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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
factors are responsible for sth
▪ These underlying factors were responsible for his death.
holding...personally responsible
▪ I’m holding you personally responsible for this mess!
hold...personally responsible
▪ If anything happens to her, I’ll hold you personally responsible.
legally responsible
▪ Which of them is legally responsible for the accident?
partly responsible
▪ The poor weather was partly responsible for the crash.
solely responsible
▪ I shall hold you solely responsible for anything that goes wrong.
▪ The strong bonds in diamond are also responsible for many of its non-abrasive uses.
▪ The administrators are also responsible for interpreting and applying many public policies that set guidelines for the behavior of individuals or groups.
▪ The team member on duty who had completed the initial referral form was also responsible for completing the pre-coded questionnaire.
▪ Funeral directors are also responsible for the success and the profitability of their businesses.
▪ This attitude was also responsible for a new horological invention that was ultimately to be of far-reaching social significance.
▪ To the latter end he was also responsible for establishing a savings bank at Workington, and for various friendly societies.
▪ The Director is also responsible for liaison with government officials and representatives.
▪ Nitrous oxide is also responsible for about six percent of the greenhouse effect.
▪ It is directly responsible for 35,000 deaths from lung cancer and twice this number from other diseases every year.
▪ The woman I had spoken with was directly responsible for deciding what the opportunist was paid.
▪ The constitution also made military leaders directly responsible to the emperor, allowing them to bypass the cabinet.
▪ Severing the umbilical cord between landlords and peasants vastly increased the proportion of the population for which the centre was directly responsible.
▪ In some places, women have been directly responsible for its introduction, whilst in others feminist ideas have influenced the law-makers.
▪ Sender of message and person responsible for delay in clearance will be held directly responsible for possible deaths of thousands.
▪ They are frequently directly responsible for its execution.
▪ Each is now directly responsible for its own marketing, planning, operations, engineering and balance sheet.
▪ He was also largely responsible for rewriting Davis's Handbook of Chemical Engineering in its two-volume format for a second edition.
▪ Reagan, with his extraordinary knack for bringing people together, was largely responsible for this.
▪ As this portrait indicates, Margaret Massingberd was largely responsible for creating much of the garden areas as they still exist today.
▪ The government said the change to chain weights was largely responsible for the higher estimate.
▪ A grand little chap called Willie Workman was largely responsible.
▪ By all accounts, technology is largely responsible for fueling the self-employment trend among the disabled.
▪ Edwin was largely responsible for getting it off the ground.
▪ Immigration trends change Changing immigration trends are largely responsible for the bifurcation in the community.
▪ If the Policyholder is legally responsible, there would be cover.
▪ The skipper is legally responsible for your safety and has the final say over where you go.
▪ Imagine our horror at the thought that we might now be held legally responsible for the tragic results of an inadequate diet.
▪ Legal remedies can ensure that landlords carry out the works for which they are legally responsible.
▪ Remember, that as the carrier, you remain legally responsible for the actions of your subcontract haulier.
▪ Trade unions have become more responsible and democratic.
▪ The trick is to make representatives more responsible or to put in place automatic restraints on spending.
▪ Alan thought men could be more responsible: Men should be more careful.
▪ They tend to be more mature, more responsible, and to come from more affluent homes.
▪ Tomorrow, the new Community Care Act will make local councils more responsible.
▪ Such results may be explained by the hypothesis that serotonin is more responsible for regulating mood than for controlling alcohol cravings.
▪ It's thought he's becoming more responsible.
▪ So far his strategy seems to be working: although younger than William, he occupies a more responsible position.
▪ The alternative - that these lower levels are partly responsible for the development of oesophagitis - is also possible.
▪ Consideration for his successor was partly responsible for his decision to resign short of the seven-year goal, he said.
▪ So inevitably, I feel at least partly responsible.
▪ Most liberals, like other feminists, believe that schools are partly responsible for instilling sexist attitudes into children.
▪ Finally the new adverts themselves were partly responsible for the revival of early 1960s soul music in the late 1980s.
▪ It takes time for this to develop and for people to recognise that they are partly responsible.
▪ Prevailing conditions in the organization and distribution of the popular press were partly responsible for this.
▪ It is sufficient that it was partly responsible for the damage.
▪ We are, each of us, personally responsible for damaging our environment.
▪ Most systems have an executive cabinet, with each member directly and personally responsible for some major area of administration.
▪ She would have been held personally responsible and would almost certainly have fallen from office.
▪ Did this make me personally responsible for more deaths?
▪ Like the sole trader, the partners are personally responsible for paying off any debts the shop may incur.
▪ Now I was not personally responsible for that.
▪ He is held personally responsible for complying with the many rules and regulations that govern its use.
▪ It report points out that, in many developing countries, women are primarily responsible for subsistence farming.
▪ If environmental factors were primarily responsible for its emergence among other populations, can the same be said for male homosexuals?
▪ Even more striking was the upsurge in heavy industry, and for this the State itself was primarily responsible.
▪ Women were also primarily responsible for the household.
▪ Yet even in these households the woman is primarily responsible for performing such tasks.
▪ The militia and citizen patrols remained primarily responsible for control of the black population.
▪ A reduction in the incidence of progressive heart failure was primarily responsible for the reduced mortality.
▪ Why is a woman and not a man primarily responsible for raising the children?
▪ He nodded, avoiding the many eyes that glared at him as though he were solely responsible.
▪ Economics is of course not solely responsible for these changes.
▪ He says another man, Derek McCall, 20, was solely responsible.
▪ Consequently, as social life becomes more complex, the school is increasingly seen as the agency solely responsible for providing solutions.
▪ But it would be a distortion to suggest that de Gaulle and his agents were solely responsible for the eventual unification.
▪ It is not reasonable to expect one person to be solely responsible for fundraising, campaigning or recruitment work.
▪ That person is then solely responsible for any debts the business may incur.
▪ In fact, it wasn't just the twins who were solely responsible for her feeling so exhausted.
▪ What had those educated women in that church, many of them with responsible jobs in London, in common with that story?
hold sb responsible/accountable/liable (for sth)
▪ He was held not liable as there was a real and imminent danger and he had done what was reasonably necessary.
▪ I hold the police responsible for my son's death Voice over Police denied any knowledge of who was on the bike.
▪ In the past, juries have usually sided with the industry, holding smokers liable for the damage they inflict on themselves.
▪ Please, however, do not think that I hold you responsible, in any way, for my own uncertainty.
▪ She would have been held personally responsible and would almost certainly have fallen from office.
▪ The jury that held Simpson liable consisted of six men and six women, ranging in age from mid-20s to mid-70s.
▪ Then he told Hepzibah he'd hold her responsible!
▪ You can not learn team performance without being part of a team that holds itself mutually accountable for achieving specific performance goals.
▪ He treated me as if I wasn't responsible enough to be given the tools to do my job.
▪ I'm a responsible adult. I can make my own choices.
▪ I would feel responsible if anything happened to the kids.
▪ Mrs Williams says that the hospital was responsible for her husband's death.
▪ Police believe a local gang is responsible for the recent burglaries.
▪ Supporters say the program helps teens become sexually responsible.
▪ The other driver was responsible for the accident, and he should pay for the damage.
▪ Two new programs are being developed to help promote responsible sexual behavior.
▪ We aim to educate our children to become socially responsible citizens.
▪ We never worried about letting Sam babysit our kids - he'd always seemed very responsible and intelligent.
▪ Another discovery from the early space age was the mechanism responsible for raising intense planet-wide dust storms on Mars.
▪ He saw that it was this very racism that was responsible for forcing blacks into positions of marginality.
▪ Individuals will be responsible for their own personal development plans which will be measured against agreed standards of business performance.
▪ The defendants argued that they were not responsible for his death, as it could not have been foreseen.
▪ The Los Angeles Times is not responsible for changes in prices, dates or itineraries.
▪ The rest will be part-time, seasonal, or contract workers, responsible for designing and choreographing their own careers and retirements.
▪ While the work of Prof Harwood is valuable, cocoa butter is not responsible for the popularity of chocolate.
▪ Who was responsible for this pleasant girl being effectively unemployable?
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Responsible \Re*spon"si*ble\ (r?*sp?n"s?*b'l), a. [Cf. F. responsable. See Respond.]

  1. Liable to respond; likely to be called upon to answer; accountable; answerable; amenable; as, a guardian is responsible to the court for his conduct in the office.

  2. Able to respond or answer for one's conduct and obligations; trustworthy, financially or otherwise; as, to have a responsible man for surety.

  3. Involving responsibility; involving a degree of accountability on the part of the person concerned; as, a responsible office.

    Syn: Accountable; answerable; amenable. [1913 Webster] -- Re*spon"si*ble*ness, n. -- Re*spon"si*bly, adv.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1590s, "answerable" (to another, for something), from obsolete French responsible (13c., Modern French responsable, as if from Latin *responsabilis), from Latin respons-, past participle stem of respondere "to respond" (see respond). Meaning "accountable for one's actions" is attested from 1640s; that of "reliable, trustworthy" is from 1690s. Retains the sense of "obligation" in the Latin root word. Related: Responsibly.


a. answerable for an act performed or for its consequences; accountable; amenable, especially legally or politically.

  1. adj. worthy of or requiring responsibility or trust; or held accountable; "a responsible adult"; "responsible journalism"; "a responsible position"; "the captain is responsible for the ship's safety"; "the cabinet is responsible to the parliament" [ant: irresponsible]

  2. being the agent or cause; "determined who was the responsible party"; "termites were responsible for the damage" [syn: responsible for(p)]

  3. having an acceptable credit rating; "a responsible borrower" [syn: creditworthy]

Usage examples of "responsible".

In the very first one of these joint discussions between Senator Douglas and myself, Senator Douglas, without alluding at all to these platforms, or any one of them, of which I have spoken, attempted to hold me responsible for a set of resolutions passed long before the meeting of either one of these conventions of which I have spoken.

And how utterly fallacious the stereotyped notion that the teachings of Anarchism, or certain exponents of these teachings, are responsible for the acts of political violence.

For example, the Japanese terrorist group Aum Shinrikyo, which was responsible for the release of deadly Sarin gas in the Tokyo subway system in 1995, had previously tried to disperse aerosolized anthrax and botulism throughout Tokyo on several occasions.

Courtney Whitney, whom MacArthur made responsible for the guerrilla operation throughout the Philippines, was a Manila-based corporate lawyer known for his ferocious antiunion, antisocialist, anticommunist views.

Director of Central Intelligence George Tenet said the agency was still assessing who was responsible, but the early signs all pointed to al Qaeda.

If they joined their fellows in this holy war against mages, not only would the Archpriest be responsible for their actions, he would be obligated to see to it that they were stopped.

They realise that they are partly responsible for the sins committed by the Russian nation, even though they have been powerless heretofore to remedy these conditions in the face of an armed and organised autocracy, backed by the moral, intellectual and military force of Germany and by the money of France and England.

Prince had been dead ten years, the Baroness thought that he might not be wholly responsible for the ruin of his estate, but she discreetly avoided the suggestion.

After fourteen stormy years the two friends, who more than any others were responsible for the launching of the Third Retch, for its terror and its degradation, who though they had often disagreed had stood together in the moments of crisis and defeats and disappointments, had come to a parting of the ways, and the scar-faced, brawling battler for Hitler and Nazism had come to the end of his violent life.

He quietly cursed all those he felt responsible for his presence here: Cabe Bedlam, the Lady of the Amber, Azran Bedlam, the Gryphon, the cowardly Dragon Kingseveryone but himself.

Melton might try to lay the entire blame on Jules, but he was responsible for Boca Raton and wanted this Bently problem wrapped up before he had to answer awkward questions.

And surely responsible it is, mature it is, when in its darkest hour, a nation can look deep within its troubled and anguished blah blah blah blah blah blah blah the guilt of all.

Though he eyed The Shadow suspiciously for a short while, Bronden finally decided that the prisoner could not have been responsible for the blown fuses.

Suggested form of report, to be made quarterly by the responsible head of each Institution wherein animal experimentation is authorized.

MBC technical director is responsible for transmitting the latest extortionary faxes from the terrorist who calls himself Captain Audion.