewarned, to feature guitarist Victor Griffin.

This album had been in the works for many years under the tentative title Last Rites of the Setting Sun. As indicated in the Last Days Here film, the original plan was to use remaining members Greg Mayne and Geof O'Keefe along with new musicians to round out the lineup for a release on Housecore Records, but things ultimately fell through. Frontman Bobby Liebling announced different songs on Myspace circa 2008 as the album progressed into fruition ("Everything's Turning to Night", "Horseman" and "Walk in the Blue Light" did make it to the album from the original intended track listing). The original lineup intended for this album was to be Leibling, Russ Strahan, Mark Ammen and Gary Isom but the lineup almost entirely changed as 2010 progressed before recording sessions could be arranged. Some original songs written and intended for the album that ultimately didn't make it included "South of the Swamp" and "I'm Takin' No More". Hank Williams III was also rumored to appear on the album at one point.

"Into the Ground" and "Nothing Left" actually originated from rehearsal tracks from the first Pentagram lineup (not Stonebunny as erroneously reported), played in a faster and groovier tempo. "Old Man" from those same sessions was originally intended for the album but ultimately not chosen.

Gary Isom was originally intended to be the drummer for this album but left the band shortly after their performance at Maryland Deathfest.

Last Rites (1975 film)

I've Come About the Suicide is a 1975 Australian comedy about a writer and his man servant who try to convince the world that the writer has gone mad.

Last Rites (Once Upon a Time)

"Last Rites" is the twenty-first episode of the fifth season of the American fantasy drama series Once Upon a Time, which aired on May 8, 2016.

In this episode, Zelena redeems after finding out that Hades tricked her. Meanwhile, in the Underworld, King Arthur shows up and helps Hook find out about Hades' weakness. In the end, Hook comes back to life.

Last Rites (disambiguation)

The last rites are the final ministrations to the dying in various Christian churches.

Upper case Last Rites may refer to:

  • Last Rites, a heavy metal music blog
  • Last Rites (computer game), a 1997 zombie-themed First-person shooter for DOS
  • Last Rites (film), a 1988 film starring Tom Berenger
  • Last Rites (1999 film), a TV film starring Randy Quaid
  • "Last Rites" (Law & Order: Criminal Intent), an episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent
  • Last Rites (band), an English goth-industrial band
  • "Last Rites/Loved to Deth", a song by Megadeth from Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good!
  • Last Rites (album), album of doom metal band Pentagram

Usage examples of "last rites".

And while his body was lying lifeless, and the last rites were being prepared, amidst the weeping and mourning of all, one of the friends who were consoling the father suggested that the body should be anointed with the oil of the same martyr.

By what right did he come to worry her with the last rites when she could not defend herself?

He said that most of the priests were less angry that the sinner had gotten buried without the proper rites than they were about not receiving payment for the last rites and Christian burial.

From the first hour of his mission to the last rites of his funeral, the apostle was never forsaken by a generous friend, whom he delighted to name his brother, his vicegerent, and the faithful Aaron of a second Moses.

But Pertinax could not refuse those last rites to the memory of Marcus, and the tears of his first protector Claudius Pompeianus, who lamented the cruel fate of his brother-in- law, and lamented still more that he had deserved it.

There were enemies in plenty who had attended Ayaki's last rites precisely to grab advantage from an opportunity like this.

Three years in the seminary, he should know a little about administering last rites.

There were enemies inplenty who had attended Ayaki's last rites precisely to grabadvantage from an opportunity like this.