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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A recession causes many reliable creditworthy consumers to go under; how safe will new and existing scoring systems now be?
▪ After 1982, the Third World debt crisis also turned banks towards the home market in the search for creditworthy borrowers.
▪ As a result, banks want to lend money only to the most creditworthy.
▪ Firstly, loan demand must come from creditworthy customers who can guarantee loan repayment at a future date.
▪ Subsequently they will pay between 7 and 11 per cent, depending on how creditworthy they are.
▪ The easiest and best time to get this money from your banker is when you are still perceived as a creditworthy employee.
▪ This encourages them to chase higher returns by lending to less creditworthy borrowers.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

credit-worthy \credit-worthy\ creditworthy \creditworthy\adj. having an acceptable credit rating; worthy of having credit extended; as, a credit-worthy customer.

Syn: responsible.


a. 1 Deemed likely to repay debts 2 Having an acceptable credit rating


adj. having an acceptable credit rating; "a responsible borrower" [syn: responsible]

Usage examples of "creditworthy".

Jan told us South Shore got the idea to fund artisans who were skilled but not creditworthy by conventional standards from the work of the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh, founded by Muhammad Yunus, who had studied economics at Vanderbilt University before going home to help his people.