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Ramba may refer to:

  • Ramba (comics), a comic book whose protagonist is an erotic Italian hitlady
  • Rambha (actress), a famous Indian actress who works in Telugu and Tamil movies
  • Ramba, Tibet, a town or village in the Tibet Autonomous Region
  • Ramba, Punjab, a location in the Punjab, see Pundir
  • Ramba Ral, a character in the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam
  • Ramba (actress), a former pornographic actress
Ramba (comics)

Ramba is an erotic comic, whose protagonist is an Italian hitlady of the same name. The comics are a mixture of action, adventure and adult situations. The comic follows the adventures of Ramba, a mercenary assassin who carries out various murders for hire that drive the storyline, and whose every move is accompanied by bisexual activity, with strangers, her employers, and often with her victims.

Ramba (actress)

Ileana Carusio, best known with the stage names of Ramba, Malù or Malù Ramba (born 1967) is a retired Italian pornographic actress whose career spanned over 6 years. At first her name was "Malù", but the most fitting Ramba was launched by a journalist as he was referring to her aggressive look with guns and magazines. She has appeared in many films.