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responsible for

adj. being the agent or cause; "determined who was the responsible party"; "termites were responsible for the damage" [syn: responsible, responsible for(p)]

Usage examples of "responsible for".

If Owen Meany doesn't get the best deal possible, from the best college around-you're responsible for that, too!

But you can imagine, can you not, Geordi, what it was like to sit on the bridge of the ship and being told I had to be responsible for the destruction of an entire world?

He knew he was responsible for planting the misconception in their heads that he was inept.

You'll also still be responsible for improving the Lust and Fornication department—.

All spaceship repair services have been overstrained and the resulting inefficiency is believed responsible for the disasters.

Yet now I was almost certain that whoever stole my memories was responsible for the controls planted in my mind.

However, I had to stress that our last meeting had been less than pleasant, and I quite possibly had been responsible for putting Lord Conrad's eye out or at least causing him to lose the use of that eye.

Assuming it to be true, what could be responsible for such an increase?

That is, I wasn't responsible for him the way I would've been if he'd been my own son.

Someone intentionally caused his lethal exposure, someone was responsible for that substation explosion, and someone shot Ben.