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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Although Tony's married, he's bisexual.
▪ Oberlin College has a large gay, lesbian, and bisexual student group.
▪ Woolf believed that all human beings are basically bisexual.
▪ A hairless chest would have been a great advantage for a bisexual like myself.
▪ Being bisexual is a simple duality.
▪ Could I be bisexual or is this just a fantasy?
▪ Executive in search of something new - Perhaps bisexual woman, arty, young.
▪ I wondered what would have happened if I had told him that I was bisexual or that I liked little girls.
▪ If the flowers are not bisexual, two other conditions can exist.
▪ The other is that you're bisexual all the time, and of course you're not.
▪ The plants produce bisexual flowers and, unlike Sagittaria, have anthers and stamens in each flower.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bisexual \Bi*sex"u*al\, a. [Pref. bi- + sexual.] (Biol.) Of both sexes; hermaphrodite; as a flower with stamens and pistil, or an animal having ovaries and testes.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1824, "having both sexes in one being, hermaphroditic," from bi- + sexual. Meaning "attracted to both sexes" is from 1914; the noun in this sense is attested from 1922, and compare bisexuality. Not in general use until 1950s. Ambisexual was proposed in this sense early 20c.\n\nI suggest that the term ambisexuality be used in psychology instead of the expression "bisexual predisposition." This would connote that we understand by this predisposition, not the presence of male and female material in the organism (Fliess), nor of male and female sex hunger in the mind, but the child's psychical capacity for bestowing his erotism, originally objectless, on either the male or the female sex, or on both.

[S. Ferenczi, "Sex in Psycho-Analysis," transl. Ernest Jones, Boston, 1916]


a. 1 (context of humans or other animals English) Sexually attracted to both males and females. 2 (context botany English) Of flowers: having both pollen and seeds. 3 (context botany English) Of sporophytes: having both male and female organs. 4 (context botany English) Of gametophytes: producing both eggs and sperm. 5 (context botany English) Of fungus: producing both the "female" ascogonium and the "male" antheridium. 6 (context rare English) hermaphroditic. n. A person who is bisexual. Someone who is attracted to people of two or more genders.


n. a person who is sexually attracted to both sexes [syn: bisexual person]

  1. adj. sexually attracted to both sexes [ant: heterosexual, homosexual]

  2. having an ambiguous sexual identity [syn: epicene]

Bisexual (disambiguation)

Bisexual may refer to:

  • Bisexuality, in human sexuality, describes a man or woman that is sexually or romantically attracted to persons of both sexes
  • Bisexual characteristics, having an ambiguous sexual identity (e.g. epicenity or androgyny)
  • A bisexual flower, in botany, one that possesses both male (pollen-producing) and female (seed-producing) parts; see Sexual reproduction in plants
  • Bisexual species, in biology, one that has members of two different distinct sexes (e.g. humans), opposed to unisexual (only one sex present, always females)
  • Not to be confused with By-Sexual.

Usage examples of "bisexual".

They were also the first of the bisexual prototypes, based on the part of the program that covered her below the waist.

Like him, she was bisexual, and, also like him, the majority of her partners were women.

The name Pales was Arabic, having come out of Libya, but the Hebrews loved the long-eared bisexual no less than the Arabs.

As a bisexual, Pales was served by both priests and priestesses, usually dressed in big wooden donkey masks.

Com world of Paradise, where all the people were bisexual, identical, and about two-thirds his height.

The second time around choosing a bisexual man an old friend with a secret of his own, whom she could turn to for companionship and mutual tolerance and the outward appearance of married bliss.

Although whether these were the result of bisexual, asexual, or some other engendering process, they did not find out.

Hunaker, the green-haired, bisexual driver of War Wag One, had gone after Loz, the cook, with a lean-bladed flensing knife.

The people were endoskeletal, bisexual, oviparous, bipedal organisms enough like human beings so that one could pass himself off as the other with a little skillful disguise.

Boy, I think, was bisexual, but I suspect that Peele and Stewart were not, Both of them, for different reasons, pretended to be interested in Clare.

Harry also remembered that Lupin had said he only started coming to terms with being bisexual after he was out of school.

We went sailing one time, and he wore a Speedo, and any smart woman should know that means bisexual at least.

He says that not only can bisexuals be very cagey, cover their dual natures very cleverly and well, but that quite a few of them never realize that they are what they are until a situation arises which brings their aberrations to the surface.

What the devil, the truth is that I have always been bisexual with gay leanings, and on occasion I have been willing to fill the clerically approved vacancy.

Here was Apollo, slayer of the Python, guardian of the navel of the earth, beautiful, youthful, wise, just, strong, hyperbolically bisexual, and the only god to have had a temple made for him by hoes out of wax and feathers.