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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a patient responds to treatment (=starts recovering)
▪ Some patients respond quickly and satisfactorily to treatment.
respond to a request
▪ Thank you to those who responded to our request for information last month.
respond to pressure (=do something as a result of pressure)
▪ The government responded to this pressure and modified the Bill.
respond to treatment (=become better when given treatment)
▪ He contracted a lung infection which did not respond to treatment.
responded cautiously
▪ The government responded cautiously to the move.
▪ Vice-President Aleksandr Rutskoi responded by openly opposing Yeltsin, blaming the President's advisers for encouraging a confrontation with the legislature.
▪ I responded by putting this most amiable of politicians to the test.
▪ The United States responded by informally requesting her partners to use restraint in exercising their right to convert dollars into gold.
▪ Lincoln responded by warning that Southern prisoners would be executed man-for-man if the South carried out its plan.
▪ It seems to have responded by having her write to the White House asking for a state apology.
▪ Most responded by aggressively pursuing a policy of getting and acting smaller.
▪ Suppose your boss asks you for suggestions about how a particular problem could be solved and you immediately respond with some ideas.
▪ Nelson used a cellular phone to contact her rescuers, although the storm kept them from responding immediately.
▪ Bobo responded immediately by reaching out with a begging gesture, palm upwards and fingers slightly curled.
▪ Apparently, the flight attendant was too busy to respond immediately to the finger-snapping demands of the princess for more drinks.
▪ The tsar responded immediately to Valuev's call for the acceleration of the reform of the courts.
▪ Klusener set off to claim the winning run, and had Donald responded immediately victory would have been theirs.
▪ Barlaston responded immediately with Alan Hope's left-wing cross finding the back of the net before Hackney claimed the glory.
▪ Any animal that has been sprayed just once will respond immediately and back away fast from a displaying skunk.
▪ If your customer is genuine he should respond positively to this fair approach.
▪ Occasionally, the state responds positively to these demands.
▪ The council had a responsibility to local businesses and should respond positively by allowing the change of use.
▪ Indeed, candidates may be reluctant to respond positively without knowing the purchaser's identity.
▪ The mark of a good organisation is that it responds positively when things get tough.
▪ Will the Minister respond positively and allow the board to do what it wishes?
▪ This prevents the skin from becoming too accustomed to the essences and failing to respond positively to them.
▪ However, although 70 percent of women expressed a desire for such facilities only 39 percent of men responded positively.
▪ Infolink's ability to respond quickly to the needs of a particular industry sector is demonstrated by a number of recent initiatives.
▪ When that happens and some one falls in a channel, the city and county fire department swift-water rescue teams must respond quickly.
▪ Trained to respond quickly to danger.
▪ Visalia had adopted a radically new budget system, which allowed managers to respond quickly as circumstances changed.
▪ Are you able to respond quickly?
▪ Politically, this meant that individuals could gain immediate knowledge of events anywhere in the world and could respond quickly.
▪ When intruders appear, the chicks respond quickly to their parents' calls by crouching or running to shelter.
▪ First, they are far more flexible than centralized institutions; they can respond quickly to changing circumstances and customers' needs.
▪ What would some wily girl see in him that he would respond to?
▪ Was there nothing this man did that she didn't like, didn't respond to?
▪ Manufacturers and specialists are struggling to respond to constantly changing requirements, he said.
▪ As children, our cries for attention are acknowledged and responded to, ignored or dealt with by aggression.
▪ The ability of the school to enlist - and respond to - parental involvement, will be crucial.
▪ Things that light up and make sounds are easier to respond to.
▪ In the visual system of birds, colours and contrasting outlines are some of the features picked out and responded to strongly.
▪ Their horizons stretch even further as they seek to listen, respond to, and support, individual consumers world-wide.
▪ Some ragged wild Angels responded well to herbal treatment.
▪ About 30 % of these patients do not respond well initially or eventually break through drug treatment.
▪ She's relaxed and responding well to some half-completed treatment, unconcerned about her hair loss.
▪ And really, it seems to be responding well.
▪ When it responds well its power is immense.
▪ It is also used in patients not responding well to ergotamines or methysergide.
▪ They resent disturbance so do not respond well to division.
▪ But all other things being equal, the gay and lesbian community has responded well to examples of perceived corporate goodwill.
▪ Capacity and other resource constraints which may limit the target's ability to respond to increases in demand.
▪ The reader develops an ability to respond to the visual as well as the literary.
▪ To increase the number of errors can sometimes improve the ability to respond to a challenge.
▪ Infolink's ability to respond quickly to the needs of a particular industry sector is demonstrated by a number of recent initiatives.
▪ We are not just talking about information; we are talking about the ability to respond to the living language.
▪ The ability to respond in crisis is one of the skills which all teachers must possess.
▪ The ability to respond constructively to frequent re-organisations and a moving requirements target has become part of life.
▪ The depth to which an enquiry is classified can also affect a bureau's ability to respond to local problems.
▪ If our mind refuses to let our body respond, the feeling stays locked in and can affect all our physical processes.
▪ Vargas said the body would try to respond to concerns of legislators and officials over the content and timetable of some programs.
▪ The first thing which strikes one is the speed with which bodies are expected to respond or to change.
▪ Together they tell your body how to respond.
▪ And Shiona pressed herself against him, enthralled by the hard feel of him, her body responding to every little touch.
▪ And she had felt her body respond.
▪ Education the key Education responds to the call of the prevailing culture.
▪ All of my doubts you gently quelled, I responded to your call.
▪ Hammond responded to a call to remove a female bobcat from Tucson Raceway Park.
▪ Sadly, Smith was out 10 short of his century: run out, responding to an unrealistic call by Marshall.
▪ Neither Chung nor his lawyer responded to phone calls Friday seeking comment.
▪ No, they were Zionists, they were believers, they were responding to the call or answering a challenge.
▪ Wood, who lives in the Washington area, did not respond to calls seeking comment on the allegations.
▪ How should specialist services respond to this challenge?
▪ I responded to the challenge of combat with the tactics of avoidance and flight.
▪ Small wonder that he seldom responds to the challenge.
▪ But they keep responding to the challenge.
▪ It can not respond to unfamiliar challenges or develop new opportunities.
▪ In June, a Parliamentary committee assembled to respond to its challenge.
▪ All over the world, natural selection had responded to the new challenge.
▪ A truly remarkable achievement and one that demonstrates the enthusiasm with which Johnson Matthey has responded to the challenge.
▪ Process control nets will need to respond to changes in the process.
▪ Another requirement to respond to unanticipated change is a short production cycle.
▪ What determines whether firms, households, or symphony orchestras respond to price changes?
▪ How does aggregate demand respond to changes in interest rates?
▪ Bureaucratic organizations are slow to respond when conditions change, and housing authorities were no exception.
▪ They had to respond to changes in volume, changes in client, changes in climate.
▪ Therefore firms may respond to high-paced information change by constraining search process time.
▪ His only major mistake lay in the way he responded to the demand for international films.
▪ Instead, they argue that gold is behaving more like a traditional commodity, responding to supply and demand forces.
▪ Moreover, system technology is capable of reducing the time needed to respond to changes in demand or to serve orders.
▪ Occasionally, the state responds positively to these demands.
▪ The Army Council faction has not yet responded to the demand.
▪ Economic growth favours some particular sector of industry, and technology responds to the demand.
▪ The food and drink industry is responding to the undoubted demand for low and no-alcohol drinks.
▪ The company that bottles the water says it's acting completely within the law and is simply responding to customer demand.
▪ The government responded to these incidents with considerable brutality, sentencing those involved to long prison terms.
▪ The government responded to militancy in the traditional ways.
▪ Here the government responds to market imperfections in proportions according with the extent of imperfection.
▪ The Government has delayed responding to the need to equalise pension rights because it means equalising State retirement ages.
▪ Slowly, government has begun to respond.
▪ This was slightly less than earlier forecasts to which the Government had responded by announcing a major prison-building programme.
▪ Successive governments encountered problems in responding to the changed conditions and in raising resources to meet public expectations.
▪ It is the Government's role to understand and to respond to the need for balance.
▪ Moreover, the number of Sisters had grown to almost 300, which enabled her to respond to this need.
▪ The staff are alert and responding to the needs of their guests and are dressed appropriately to support the scene.
▪ The idea of responding to a critical need for jobs by creating cooperatives should have promoted democratically owned and managed workshops.
▪ Exclusive business data Infolink is well placed to respond to this need.
▪ The market would respond to the needs of the customers.
▪ There are other signs that the club is stirring itself commercially as it responds to the needs of its growing membership.
▪ Equally, he wants to stress that the government should listen to industry and respond to its needs.
▪ For each treatment, nourished and malnourished patients responded similarly.
▪ About 30 % of these patients do not respond well initially or eventually break through drug treatment.
▪ Our results show that relatively well nourished patients respond equally well to elemental diet as those with a poor nutritional state.
▪ However, a few patients do not respond to drug therapy.
▪ Whenever possible, patients who do not respond to antibiotics should be screened for resistant strains.
▪ Part of this controversy results from the fact that patients respond variably to phosphate administration.
▪ Those patients who did not respond to dilatation treatment were advised to have surgery.
▪ Some patients seem to respond to propranolol and / or tricyclic antidepressants.
▪ But it makes commercial sense for them to respond to pressure.
▪ The government responded to such pressure not with concessions or negotiations but with outright repression.
▪ Even when the judicial structure does strive to maintain some political independence, it still might respond to political pressure.
▪ In the Health Service, authoritarian corporatist administration is a way of responding to system pressures for restricted public expenditure.
▪ He was not responding to pressure on himself in making the move.
▪ Soares, as Commander-in-Chief, urged the government to respond to military pressure for changes in pay and professional career structures.
▪ He was simply responding to the twin pressures of dwindling tax revenues and pressing needs.
▪ Because of the market sensitivity of such a decision, ministers were refusing to respond to questions.
▪ I spent two hours responding to questions put to me by the Select Committee only a fortnight or so ago.
▪ Hayworth faxed a written statement before he left, but declined to respond to reporters' questions.
▪ But these public memories are rigid in organization and inflexible in description; they do not respond to questions, or contents.
▪ Yet these Cowboys respond quickly to the question of where San Francisco ranks on their list of concerns.
▪ A police report at the time said that Stubblefield refused to respond to questions and pushed an officer in the chest.
▪ In 1985, Steven Spielberg responded to an ordinary question with an extraordinary answer.
▪ The Wigan directors have yet to respond to his request.
▪ Key Republicans did not respond to requests for comment.
▪ The objective is to allow the system to respond flexibly to requests for, and information given by the human interlocutor.
▪ Staff members are expected to respond to any request within 24 hours.
▪ They needed to be able to respond to local requests for specific training from individual boards.
▪ The server tries to respond to the request in good faith as it assumes that all requests are legitimate.
▪ Smith did not respond to interview requests.
▪ Some ragged wild Angels responded well to herbal treatment.
▪ Sea World veterinarian Jim McBain said the calf is gaining strength and responding to treatment.
▪ He contracted a lung infection which did not respond to treatment.
▪ Cerebellar tremors do not respond well to drug treatment.
▪ But they weren't aware of a dressing-room drama as John Muldoon failed to respond to treatment for a hamstring injury.
▪ Fish which respond to herbal treatment are not doing so because they think they should get better.
▪ Paul Bodin is responding well to treatment and should be fit.
▪ Those patients who did not respond to dilatation treatment were advised to have surgery.
▪ Joe failed to respond this time.
▪ Lawyers for Mentavlos and Messer failed to respond to numerous interview requests.
▪ Obviously, animals have no such sophistication and, just as babies, fail to respond to these placebos.
▪ There were scattered signals that something was wrong, investigators say, but the system failed to respond.
▪ The factories had previously been ordered to install pollution control equipment but had failed to respond.
▪ For the first time during the entire voyage, he failed to respond instantly to a request.
▪ But they weren't aware of a dressing-room drama as John Muldoon failed to respond to treatment for a hamstring injury.
▪ She, too, blamed herself for failing to respond to Niagara.
▪ "I'd be there if I could," Bill responded.
▪ His father usually responds by telling him to be quiet.
▪ How do you respond to the allegation that you deliberately deceived your employers?
▪ Rob's smile was irresistible, and she responded with a grin.
▪ The children responded well to the day's activities.
▪ The demonstrators attacked and burned buildings and cars; the soldiers responded by opening fire.
▪ The meeting will give administrators a chance to respond to the community's questions and concerns.
▪ The more attention you pay him, the better he responds.
▪ The theatre has been slow to respond to the challenges presented by progressive drama.
▪ The waitress waited a moment and then responded.
▪ Customised training and employment facilities to respond to all disabilities are essential.
▪ He could see that the baby responded and was actively seeking his attention.
▪ Museums are responding by offering family programs, workshops, classes and art talks by curators, scholars and artists.
▪ Neither Loral nor Lockheed responded to requests for comment.
▪ Repeat the viewing process after walking across the rug a few times, as this will show how it responds to use.
▪ The colors we responded to when we were children, we reportedly still respond to.
▪ This is not to suggest that most people will not respond to the reward of money.
▪ With anti-lock as standard, they respond smoothly and effectively to instruction and show no signs of fade during repeated hard stopping.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Respond \Re*spond"\, n.

  1. An answer; a response. [R.]

  2. (Eccl.) A short anthem sung at intervals during the reading of a chapter.

  3. (Arch.) A half pier or pillar attached to a wall to support an arch.
    --Oxf. Gloss.


Respond \Re*spond"\ (r?*sp?nd"), v. i. [imp. & p. p. Responded; p. pr. & vb. n. Responding.] [OF. respondre, F. r['e]pondre, fr. L. respondere, responsum; pref. re- re- + spondere to promise. See Sponsor.]

  1. To say somethin in return; to answer; to reply; as, to respond to a question or an argument.

  2. To show some effect in return to a force; to act in response; to accord; to correspond; to suit.

    A new affliction strings a new cord in the heart, which responds to some new note of complaint within the wide scale of human woe.

    To every theme responds thy various lay.

  3. To render satisfaction; to be answerable; as, the defendant is held to respond in damages. [U.S.]

    Syn: To answer; reply; rejoin. See Reply.


Respond \Re*spond"\, v. t.

  1. To answer; to reply.

  2. To suit or accord with; to correspond to. [R.]

    For his great deeds respond his speeches great.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, respound, from Old French respondere "respond, correspond," from Latin respondere "respond, answer to, promise in return," from re- "back" (see re-) + spondere "to pledge" (see spondee). Modern spelling and pronunciation is from c.1600. Related: Responded; responding.


n. 1 A response. 2 A versicle or short anthem chanted at intervals during the reading of a lection. 3 (context architecture English) A half-pillar, pilaster, or any corresponding device engaged in a wall to receive the impost of an arch. vb. 1 (context transitive intransitive English) To say something in return; to answer; to reply. 2 (context intransitive English) To act in return; to exhibit some action or effect in return to a force or stimulus; to do something in response; to accord.

  1. v. show a response or a reaction to something [syn: react]

  2. reply or respond to; "She didn't want to answer"; "answer the question"; "We answered that we would accept the invitation" [syn: answer, reply]

  3. respond favorably or as hoped; "The cancer responded to the aggressive therapy"


A respond is a half- pier or half-pillar which is bonded into a wall and designed to carry the springer at one end of an arch.

Usage examples of "respond".

Though she was pleasant and responded any time he essayed a remark, Caleb sensed Alleluia growing tense or at least very focused, and be eventually gave up all attempts at conversation.

Wolf suspected he was only responding to his apparent ambivalence toward the Chaniwa way of life.

I want to take a moment here to respond to the other common concern voiced by my female patients over the years: Second only to cleanliness, many women are resistant to the thought of penetrating their partners due to an odd societal stigma that equates anal stimulation with homosexuality and, hence, emasculation.

An Associated Press reporter asked me to respond to the news that a letter containing anthrax had been delivered to the Washington office of my colleague, Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle.

It was from this antiphonal song, this alternation of versicle and respond, that the religious drama of the Middle Ages took its rise.

He was bewildered, for instance, by her new and to him quite inexplicable reluctance to respond to their familiar urinary tune by singing the antistrophe that signified assent, and crouching to relieve herself.

He should have responded with one or other of the appropriate antistrophes, but he was silent.

She is able to respond with greater love, trust, acceptance, appreciation, admiration, approval, and encouragement.

They also responded directly and intuitively to the wonders of Buddhist art as these were displayed in the sculpture, painting, and temple architecture brought to Japan.

Luthien waited until the last possible second, then cut Riverdancer to the left, angling away from the knight, and the strong and agile steed responded, cutting hard, clumps of turf flying from its hooves.

When the young boy, for instance, first mounts his new bicycle, he is unable, except with the most attentive effort and in a most laboured and awkward manner, either to keep his feet on the pedals, or make the handle-bars respond to the balancing of the wheel.

A rose is attuned to the rhythm of the seasons, responding to the slightest changes in daylight and temperature, the angle of the sun, and the moisture in the soil.

In the other services, the standard operating procedure with an automated combat node that is not responding to orders is to send the unit a self-destruct signal.

Dirrach did not need to respond for at that moment Bardel emptied the pouch into his hand.

Toboso, where she was waiting for him, Don Quixote had responded that he was resolved not to come before her beauteousness until such time as he had performed such feats as would render him deserving of her grace.