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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a special/reduced rate (=a lower charge)
▪ Reduced rates are available for groups of 10 or more visitors.
an increased/reduced risk
▪ Those who smoke have an increased risk of heart disease.
be reduced to poverty (=become very poor)
▪ By the end of the war, millions of people had been reduced to poverty.
cut/lower/reduce a price
▪ The company recently cut the price of its best-selling car.
cut/reduce a bill
▪ We need to find a way to cut our fuel bill.
cut/reduce emissions
▪ an agreement to cut emissions of gases which contribute to global warming
cut/reduce expenditure
▪ Their policies are designed to cut public expenditure.
cut/reduce spending
▪ The alternative is to cut spending.
cut/reduce traffic
▪ The congestion charge did cut road traffic in central London.
cut/reduce/lower a rate
▪ The Halifax Building Society is to cut its mortgage rate by 0.7 percent.
ease/reduce/lighten the burden
▪ Smaller classes would ease the burden for teachers.
greatly increased/reduced
▪ The cost of repairs has greatly increased in recent years.
increase/reduce the dosage
increase/reduce/add to etc sb’s workload
▪ We’ve got to find ways of reducing Gail’s workload next year.
lessen/reduce an effect (=make an effect smaller or less severe)
▪ The government must take action to reduce the effects of pollution.
lower/cut/reduce taxes
▪ There’s no point promising to cut taxes if you can’t afford it.
reduce a debt
▪ The programme aims to reduce the debt of the world's poorest countries.
reduce a hazard
▪ He led the campaign to recognize and reduce the hazard from radiation in our environment.
reduce a level
▪ He made an effort to reduce his stress levels.
reduce consumption
▪ The system will be introduced into all stores to reduce energy consumption by up to 10%
reduce delays (=make them shorter and less frequent)
▪ The new rules should reduce delays in bringing prisoners to trial.
reduce demand
▪ Higher interest rates reduces the demand for credit.
reduce erosion
▪ new measures designed to stop flooding and reduce erosion
reduce exports
▪ OPEC has threatened to reduce exports of oil to the West.
reduce inequality
▪ Taxes can be used to reduce inequality.
reduce inflation/get inflation down
▪ The government has promised to reduce inflation to 3%.
▪ The government's top priority is to get inflation down to 2%.
reduce poverty (=reduce the amount of poverty)
▪ More must be done to reduce child poverty.
reduce sb to tears (=make sb cry)
▪ His insults had reduced her to tears, but she had not changed her mind.
reduce speed (=slow down deliberately)
▪ She reduced speed as she approached the village.
reduce sth to a minimum (=make something less, so it is at a low level)
▪ We want to reduce the environmental impact to a minimum.
reduce sth to manageable etc proportions
▪ The disease had been reduced to negligible proportions by vaccination.
reduce the number of sth
▪ We need to reduce the number of cars on the road.
reduce...carbon footprint
▪ There are lots of ways you can reduce your carbon footprint.
reduce/cut a deficit
▪ We must drastically cut our budget deficit to sustain economic growth.
reduce/cut imports
▪ New investment will reduce imports and save jobs.
reduce/cut pollution
▪ New measures are needed to reduce pollution from cars.
reduce/cut sth by half (=make something 50% smaller or 50% less)
▪ The company has reduced the number of staff by half.
reduce/cut/bring down unemployment
▪ The government is spending more on projects to cut unemployment.
reduce/ease/relieve tension
▪ Breathing deeply helps to clear my mind and reduce tension.
reduce...environmental footprint
▪ You can reduce your environmental footprint by recycling as much as you can.
reduce/lessen the chance of sth
▪ The talks were aimed at reducing the chance of war.
reduce/lessen/soften the impact of sth (=make it less severe or unpleasant)
▪ The chemical industry is looking at ways to reduce its impact on the environment.
reduce/lower barriers
▪ We should be reducing barriers to imports from poor countries.
reduce/lower/bring down the cost
▪ If you go later in the year, it will bring down the cost of your holiday.
reduce/minimize a risk
▪ This diet could reduce your risk of certain cancers.
reduce/relieve anxiety
▪ The drug helps to reduce anxiety, allowing you to feel relaxed.
reduce/relieve stress
▪ Don’t resort to alcohol to relieve your stress.
▪ These tablets should reduce the swelling.
relieve/ease/reduce overcrowding
▪ There are plans to relieve overcrowding in the village.
sharply reduce/cut sth
▪ These measures could sharply reduce pollution from road traffic.
▪ The remaining gases pass through a catalytic converter to further reduce pollution.
▪ The introduction of numerator dynamics would further reduce the value of n needed to produce dynamical behavior.
▪ The government aimed to reduce further its direct role in productive activity and to continue the liberalization of the foreign trade system.
▪ Anderson said Apple has plans to further reduce its expenses but he declined to provide details.
▪ In addition eight nuclear power stations are planned to reduce further the need for oil fired stations.
▪ If stocks need to be further reduced because of storage limitations, continue cooking at a gentle simmer.
▪ Big business has further reduced its contributions by ingenious tax avoidance strategies.
▪ Waxing the skis helps them to slide better and some slopes have a lubrication system which further reduces friction.
▪ The main principle applied is prevention of radiation escape from the source, which greatly reduces the size of the equipment.
▪ As Lake Powell filled, the flow of fresh water below it was greatly reduced.
▪ If it were straight narrative it would be a Giant, but as a graphic novel its market is greatly reduced.
▪ The risk was considerable, and has been greatly reduced by responsible promotion and labeling.
▪ This would slow the whole party to the pace of the one who walked and greatly reduce their chances.
▪ That's something we expect will greatly reduce the number of actual candidates from all those currently jabbering about it.
▪ For the latter system greatly reduces the incentive to export and leads to a progressive worsening of the balance of payments.
▪ Diversions into some non-academic work that makes only very limited use of sociological information would be greatly reduced.
▪ The constraints imposed by the language on possible sound patterns should significantly reduce the number of word candidates.
▪ Although age, gender and genes are beyond our control, we can significantly reduce our risks through lifestyle choices.
▪ They significantly reduce withholding taxes on investment income from Scandinavian investments.
▪ Respondents with a humor score above 50 had a significantly reduced risk of heart disease.
▪ So strategically placed Asics Gel can significantly reduce the stress and shock of a run.
▪ In all five countries interparty antagonism appears to be significantly reduced by education.
▪ I am not saying that the diet will completely eliminate cellulite but I do believe it will significantly reduce it.
▪ Thanks in large part to electronic paging this has been reduced significantly over the past 10 years.
▪ For example, the initial listing of a dozen possible places to live has now been reduced to, say, six.
▪ The coefficients can always be reduced to + 1 or -1 by appropriate choices of the length and time units.
▪ In this case, latent inhibition and habituation would indeed reduce to essentially the same thing.
▪ Dhia, was this what she was reduced to?
▪ They effectively reduce to just one force: the level of effective demand.
▪ When using the pump this was reduced to about 10 minutes.
▪ Even as I spoke, we were reduced to just about no light at all.
▪ At this size, the feeding can be reduced to twice over a three day period.
▪ What can I do to make my lips smaller and reduce the amount of saliva in my mouth?
▪ While the newly elected council members eventually supported reducing the amount of the increase, the hike was still significant.
▪ We should reduce the amount of hazardous waste that is produced when making products - often useful products - for the market.
▪ It would also reduce the amount of internal conflict we had within the organization.
▪ Heat recycling pumps use little power themselves and improve heat distribution, reducing the amount of energy needed to heat the house.
▪ The deficit also is growing because of an economic slowdown that has reduced the amount of taxes collected, government officials say.
▪ Pruning trees is a good way of controlling their growth, and reduces the amount of water extracted from the ground.
▪ Computerized systems have reduced the amount of skill required by many engineers and their performance is closely regulated.
▪ At present there are no plans to reduce further the grants budget in the future.
▪ This was accomplished by removing the library allocation and reducing the parks budget.
▪ Only nations that reduce their budget deficits to 3 percent of gross domestic product and accumulated debt to 60 percent automatically qualify.
▪ Many analysts had called for a more ambitious target in reducing the budget deficit.
▪ As for this year, one-time items will reduce the 1996 budget deficit.
▪ Finally, by reducing the budget deficit and government borrowing they hoped to bring interest rates down.
▪ Voice over Mrs Blanchard's already told Mr Coombs of her plan for reducing the budget deficit.
▪ There are several measures which might reduce the chances of a suicide attempt in an individual at risk.
▪ They may reduce your chance of getting heart disease.
▪ This would slow the whole party to the pace of the one who walked and greatly reduce their chances.
▪ That would reduce his chances of missing something almost to nil.
▪ This uses up energy, weakening the plant and reducing its chances of producing viable fruit.
▪ For many years, doctors believed that the lower temperature could reduce the chance of bacterial growth and infection.
▪ One proposal by the commission would reduce the market's chances of working efficiently.
▪ Citizen, a watch maker, helps all its suppliers to reduce their costs by at least 3 percent a year.
▪ After years of expansion, it is coming under competitive pressure to reduce costs.
▪ This cuts testing time and reduces manufacturing costs.
▪ The first is to increase the ease and reduce the cost of performing previously expensive, time-consuming tasks.
▪ If the quicklime cure proves effective, it is will reduce costs by four-fifths.
▪ The auction system will actually reduce costs of siting.
▪ The Stock Exchange thus reduces the cost of capital to companies.
▪ Lower rates for banks usually mean reduced borrowing costs for businesses.
▪ The expenses of government were reduced and even household costs were kept in hand.
▪ The system is intended to emphasize preventive health care and reduce costs.
▪ However, with experience of rather higher levels of use an asphalt surface has now been added to reduce annual maintenance costs.
▪ Customers are offered a greater range of destinations and flight times, while carriers can reduce capacity and share costs.
▪ That will mean continuing to reduce unit costs, while increasing productivity.
▪ They make trading simpler and reduce the associated costs leading to increased employment and better quality goods for consumers.
▪ This is the single biggest thing we could do to reduce costs.
▪ They have gone in reducing overseas debt inherited from the - Mr. Campbell-Savours Where has the money gone?
▪ Analysts said that with reduced debt and better cash flow, Hopewell can move ahead with projects it has started.
▪ It also remains to be seen what the Halls can do to reduce the club's debts of £6.5m.
▪ In accounting terms, this maneuver has the same effect as paying off the government securities and reducing the federal debt.
▪ Second, the studio must still meet heavy interest payments until it can reduce its debt.
▪ The endorsement fees should go a long way toward reducing her reported debt of 3 million pounds, about $ 5 million.
▪ This was used to buy capital equipment, to finance the integration of new acquisitions and to reduce debt levels.
▪ The cash raised will be used to reduce Courtaulds's debt, he added.
▪ Hayward kicked his third penalty on the stroke of half-time though Harries reduced the deficit with a penalty for Newport.
▪ Dole himself voted for tax hikes in 1982 and 1990 to reduce the deficit.
▪ New medium-term targets aimed at progressively reducing the public-sector deficit over the following three years were also adopted.
▪ The higher price would encourage badly needed conservation; the revenues would meanwhile serve to reduce the deficit.
▪ Before the referendum, the chances of the government doing anything decisive to reduce the deficit were shrinking fast.
▪ But, ah, what might have been, if we did not have this political fixation on reducing or eliminating deficits.
▪ Many analysts had called for a more ambitious target in reducing the budget deficit.
▪ There is no way to reduce the deficit more efficiently and more painlessly than with a higher rate of economic growth.
▪ Use of these properties could reduce the projected demand for new housing on greenfield sites.
▪ E for lost income when a customer leaves or reduces its demand.
▪ An increase in mortgage interest rates depresses the demand for home loans as individuals reduce their demand for new housing.
▪ To bridge the gap to replacement fertility, it will be necessary to reduce the demand for large families.
▪ Thus a higher wage rate increases the supply of hours of work, but reduces the demand for hours of work.
▪ Less government borrowing reduces the demand for funds, which in turn leads to lower rates.
▪ Real wage cuts, by reducing aggregate demand, raise the level of Keynesian unemployment.
▪ This will make bricks and tiles even more expensive, and in turn reduce demand.
▪ This sets strict limits on emissions in an effort to reduce the country's contribution to global warming and acid rain.
▪ Consider one example from the annals of air pollution: the effort to reduce the effects of car exhaust on the atmosphere.
▪ Unfortunately, most of these efforts were directed towards reducing non-oil imports, which had damaging effects on domestic production.
▪ The benefit of doing this comes later as, through continued effort, costs are reduced.
▪ The dispute has left the bipartisan efforts to reduce the deficit in, at least temporary, tatters.
▪ The new plan focused on reducing carbon dioxide emissions by cutting energy consumption.
▪ Other companies have studied ways to offset or reduce emissions of carbon dioxide.
▪ Considerable progress in reducing the emissions of hazardous wastes has been made.
▪ We will meet our international obligations to reduce harmful chimney emissions.
▪ These will all reduce emissions from fossil fuels and so help combat global warming and acid deposition.
▪ For the domestic sector alone, this could reduce present annual CO2 emissions by almost 50 percent by the year 2020.
▪ It must, therefore, provide the leadership in reducing these emissions.
▪ Only in one major area, capital, has Parliament or central government set detailed rules reducing this freedom.
▪ By manufacturing most of the drugs itself, the government reduced costs by as much as 79 percent.
▪ The federal government is now reduced to the preservation of ` evolutionarily significant units', whatever those might be.
▪ In accounting terms, this maneuver has the same effect as paying off the government securities and reducing the federal debt.
▪ Table 16-2 shows that the first Thatcher government was able to reduce marginal tax rates substantially, especially for the very rich.
▪ We can debate all we want over funding for this or that well-meaning government program aimed at reducing teen pregnancy.
▪ The incoming Conservative government was determined to reduce this.
▪ When governments reduce their numbers through layoffs, civil service employees with seniority can bump those with lesser seniority.
▪ However, this reduces efficiency, wastes heat and causes a fire danger.
▪ Immediately reduce heat to 140 F and allow meat to dry slowly for 8 hours or so.
▪ Bring to the boil, then reduce the heat and simmer until the onion is tender and the sauce has thickened slightly.
▪ Add bourbon and port and reduce over medium-high heat by half.
▪ Large mammals also select their environments carefully, and bunch together to reduce surface heat losses.
▪ When flame dies out, add stock and reduce quickly over high heat to a light sauce consistency.
▪ Bring to the boil, then reduce the heat and simmer, uncovered, for about 5 minutes.
▪ Cook until soft, then reduce heat and set aside tomatoes.
▪ On the economic side, there is no doubt that price support must be reduced to nearer world levels.
▪ In these situations, acetazolamide may be needed to decrease proximal bicarbonate and sodium reabsorption, thereby reducing the serum bicarbonate level.
▪ Stiffer emission standards are being introduced to reduce permissible levels.
▪ She intends to put the Council on record as wanting to reduce the poverty level by 10 percent.
▪ In fact, they would finally be reduced to the level of docile beasts of burden.
▪ Without mountain building and other vertical rejuvenation all land would eventually be reduced to sea level.
▪ This was used to buy capital equipment, to finance the integration of new acquisitions and to reduce debt levels.
▪ But reducing punishment at any level will be tough for any politician in the current climate.
▪ Read in studio A team of cancer specialists has developed a new treatment that reduces the need for major surgery.
▪ That reduces the need for repeated herbicide applications that could make the process uneconomical for farmers.
▪ Where numbers, and options, are reduced, the need to concentrate on essentials is the more compelling.
▪ He anticipates that focusing management control will improve the efficiency of the operation and reduce the need for subsidies.
▪ If the food market expands, they reason, it could reduce the need to spray crops with harmful pesticides.
▪ Such reduces the need for supplementary fertilizers.
▪ Economic returns can accrue when ambulatory nutrition care contributes to reducing the need for costly medical care.
▪ But their preventive use would save money, by reducing the number of children who have to go to hospital.
▪ In fact, any strategy to reduce the number of receptors occupied could do the trick.
▪ Death or distance may have reduced the number of friends, and relationships with acquaintances may appear to be superficial.
▪ Some believe the school should opt out and reduce pupil numbers.
▪ He eventually whittled it down to eighteen thousand and his successors have since reduced the number even more dramatically.
▪ Read in studio An international showjumper has launched a campaign to try to reduce the number of horse thefts.
▪ Capital requirements that are higher than necessary will almost certainly reduce the number of participants.
▪ As hydrogen bonds are thermally labile a rise in T reduces the number of bonds and causes eventual phase separation.
▪ A combination of the Gulf War, recession and the weather conspired to reduce numbers by 20 percent or 700,000.
▪ What more would local leaders and social service providers like to see done to reduce the ominous numbers?
▪ Increase or reduce numbers of plants for larger or smaller areas.
▪ The alligator, though pursued for its hide and much reduced in numbers, is not in present danger of extinction.
▪ Four years previous, Northumbria decided to reduce the numbers allowed a secondment.
▪ Those who stayed in business reduced their herd to numbers which they could more easily feed and take care of year round.
▪ There is an analogy here with ships in wartime, which sail in convoys to reduce the numbers lost to submarines.
▪ When governments reduce their numbers through layoffs, civil service employees with seniority can bump those with lesser seniority.
▪ So estate duty is only going to be reduced by 30 percent.
▪ Paperwork was reduced by 65 percent, and coordination greatly simplified.
▪ In August, inflation had reduced to 1.5 percent, the lowest figure in 17 years.
▪ In addition, technical costs were reduced by 30 percent, the report said.
▪ Urban transport would be reduced by 40 percent and taxi services would be limited to taking people to hospital or to funerals.
▪ Since 1975, the global conglomerate 3M has saved $ 500 million while reducing pollution 50 percent per unit of production.
▪ Under this, farms would have to reduce output by 20 percent.
▪ In the most sensitive cases yields were reduced by 1 percent for every 1 percent cut in the ozone layer.
▪ Indeed, in an estate site plan, the reduced plot size can improve densities.
▪ Most plans have called for reducing its size and putting the playing field closer to the fans.
▪ Later this month, federal authorities are expected to announce plans to reduce their supplies of water to farmers by three-quarters.
▪ The Republican plan would reduce Medicare spending by $ 270 billion over seven years.
▪ The maps will be used to show that current plans to reduce sulphur dioxide emissions from power stations will meet international commitments.
▪ The Finance Ministry originally came up with a plan in 1990 to reduce bond dependency to 5 percent.
▪ It produced a 13-point action plan to reduce the risk of marine pollution.
▪ The port now faces a July 1 deadline to produce a plan to permanently reduce the presence of metals.
▪ The remaining gases pass through a catalytic converter to further reduce pollution.
▪ The change reflects the continuing failure by state and local governments to reduce pollution enough to meet federal health standards.
▪ The project has enabled farmers to reduce environmental pollution whilst raising crop yields.
▪ Those include reducing air pollution by two pounds every time some source adds one pound.
▪ This studied the economics of reducing groundwater pollution in ten catchments overlying chalk, sand or limestone aquifers.
▪ Since 1975, the global conglomerate 3M has saved $ 500 million while reducing pollution 50 percent per unit of production.
▪ The existence of a compensation fund, says Senator Mitchell, would reduce the penalties for pollution.
▪ There also is the obvious environmental benefits to biking, since it reduces air pollution and reduces traffic.
▪ It is possible to reduce but not eliminate power differences between people in hierarchical organizations.
▪ But smaller deficits brought on either by spending cuts or higher taxes reduce purchasing power.
▪ This further reduces both the power required and the heat generated, but without any threat to vital data.
▪ Management blamed its problems largely on drastically reduced power prices and the amount utilities are willing to pay for new facilities.
▪ The receding tide of magic had reduced his power.
▪ Consumers in Oregon and Washington have been pressed to reduce their power use by 10 percent.
▪ This can be allowed for by the winch or car driver reducing the power slightly.
▪ That reduces the real purchasing power of wages.
▪ By 1984 the bill had reached £1.4 billion and we were under both political and professional pressure to reduce it.
▪ Prevents or delays high blood pressure, and reduces blood pressure in people with hypertension. 7.
▪ If the solute has a lower pressure than the solvent, then the vapour pressure is reduced.
▪ After years of expansion, it is coming under competitive pressure to reduce costs.
▪ After considerable labour pressure the qualification was reduced to £5 in 1892 and abolished in 1894.
▪ Since 1979, the civil service has been under renewed pressure to reduce administrative cost.
▪ Singh had been under intense political pressure to reduce the increase in fertilizer prices.
▪ In order to compete, firms would therefore have to seek ever-increasing technological innovations to raise productivity, increase output and reduce prices.
▪ Management blamed its problems largely on drastically reduced power prices and the amount utilities are willing to pay for new facilities.
▪ Clubs did not compete with one another to attract larger crowds by reducing their prices.
▪ It is unusual for a car salesperson not to reduce the advertised price of a car to a cash purchaser.
▪ You also get reduced prices for golf and lodging that make the Panhandle a tremendous bargain.
▪ The way to earn a bonus is to reduce price.
▪ Such producers were encouraged to reduce capacity and maintain prices.
▪ The fall in the price level from raises the real money stock from and reduces the rate of interest from.
▪ It could start by reducing the property tax rate, charging everyone less, including Tucson residents.
▪ Clothiers in Gloucestershire did not reduce piece rates, and so weavers were able to profit from their enhanced productivity.
▪ Aerobic exercise and reduced-calorie diets produce weight loss, but reduce the resting metabolic rate because they do not maintain muscle mass.
▪ That policy has been manifestly successful over the past 12 months in reducing the rate of inflation to 3.7 percent.
▪ A flat rate plan offers reduced rates but only if you call during non-peak hours.
▪ They they reduce the rate, and a year or so later bring out a new account paying top rates.
▪ Better career guidance and exposure to real workplaces ahead of time could help reduce the attrition rate from intensive work-based learning experiences.
▪ Some rooting hormones have added fungicide, which reduces the risk of the cutting rotting before it roots.
▪ Pentagon officials say they have already had some success reducing the risk that nuclear materials will fall into the wrong hands.
▪ We can even take charge of your entire logistics function, so you can redeploy assets, gain flexibility, reduce risk.
▪ Sluggish economic growth means interest rates will stay low amid tepid demand for loans and a reduced risk of accelerating inflation.
▪ It is additional information that should not be neglected but used in a valid manner in the process of reducing overall risk.
▪ The report found that moderate exercise reduces the risk of premature death and promotes psychological well-being by reducing depression and anxiety.
▪ One of the minerals - potassium - will also help reduce the risk of cramp during sport.
▪ Meanwhile, stretching and toning reduce the risk of injury by warming up the muscles while improving flexibility.
▪ The main effect of these changes was to create a number of new authorities and thus reduce their average size.
▪ First, the concept of advisory reduces school size by putting students in close contact with a single faculty member.
▪ Have I been reduced in size?
▪ Instead, the state hopes to reduce class size one grade at a time.
▪ With aid ceilings that just reduces the size of the farm that gets caned.
▪ Compression reduces the size of an e-mail transmission.
▪ My feet have reduced by one size!
▪ One warning signal: More and more stock deals are being reduced in size.
▪ Mr. Mellor Oh yes - and for the decade following 1981-82, we reduced the tax burden.
▪ Forbes' platform makes sense in a state on a mission to eliminate the income tax and substantially reduce the property tax.
▪ Table 16-2 shows that the first Thatcher government was able to reduce marginal tax rates substantially, especially for the very rich.
▪ Republicans also offered to reduce their tax cuts by about a fourth.
▪ Last month they promised to deal with Gordon Brown's November pledge to reduce road tax.
▪ The deficit also is growing because of an economic slowdown that has reduced the amount of taxes collected, government officials say.
▪ Suppose the government adopts a less ambitious spending programme and is therefore able to reduce income tax rates.
▪ Capital allowances reduce a company's tax liability and thus improve its after-tax cash flow.
▪ This reduces surface tension allowing a better oxygen mixture therefore making the fuel easier to burn.
▪ A trained and skilled practitioner can tailor a session to treat insomnia by reducing muscular tension and promoting relaxation.
▪ Chewing gives psychological satisfaction, and even in scientific experiments the chewing of gum has been found to help reduce tension.
▪ Effective discipline reduces tension and clarifies for children their role, responsibilities, and identity in the world.
▪ The talks were due to include discussions of measures to reduce tension between the two states and to promote bilateral exchanges.
▪ Authorities claim that a short nap can reduce tension and revitalize you.
▪ Our results show that poorly controlled surgical pain significantly reduces tissue-oxygen tension.
▪ Passion flower is employed around the world as a mild sedative that reduces nervous tension and anxiety.
▪ Economic value - as this is based on future cash flows from the asset the economic value is likely to be reduced.
▪ The introduction of numerator dynamics would further reduce the value of n needed to produce dynamical behavior.
▪ Thus, you should reduce the value of each future payment by the profit earned before it is payed.
▪ Producers fear that the video could be leaked, reducing the value of the project.
▪ The amount by which the estate is reduced is the value transferred by that transfer. 4.
▪ Which features or activities may reduce the value of land for tourists?
▪ Alternatively it is possible to reduce the value of the sticker by asking the children how many they would like.
▪ High death rates among children reduce the value that parents place on education; and so on.
▪ South Tees workplace health spokeswoman Anne Newnam said the charter aimed to reduce the death rates from coronary heart disease.
▪ We can debate all we want over funding for this or that well-meaning government program aimed at reducing teen pregnancy.
▪ It will aim to reduce duplication of services and its findings will be reported to ministers by the end of May.
▪ Cross-filing, a measure aimed at reducing the power of political parties, was eliminated via initiative in 1959.
▪ We aim to reduce this steadily as the recovery gets under way.
▪ The industry association, based in Milwaukee, says it aims to reduce costly litigation while spurring compliance.
▪ The government aimed to reduce further its direct role in productive activity and to continue the liberalization of the foreign trade system.
▪ Are there alternatives to the modifying or repackaging strategies which aim to reduce deviance?
▪ Chewing gives psychological satisfaction, and even in scientific experiments the chewing of gum has been found to help reduce tension.
▪ How can you help your elderly parent reduce the risks?
▪ Education in schools, colleges and youth projects to try and prevent young people from sniffing may help to reduce casualties.
▪ Better career guidance and exposure to real workplaces ahead of time could help reduce the attrition rate from intensive work-based learning experiences.
▪ This helps to reduce shrinkage and cracking.
▪ It can help to reduce the risks of serious illness or death from heart disease, stroke and cancer.
▪ It uses extract of apricot which helps to reduce the drying effect sometimes caused by soap.
▪ It has enough equipment to help reduce the workload.
▪ Benefits will be reduced by $50 for each child who fails to attend school.
▪ Doctors are urging people to reduce the amount of salt in their diet.
▪ I was hoping they would reduce the price a little.
▪ Miriam finds that yoga and meditation help her in reducing stress.
▪ Prompt action can often reduce the severity of shock in road accident victims.
▪ Stopping smoking can significantly reduce your risk of suffering a heart attack.
▪ Supermarkets can help promote healthy eating habits by reducing the amount of sugar and fat in their products.
▪ The new road will reduce traffic through the town by 30%.
▪ Their income has been drastically reduced.
▪ They gave him drugs to reduce the pain.
▪ You can greatly reduce your heating bills by using low-energy heaters.
▪ Add vinegar and stock to pan juices and reduce slightly on stove top.
▪ However, the objective must be to reduce the intake of all pesticides to the absolute minimum.
▪ Place over medium-high heat and reduce by half, skimming off any fat that accumulates on surface.
▪ Sluggish economic growth means interest rates will stay low amid tepid demand for loans and a reduced risk of accelerating inflation.
▪ The foot is reduced to a protrusion that they use to pull themselves down into the sand.
▪ This reduces the advantage to the raider, and so too the likelihood of a takeover.
▪ We are reducing costs and investing for more effective operations.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Reduce \Re*duce"\ (r[-e]*d[=u]s"), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Reduced (-d[=u]st"),; p. pr. & vb. n. Reducing (-d[=u]"s[i^]ng).] [L. reducere, reductum; pref. red-. re-, re- + ducere to lead. See Duke, and cf. Redoubt, n.]

  1. To bring or lead back to any former place or condition.

    And to his brother's house reduced his wife.

    The sheep must of necessity be scattered, unless the great Shephered of souls oppose, or some of his delegates reduce and direct us.

  2. To bring to any inferior state, with respect to rank, size, quantity, quality, value, etc.; to diminish; to lower; to degrade; to impair; as, to reduce a sergeant to the ranks; to reduce a drawing; to reduce expenses; to reduce the intensity of heat. ``An ancient but reduced family.''
    --Sir W. Scott.

    Nothing so excellent but a man may fasten upon something belonging to it, to reduce it.

    Having reduced Their foe to misery beneath their fears.

    Hester Prynne was shocked at the condition to which she found the clergyman reduced.

  3. To bring to terms; to humble; to conquer; to subdue; to capture; as, to reduce a province or a fort.

  4. To bring to a certain state or condition by grinding, pounding, kneading, rubbing, etc.; as, to reduce a substance to powder, or to a pasty mass; to reduce fruit, wood, or paper rags, to pulp.

    It were but right And equal to reduce me to my dust.

  5. To bring into a certain order, arrangement, classification, etc.; to bring under rules or within certain limits of descriptions and terms adapted to use in computation; as, to reduce animals or vegetables to a class or classes; to reduce a series of observations in astronomy; to reduce language to rules.

  6. (Arith.)

    1. To change, as numbers, from one denomination into another without altering their value, or from one denomination into others of the same value; as, to reduce pounds, shillings, and pence to pence, or to reduce pence to pounds; to reduce days and hours to minutes, or minutes to days and hours.

    2. To change the form of a quantity or expression without altering its value; as, to reduce fractions to their lowest terms, to a common denominator, etc.

  7. (Chem.) To add an electron to an atom or ion. Specifically: To remove oxygen from; to deoxidize. (Metallurgy) To bring to the metallic state by separating from combined oxygen and impurities; as, metals are reduced from their ores. (Chem.) To combine with, or to subject to the action of, hydrogen or any other reducing agent; as, ferric iron is reduced to ferrous iron; aldehydes can be reduced to alcohols by lithium hydride; -- opposed to oxidize.

  8. (Med.) To restore to its proper place or condition, as a displaced organ or part; as, to reduce a dislocation, a fracture, or a hernia.

    Reduced iron (Chem.), metallic iron obtained through deoxidation of an oxide of iron by exposure to a current of hydrogen or other reducing agent. When hydrogen is used the product is called also iron by hydrogen.

    To reduce an equation (Alg.), to bring the unknown quantity by itself on one side, and all the known quantities on the other side, without destroying the equation.

    To reduce an expression (Alg.), to obtain an equivalent expression of simpler form.

    To reduce a square (Mil.), to reform the line or column from the square.

    Syn: To diminish; lessen; decrease; abate; shorten; curtail; impair; lower; subject; subdue; subjugate; conquer.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "bring back," from Old French reducer (14c.), from Latin reducere "lead back, bring back," figuratively "restore, replace," from re- "back" (see re-) + ducere "bring, lead" (see duke (n.)). Meaning "bring to an inferior condition" is 1570s; that of "bring to a lower rank" is 1640s (military reduce to ranks is from 1802); that of "subdue by force of arms" is 1610s. Sense of "to lower, diminish, lessen" is from 1787. Related: Reduced; reducing.


vb. (context transitive English) To bring down the size, quantity, quality, value or intensity of something; to diminish, to lower, to impair.

  1. v. cut down on; make a reduction in; "reduce your daily fat intake"; "The employer wants to cut back health benefits" [syn: cut down, cut back, trim, trim down, trim back, cut, bring down]

  2. make less complex; "reduce a problem to a single question"

  3. bring to humbler or weaker state or condition; "He reduced the population to slavery"

  4. simplify the form of a mathematical equation of expression by substituting one term for another

  5. lower in grade or rank or force somebody into an undignified situation; "She reduced her niece to a servant"

  6. be the essential element; "The proposal boils down to a compromise" [syn: come down, boil down]

  7. reduce in size; reduce physically; "Hot water will shrink the sweater"; "Can you shrink this image?" [syn: shrink]

  8. lessen and make more modest; "reduce one's standard of living"

  9. make smaller; "reduce an image" [syn: scale down] [ant: blow up]

  10. to remove oxygen from a compound, or cause to react with hydrogen or form a hydride, or to undergo an increase in the number of electrons [syn: deoxidize, deoxidise] [ant: oxidize, oxidize]

  11. narrow or limit; "reduce the influx of foreigners" [syn: tighten]

  12. put down by force or intimidation; "The government quashes any attempt of an uprising"; "China keeps down her dissidents very efficiently"; "The rich landowners subjugated the peasants working the land" [syn: repress, quash, keep down, subdue, subjugate]

  13. undergo meiosis; "The cells reduce"

  14. reposition (a broken bone after surgery) back to its normal site

  15. reduce in scope while retaining essential elements; "The manuscript must be shortened" [syn: abridge, foreshorten, abbreviate, shorten, cut, contract] [ant: elaborate]

  16. be cooked until very little liquid is left; "The sauce should reduce to one cup" [syn: boil down, decoct, concentrate]

  17. cook until very little liquid is left; "The cook reduced the sauce by boiling it for a long time" [syn: boil down, concentrate]

  18. lessen the strength or flavor of a solution or mixture; "cut bourbon" [syn: dilute, thin, thin out, cut]

  19. take off weight [syn: melt off, lose weight, slim, slenderize, thin, slim down] [ant: gain]

Reduce (computer algebra system)

Reduce is a general-purpose computer algebra system geared towards applications in physics.

The development of the Reduce computer algebra system was started in the 1960s by Anthony C. Hearn. Since then, many scientists from all over the world have contributed to its development under his direction.

Reduce is written entirely in its own LISP dialect called Portable Standard LISP, expressed in an Algol-like syntax called RLISP. The latter is used as a basis for Reduce's user-level language.

Implementations of Reduce are available on most variants of Unix, Linux, Microsoft Windows, or Apple Macintosh systems by using an underlying Portable Standard LISP or Codemist Standard LISP implementation.

Reduce was open sourced on December 2008 and is available for free under a modified BSD license on SourceForge. Previously it had cost $695.

Usage examples of "reduce".

In an atmosphere, every surface accreted a thin layer of water vapor and oxides that reduced drag.

There is no less than a score of mystic allegorizing sects3 who reduce almost every thing in the Koran to symbol, or spiritual signification, and some of whom as the Sufis are the most rapt and imaginative of all the enthusiastic devotees in the world.

An allergy to flags or eagles would have reduced her to shut-in status: a species of semiotic agoraphobia.

As for the bishop, he was so upset that he let the typescript of his carefully prepared allocution flutter to the floor below, with the result that he was promptly reduced to a peroration in terms of embarrassed improvisation.

At an optimum temperature it reaches its greatest amplitude, and, again, beyond a maximum temperature it is very much reduced.

But her brother, to whom the blow was new, and the consequences were still impending, was struck with extreme anguish, that while thus every possible hope was extinguished with regard to his love, he must suddenly apply himself to some business, or be reduced to the most obscure poverty.

She bestowed five thousand pounds per annum, out of the post-office, on the duke of Marlborough: she suffered seven hundred pounds to be charged weekly on the same office, for the service of the public: she expended several hundred thousand pounds in building the castle of Blenheim: she allowed four thousand pounds annually to prince Charles of Denmark: she sustained great loses by the tin contract: she supported the poor Palatines: she exhibited many other proofs of royal bounty: and immediately before her death she had formed a plan of retrenchment, which would have reduced her yearly expenses to four hundred and fifty-nine thousand nine hundred and forty-one pounds.

If fitted correctly--and this is harder than it sounds--respirators can reduce exposure to anthrax bacteria and other harmful agents.

Depletion of the blood by drastic and poisonous medicines, such as antimony and mercurials, hemorrhages and blood-letting, syphilis, excessive mental or physical labor, as well as a too early use and abuse of the sexual organs, all tend to waste the blood, reduce the tone of the system, and develop scrofula.

Exciting research on new antitoxin therapy will likely reduce this risk much further in the future.

Satan-Khan and his human quislings have succeeded in reducing humanity to a state of hopeless apostasy by falsifying history and expunging all memory of the true faith!

Syracuse was delivered by the Greeks, the apostate was slain before her walls, and his African friends were reduced to the necessity of feeding on the flesh of their own horses.

On the way they overtook the patriarch, without attendance and almost without apparel, riding on an ass, and reduced to a state of apostolical poverty, which, had it been voluntary, might perhaps have been meritorious.

The king of France was no sooner apprized of the condition to which the generals Broglio and Belleisle were reduced, than he sent orders to mareshal Maillebois, who commanded his army on the Bhine, to march to their relief.

Federal Government is authorized to pay a debt due from the United States, whether reduced to judgment or not, without an appropriation for that purpose.