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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a possible explanation
▪ Can anyone think of a possible explanation for why this is happening?
a possible motive
▪ The police are still thinking about possible motives for the murders.
a possible outcome
▪ When you throw a die, there are six possible outcomes.
a possible scenario
▪ Defence planners are paid to consider every possible scenario.
a possible solution
▪ There are three possible solutions to this problem.
a possible suspect
▪ Thr police drew up a list of possible subjects.
a possible/acceptable/satisfactory alternative
▪ I’m busy tomorrow but Wednesday is a possible alternative.
a possible/potential candidate (=someone who you might give a job or position to)
▪ There were two women who were possible candidates.
a possible/potential successor
▪ He had been tipped as a possible successor to the president.
as far as possible (=as much as possible)
▪ We’ve kept the original features of the house as far as possible.
as little as possible
▪ My lawyer advised me to say as little as possible.
as long as possible
▪ The fruit should be left on the tree as long as possible.
as long as possible
▪ Try to keep going for as long as possible.
as soon as possible (=as soon as you can)
▪ Please let me know your decision as soon as possible.
as soon as possible
▪ Try and get the car fixed as soon as possible.
at every (possible) opportunity (=whenever possible)
▪ She went to the museum at every opportunity.
difficult/impossible/easy/possible etc to detect
if possible
▪ I want to get back by five o'clock if possible.
in the nicest possible way
▪ He told me, in the nicest possible way, that I was interfering too much.
it is certainly true/possible etc
▪ It is certainly true that there are more courses on offer.
make sth difficult/easy/possible etc
▪ The use of computers has made it possible for more people to work from home.
possible implications
▪ We discussed the possible implications of oil price rises.
the best possible
▪ We sold the house at the best possible time.
the possible/likely consequences
▪ What are the likely consequences of these changes?
whenever possible
▪ a policy of using recycled paper whenever possible
wherever possible (=at all times when it is possible)
▪ I feel I ought to be nice to them wherever possible .
worst possible
▪ What is the worst possible thing that can happen?
▪ It is also possible to dilute some Araldite resins with toluene for pre-casting soak.
▪ However, it is also possible to consider situations in which the modifiability of a compartment is due to completely intrinsic factors.
▪ The alternative - that these lower levels are partly responsible for the development of oesophagitis - is also possible.
▪ Other answers are, of course, also possible. 4.
▪ Therapeutic input makes heavy use of group work, though individual therapy is also possible.
▪ Yet it is also possible to see the form as a stylized if rather primitive representation of the female deity.
▪ It is also possible to continue as a graduate without eh thought occurring.
▪ The catalysed conversion of methanol to ethanol by reaction with syn-gas, is also possible but not yet commercial.
▪ Such comparisons are always possible, and ought to be made, if the worse an to improve.
▪ Nor was it always possible for geophysicists to see the motions of the surface so clearly.
▪ But with central heating, it is now not always possible to provide an ideal plunging environment within the home.
▪ It was always possible to undo things, I thought, but it was not always possible to do them.
▪ It is always possible to blame deficiencies on central government.
▪ In the Dubrovlag, he had said, pity for others is always possible, but self-pity is never possible.
▪ Underdrawing analysis is, however, not always conclusive, nor indeed always possible.
▪ It is not always possible to answer post by return, or to return telephone calls within the next few minutes.
▪ In 1967 the Brooklands Society was formed to preserve as much of the area as possible.
▪ She then instructed her subjects to duplicate these postures as precisely as possible.
▪ An immediate potential problem presents as possible ethical infringement upon the doctor-patient relationship.
▪ We must enact as soon as possible the National Human Welfare Act in order to regulate the use of humans in research.
▪ I prepared a diet as free from fat as possible yet incorporating protein, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals.
▪ Thaw frozen meat in its wrappings in the refrigerator and cook it as soon as possible after thawing.
▪ Family conferences are best conducted in as natural a manner as possible.
▪ The axial plane is a surface that divides a fold as symmetrically as possible.
▪ It's quite possible you won't even realise this, so long as you each mirror the same changes.
▪ It is quite possible that co-operation between various macrophage subsets takes place in Peyer's patches.
▪ However, even in monolinguals, dramatic changes of persona are quite possible.
▪ For one thing, it is quite possible that people may feel free and independent even when they are actually being manipulated.
▪ It is of course quite possible to develop an integrated system based on a single hardware base.
▪ It seemed to him quite possible that Dysart should exploit his official position to save an old friend from bankruptcy.
▪ It is quite possible that some selection factors may point towards your retention while others will, in comparison, favour colleagues.
▪ Proposed change is whenever possible shown to arise from identified deficiencies.
▪ Therefore, we recommend having the butcher debone them whenever possible.
▪ To ensure that the breeding of such fish is continued we will try to obtain new specimens whenever possible.
▪ She avoided saying them whenever possible.
▪ Pupils will also become aware of the need to check one source against another whenever possible.
▪ Older birds are often very tough and have an unpleasant aroma; they should be avoided whenever possible.
▪ For a balanced look, always put the tallest stalk towards the outside of the garment, whenever possible.
▪ Viewers also are encouraged to interview relatives whenever possible.
▪ As well as the more obvious things like reducing energy costs and recycling where possible, the community is benefiting from the programme.
▪ Provision of the real object where possible is usually eagerly explored.
▪ He is the man who wants to take part, who wants to do everything the woman does where possible.
▪ The children live at the Institute during the week, going home at the weekend where possible.
▪ It had to be easy and cheap to build, maintain and operate in addition to using local materials where possible.
▪ Incidentally, it is a good idea to take photographs where possible as sites are still disappearing at a rapid rate.
▪ First, where possible, run!
▪ Make sure you let the notes ring into each other where possible, to get the full harmonic effect.
▪ It may also be advisable to check the broker's performance record on discretionary service wherever possible.
▪ Nearly every government contractor befriends and hires Pentagon employees and bends the rules wherever possible.
▪ Also - wherever possible keep valuable livestock, feedstuffs or other bulk materials as close to the farmyard as you can.
▪ Perhaps we should be asking our local authorities to install wheelchair access gates in place of ordinary kissing gates wherever possible.
▪ Certainly the new actor should never remain idle but create chances wherever possible.
▪ Participants agreed to share information and resources, review regional training programmes, and cooperate wherever possible.
▪ I am all in favour of an easy life for horse and rider wherever possible.
▪ This process should be wherever possible part of a systematic analysis of diagnostic system requirements.
Cause of the problem Apart from a damp-proof course problem, what other possible causes are there for structural damp?
▪ I was told a possible cause was water impurities.
▪ What then are the possible causes of conflict within organisations?
▪ Scientists have begun to investigate and to identify some of the possible causes, which may differ from species to species.
▪ The physician must establish a sympathetic rapport with the patient to help elucidate possible causes and contributing factors.
▪ Could you please suggest a possible cause and remedy for the above.
▪ Instead, I explain his so-called options and the possible causes for the aggravation of his breathing.
▪ Recent theoretical work has clarified two possible causes of ageing.
▪ Three possible explanations can be advanced.
▪ Alistair arrived at that minute, ending any possible explanation.
▪ The reader can decide which of the possible explanations is the most plausible.
▪ There can only be one possible explanation.
▪ One possible explanation lies in the division of labour between women and men.
▪ The committee revises the list of possible explanations to produce a list of designated performance deficiencies.
▪ To some it might seem a possible explanation.
▪ One possible explanation is that the beacons have a history of malfunctioning during bad weather.
▪ There are several possible ways of administering tests which might be derived from the Cockcroft Committee's recommendations.
▪ There are various possible ways in which this could be done, and I chose one that I call the triangle trick.
▪ There are two possible ways forward.
▪ Needless to say, there are many possible ways of turning this rule into practice.
▪ If we want something, then we go for it in the best possible way we know.
▪ Now you've crossed Westminster bridge and achieved your goal, we outline the best possible way to recover.
▪ That is not a possible way to combat boredom.
▪ Your competitors may not be doing things in the best possible way.
humanly possible
▪ Firefighters did everything humanly possible to save lives.
▪ The report was as fair as is humanly possible.
▪ Acquaint yourselves with it as soon as is humanly possible.
▪ Although speechreaders learn the necessity for keen attention and mental focus, it is not humanly possible to focus attention all day.
▪ He should be punished for as long as it is humanly possible to punish him.
▪ If so, will he ensure that a police officer accompanies every military patrol whenever humanly possible?
▪ Our Government is fashioned to fulfill this concept so far as humanly possible.
▪ The task at hand was to devise an immediate gathering of the vestry and to make it as splendid as humanly possible.
▪ They demanded attention which it was not humanly possible to give.
▪ What she must do was concentrate on getting her memory back so that she could get home to them as soon as humanly possible.
not remotely interested/funny/possible etc
▪ Life-ways are opened up which are not remotely possible, even in analogous terms, to any other species.
physically possible/impossible
▪ Also, it isn't physically possible to sit and listen to a rap album all the way through.
▪ But he realized that this was physically impossible.
▪ By the power of his imagination he was trying to do something that was physically impossible.
▪ His hypothesis, while unlikely, is neither logically nor physically impossible.
▪ The illogical, unlikely and physically impossible are treated as natural phenomena.
▪ They were just physically impossible to move in and out of the studios.
technically possible/difficult/feasible etc
▪ Although it is already technically possible for network administrators to monitor Internet traffic, such tracking has been difficult to do.
▪ Berni came into this world on May 12 at 9: 07 a. m. It was a technically difficult delivery.
▪ FLEXthe name of both the machine and its language-was not technically feasible at the time.
▪ One expert achieved unwanted fame by stating, categorically, that it was no longer technically possible to build modern aircraft out of wood.
▪ Subsequent additions and amendments to software may be technically possible, but inadvisable because of subsequent upgrade issues.
▪ The members thought that it was technically feasible and, under the right conditions, could benefit the region.
▪ There is nothing technically difficult about this; if the computer can look one play ahead it can look 20.
▪ There was no question that a tunnel was technically feasible, but 1 wanted to know what the economics would be.
▪ Accidents are always possible in heavy industries like mining.
▪ Detectives can now check every criminal's records, which wouldn't be possible without computers.
▪ Here's a list of possible topics for your next essay.
▪ I want to get back by 5 o'clock if possible.
▪ Is it possible to find a room in a good hotel for less than $100?
▪ It is possible for more than one person to win the competition.
▪ It is possible that the children are still alive.
▪ Please let me know your answer as soon as possible.
▪ Sudden snowstorms are always possible this time of year.
▪ technological changes and their possible effects on our lives
▪ The doctors did everything possible to save her life.
▪ The only possible way a woman could rise in class was to marry into a family of higher social standing than her own.
▪ Travel to other planets may soon be possible.
▪ We must get her to the hospital as quickly as possible.
▪ We will deal with all complaints as soon as is humanly possible.
▪ You can't be a Muslim and a Catholic at the same time - it's just not possible.
▪ Echoes of the signal alert them to possible prey, at ranges up to 80-90 metres in shallow waters.
▪ I planned on saying as little as possible.
▪ It is seldom possible to give a general overall clearance of a product for all export markets.
▪ It is therefore easier to prevent development on the basis of the precautionary principle, rather than look for possible solutions.
▪ They're as unique as it is possible to be without splitting at the seams.
▪ What makes it possible for the speaker to communicate this to the hearer?
▪ The recurring theme here is that community makes learning possible.
▪ Any such success would make other successes possible.
▪ The modern skyscraper had been made possible by the addition of the electric motor to Elisha Otis's earlier elevator.
▪ This was also the first generation to take full advantage of the decentralized workplaces made possible by information technology.
▪ Dern is another possible for the award.
▪ He assumed that this could only be because he was one of the possibles.
▪ It's a device which when read by scanner, gives a unique code; one of 34 billion possibles.
▪ There were other possibles - mostly underworld figures - but I discounted them as red herrings.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Possible \Pos"si*ble\, a. [F., fr. L. possibilis, fr. posse to be able, to have power; potis able, capable + esse to be. See Potent, Am, and cf. Host a landlord.] Capable of existing or occurring, or of being conceived or thought of; able to happen; capable of being done; not contrary to the nature of things; -- sometimes used to express extreme improbability; barely able to be, or to come to pass; as, possibly he is honest, as it is possible that Judas meant no wrong.

With God all things are possible.
--Matt. xix. 26.

Syn: Practicable; likely. See Practicable.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

mid-14c., from Old French possible and directly from Latin possibilis "that can be done," from posse "be able" (see potent).


1640s, from possible (adj.).


a. (context usually not comparable English) able but not certain to happen; neither inevitable nor impossible. n. 1 A possible one 2 (context colloquial rare English) A possible choice, notably someone being considered for a position. 3 (context rare English) A particular event that may happen.

  1. adj. capable of happening or existing; "a breakthrough may be possible next year"; "anything is possible"; "warned of possible consequences" [ant: impossible]

  2. existing in possibility; "a potential problem"; "possible uses of nuclear power" [syn: potential] [ant: actual]

  3. possible to conceive or imagine; "that is one possible answer" [syn: conceivable, imaginable]

  1. n. something that can be done; "politics is the art of the possible"

  2. an applicant who might be suitable

Possible (Italy)

Possible is a left-wing political party in Italy, launched in Rome on 21 June 2015.

The party's leader is Giuseppe Civati, a former prominent member of the Democratic Party (PD). Possible's progressive platform are a mixture of social democracy, green politics, social liberalism and elements of participatory democracy.

Usage examples of "possible".

Mishani would never have believed it possible - not only that Lucia had been allowed to reach eight harvests of age in the first place, but also that the Empress was foolish enough to think the high families would allow an Aberrant to rule Saramyr.

They may opine that I have been an abettor of treason, that I have attempted to circumvent the ends of justice, and that I may have impersonated you in order to render possible your escape.

Now that the words were out and there was no abjuration possible, she felt as if her bones were made of sand.

The third and fourth humans on the island had tried to find their privacy as far from the abo village and the tunnel pool as possible.

While it is indeed possible to derive stem cells from aborted embryos, it is seldom done for two reasons.

It was possible that Abraxas was nowhere Remo could reach him before the precious minutes were up.

To support these and concentrate from the earliest moment as effective a fire as possible upon the works, Farragut brought his ironclads inside of the wooden vessels, and abreast the four leaders of that column.

If examined closely the pattern will be seen to have an appendage abutting at a right angle between the shoulders of each possible recurve.

Mersenne had immediately gone to general quarters and orderedIllustrious to accelerate as rapidly as possible away from the other ships.

If it was possible to emerge from the field, it could only be done by an immediate switch to tachyonic drive without accelerative buildup .

The reds, as a rule, are affected by acids, and, therefore, it is not possible to use an acid bath with Benzopurpurine, Congo red, with the possible exception of the Titan reds and scarlets, Diamine scarlet, Benzo fast scarlet, Purpuramine, which are faster to acetic acid than the other reds of this class of dye-stuffs.

Each great natural family has requisites that define it, and the characters that make it recognizable are the nearest to these fundamental conditions: thus, reproduction being the major function of the plant, the embryo will be its most important part, and it becomes possible to divide the vegetable kingdom into three classes: acotyledons, monocotyledons, and dicotyledons.

It was possible that they had sufficient acreage of their own to offer to Stephens Industries.

I began to behave, like all university actors, in the most actorish way possible.

A great many expressions of kindred tenor might easily be adduced, leaving it hardly possible to doubt as indeed we are not aware that any one does doubt that many of the Jews literally held that sin was the sole cause of bodily dissolution.