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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a physical characteristic
▪ physical characteristics such as your height and weight
a physical defect
▪ Doctors examined the baby and could find no physical defects.
a physical scar (=a scar on your body, contrasted with a mental scar )
▪ Those three months left her with lifelong physical and psychological scars.
a physical sensation
▪ Babies soon learn to recognize the physical sensation of hunger.
an intellectual/physical/technical etc challenge
▪ I love the physical challenge of climbing.
learning/physical/mental etc disability
▪ children with severe learning disabilities
mental/physical/intellectual etc incapacity
▪ Evidence of his mental incapacity was never produced in court.
physical activity
▪ It's important to do some kind of regular physical activity.
physical assault
▪ There have even been physical assaults on witnesses.
physical conditions
▪ Many teachers have to work in poor physical conditions.
physical courage (=the courage to do something physically dangerous or difficult)
▪ It seemed strange that someone of great physical courage could be so unsure of himself in other ways.
physical damage
▪ There is considerable evidence that the drug can cause physical damage.
physical danger (=danger to your body)
▪ Many sports involve some physical danger.
physical education
physical evolution
▪ The environment plays a large part in the physical evolution of the species.
physical exercise
▪ Physical exercise keeps you fit and helps to reduce stress.
physical fitness (=how healthy your body is)
▪ You need a reasonable level of physical fitness for this job.
physical geography
physical hardship (=when you lack the things that your body needs)
▪ The people of the war-torn region face severe physical hardship.
physical harm
▪ They were afraid that he would do them some actual physical harm.
physical health
▪ Her physical health was generally good.
physical limitations
▪ He has physical limitations which prevent him from lifting heavy objects.
physical pain
▪ He couldn’t stand physical pain.
physical properties
▪ What are the physical properties of metals?
physical punishment
▪ Children respond more to affection than to physical punishment.
physical science
physical strength
▪ Some of the tasks required considerable physical strength.
physical symptoms
▪ Depressed people often complain of physical symptoms such as headaches.
physical therapist
physical therapy
physical violence
▪ They were threatened with physical violence.
physical/athletic ability
▪ He has considerable athletic ability.
physical/mental effort
▪ He struggled back from two sets down to win the match, showing great physical and mental effort.
physical/mental endurance
physical/psychological/material etc well-being
▪ the physical and emotional well-being of the children
physical/sexual/racial abuse
▪ Many children suffer racial abuse at school.
sb's physical resemblance to sb
▪ People often commented on his physical resemblance to his father.
sb's/sth's physical appearance
▪ If you want to improve your physical appearance, eat well and exercise.
sb’s physical state
▪ Our emotions can have an effect on our physical state.
sexual/emotional/physical maturity
▪ He lacks the emotional maturity to appreciate poetry.
the physical environment (=the place where you live or work, including buildings, furniture etc)
▪ Improvements to the physical environment range from removing graffiti to planting trees.
▪ But he did refer to a spectator and an alleged verbal and physical abuse on Dooley and himself.
▪ Also patron of infidelity and widows; she is invoked against physical abuse.
▪ A checklist of the types of physical abuse was developed to identify and categorise them.
▪ Also invoked against marital problems and physical abuse.
▪ Out of 133 identified cases of abuse, 51 percent had some element of physical abuse.
▪ Before any appropriate action can be taken, it must be clear to all concerned what constitutes physical abuse.
▪ The verbal and sometimes physical abuse that the guards have to take can be unbearable.
▪ People can take part by doing any physical activity that makes the heart beat faster and lasts for 15 minutes.
▪ For some parents, visualization, meditation, and relaxation breathing techniques help; other people prefer physical activity to reduce stress.
▪ The advice of the ophthalmologist must be sought before physical activities are allowed.
▪ Go ahead and balance what you eat and your physical activity over several days.
▪ Start thinking about new physical activities you could try.
▪ I built my world outside the classroom around physical activity.
▪ Physical activity Regular physical activity can help you control your weight and can help protect you against heart disease.
▪ This is especially important for anyone who has been sedentary or who has not engaged in regular vigorous physical activity.
▪ The same may be true of a book which has been deliberately produced to a high standard of physical appearance.
▪ We all know our genes determine physical appearance, such as eye color and hair texture.
▪ Until the physical appearance of puberty a girl enjoys the privilege of being regarded as an image of the great Goddess.
▪ There is the very feel one gets from the physical appearance of the school.
▪ When describing the person in question, a reference to physical appearance is often made showing that physical appearance is very important.
▪ The moth's physical appearance is not quite as wasp-like but it adds to its disguise by making a buzzing noise.
▪ However, physical appearance and intellect are insufficient foundation for effective long-lasting relationships.
▪ I have no interest in the psychological interpretation of my sitters, I want to convey their physical appearance.
▪ The focus of beauty gradually shifts from the physical body to the inner nature.
▪ How does an individual being emerge from nothingness to form itself around a physical body?
▪ It is sown a physical body, it is raised a spiritual body.
▪ As with astral travel, some talk of being linked to their physical bodies by a filmy cord.
▪ While we have a physical body, we must have an Ego.
▪ It gradually becomes clear to the student that kungfu is more than just a series of physical body movements.
▪ Within it, energy is transformed to and from the physical body through the medium of the chakras.
▪ Just as the blood is circulated through our physical body, so energy flows through and between the subtle bodies.
▪ Many blue chip companies use team-based competitions with a series of mental and physical challenges.
▪ Completely at ease in his body, he welcomed every physical challenge.
▪ It's been a voyage of discovery for all the crews; a personal and physical challenge which has lasted 8 months.
▪ A physical challenge could be involved.
▪ I would face not only a tough physical challenge, but a mental one as well.
▪ Is climbing primarily a mental or physical challenge?
▪ At Bègles we love the physical challenge of the forward battle.
▪ None of the male characters is initially typified by reference to physical characteristics in this way.
▪ But the profiles also try to pinpoint physical characteristics, the paper said.
▪ This states that the defendant must take the plaintiff as he finds him, as regards his physical characteristics.
▪ Similarly it was thought that the physical characteristics of certain plants had provided firm proof of intercontinental contact.
▪ In his work, different cultural groups or social classes appear as separate races with definite and visible physical characteristics.
▪ Unlike the highly sensitive child, the defiant child has some physical characteristics that make a more aggressive approach possible.
▪ Earlier we talked about antimatter - particles which have all their physical characteristics opposite to those displayed by particles of matter.
▪ As I mentioned earlier, not all children who are aggressive display these physical characteristics.
▪ Parents continue to send children to school, even where physical conditions are very poor because of lack of maintenance.
▪ The physical conditions were often harsh as well.
▪ They are in some way dependent on physiological and physical conditions.
▪ The sooner she sees her baby, the more rapidly she can reconcile her image of him with his true physical condition.
▪ Doctors, expressing surprise at her robust physical condition, believe she will survive.
▪ Roberts' poor physical condition combined with nagging injuries prevented him from playing more than 51 games in the past four seasons.
▪ One of them would undoubtedly be Hunt's physical condition.
▪ The physical conditions can present as many dangers to the agents as the criminals they chase through these mountains and deserts.
▪ There shall be no intentional physical contact between teams.
▪ Pounces that involved physical contact with the nylon model were considered pseudo matings.
▪ Julian had made her shy away from physical contact.
▪ Such close physical contact and fraternizing was hardly the practice in California churches, or anywhere else for that matter.
▪ Still, the absence of handshakes does not mean there is no physical contact among politicians.
▪ Of course, physical contact is not the only evidence of camaraderie.
▪ They should wear gloves and soft shoes, avoid physical contact and use whistles to express their fervour.
▪ She felt starved of physical contact.
▪ Pupils with physical disabilities Pupils with physical disabilities should in general have the same attainment targets and programmes of study as their peers.
▪ Pinochi said Zandrino worked for the Healdsburg Police Department from 1967 to 1979, when he left with a physical disability.
▪ Improved drugs promised relief from the physical disabilities of leprosy.
▪ The medical staff would like to know if you suffer from any physical disability or illness such as asthma, diabetes or epilepsy.
▪ The other was in her 60s, living nearby and coping with a physical disability of her own.
▪ Some pupils with physical disabilities may require the writing attainment targets to be modified.
▪ People will not be exempt because they have a physical disability. 3.
▪ The exceptions were the teachers in such subjects as physical education, art, and the crafts.
▪ He retired as head of the men's physical education department at Central Missouri State University in 1976.
▪ We were standing around him in a ragged semi-circle in the gym at the end of our physical education period.
▪ According to the report, physical education classes around the nation are not demanding enough.
▪ Karen taught physical education, so she was in good shape.
▪ When circumstances are more dangerous, as in shop or physical education, a teacher would be expected to exercise greater care.
▪ He tried drawing in his stomach and straightening his shoulders, as instructed by the physical education teacher.
▪ At first she went part-time and, after being uncertain about her major for a time, she settled on physical education.
▪ In contrast, it is the ergonomics of the hardware and the physical environment that have received most attention.
▪ Other factors such as heredity and the physical environment play a major role as well.
▪ Figure 4 summarises the recommendations given in this chapter for the organisation of the physical environments.
▪ With age comes changes that alter the physical environment.
▪ The organic response to the changes in the physical environment induced by plate tectonics can be considered under three headings.
▪ As the other books in the series have shown, social and physical environments are continually developed, abandoned and changed.
▪ Quality became paramount, not just in terms of products and service, but in the physical environment, too.
▪ The physical environment of most people is largely man-made.
▪ The theoretical advance demanded further physical evidence which simply could not be collected with the technology then available to researchers.
▪ He must do that without one shred of physical evidence.
▪ One of the important pieces of physical evidence was provided by Einstein.
▪ The simple physical evidence of at least a measure of compliance is widespread.
▪ He then handed me two grand-jury subpoenas, one to produce physical evidence a blood specimen and one to testify.
▪ They are well placed to see the changes of behaviour that may indicate abuse, as well as to observe any physical evidence.
▪ Still, he said physical evidence linking Ray to the crime is overwhelming.
▪ Furthermore, a careful history and physical examination permit a confident diagnosis that stands up over time.
▪ As a result, a thorough history, complete physical examination and tests are necessary to eliminate other conditions associated with granulomas.
▪ A physical examination will let your doctor know about your current state of health.
▪ We talk to our patients and do a thorough physical examination.
▪ They are expected to take a full medical history and perform a physical examination.
▪ Despite these difficulties, physical examinations must be an integral part of most nutrition surveys for the following reasons: 1.
▪ The proportion of false positive diagnoses with physical examination is generally accepted to be low.
▪ You must also control the number of people who will give you physical examinations.
▪ A surge of participation in evening classes and sports is as much about a search for companionship as mental and physical fitness.
▪ Too many hours in front of the computer screen can destroy physical fitness.
▪ Teeth Dental health is an important ingredient of total physical fitness.
▪ Stamina, flexibility, sharp reflexes and general physical fitness are required to perform the fighting movements with ease.
▪ Then there was the small matter of my physical fitness.
▪ Once we started trekking we soon discovered that mental attitude and camaraderie were far more important than physical fitness.
▪ Nupa emphasized physical fitness and organized discipline.
▪ Or work on your physical fitness?
▪ Hence the prospect of an energy related and integrated physical geography including geomorphological processes may not be too far beyond the horizon.
▪ Such omission is completely in sympathy with the trend in physical geography for nearly a century after Man and Nature.
▪ This prescription for geomorphology was applicable to physical geography as a whole.
▪ These three trends combined to form a more environmental physical geography which may have been late but hopefully not too late.
▪ This trend is exemplified by all branches of physical geography.
▪ Processes were scrutinized to remedy deficiencies internal to physical geography.
▪ Furthermore, some branches of physical geography had proceeded as far as they could without an enhanced knowledge of processes.
▪ They are convicted of physical harm or damage infrequently and they are in general petty and trivial offenders.
▪ They claim notification exposes offenders who have served prison time to vigilantism, harassment, physical harm, job-loss and public shame.
▪ He has made threats of physical harm to himself and others.
▪ There is therefore no direct inference ticket from physical harm to harm normatively defined.
▪ They were afraid he'd turn violent and do one of them some actual physical harm.
▪ In severe depression apathy can lead to neglect, irritability to physical harm, and depressive delusions to infanticide.
▪ His ring classicism has always argued so persuasively against excessive physical harm, his pride was beyond anything but a regal exit.
▪ There may be some discomfort in the area for a couple of days but there is no physical harm.
▪ We shall assume that you choose good physical health as a basis and take it from there.
▪ It would be surprising if prolonged periods of psychological morbidity are not reflected in declining physical health.
▪ Depression is a leading cause of suicide in the elderly, and also affects mood, behavior and physical health.
▪ The missionary's physical health Psalm 103: 3.
▪ Mental and physical health may be taxed by child care.
▪ Her marriage was in trouble, her husband cold and unloving, her emotional and physical health eroded by bulimia.
▪ What is the cost to your emotional and physical health? 7.
▪ Police say he hadn't suffered any physical injuries.
▪ In addition to the increasing use of racial and ethnic taunting and mocking, serious physical injuries continue to occur.
▪ First, the physical injuries suffered by the children were relatively minor but the incidents which caused them were significant.
▪ All of them do, if the abuse or neglect results in physical injury.
▪ The issue of real damages for real physical injuries could then be sensibly discussed.
▪ She climbed wearily out of bed, consoling herself that her physical injuries, at least, were healing fast.
▪ SHe had no desire to discover for hirself at what point serious physical injury might occur.
▪ It does not seek to change physical laws, only to delay them.
▪ There is another physical law that teases me, too: the Doppler Effect.
▪ For example, we already know the physical laws that govern everything that we experience in everyday life.
▪ I become independent of physical laws of food, of shelter, of life.
▪ Firstly, physical laws must be expressible as tensor equations so that they remain valid under transformations to any accelerated frame.
▪ Absolute zero is the lowest possible temperature allowed by physical law.
▪ Therefore physical laws when expressed in terms of tensors will retain their form under these general transformations, in particular under changes to accelerating frames.
▪ His superb physical instincts were insistent that such a principle must indeed hold for the physical laws of our world.
▪ Madeleine was entirely innocent and had no idea of the strength of his physical need of her.
▪ Associates architectural firm to study its physical needs.
▪ Anyway men have physical needs, he complained.
▪ Because their physical needs were so profound, there was not enough time to take their psychological and spiritual needs seriously.
▪ He was too close, too overpoweringly desirable, and there was no mistaking his physical need for her at that moment.
▪ Intuitively, they understand the psychological, social, spiritual, aesthetic, and physical needs most people in the culture hold.
▪ When man has satisfied his physical needs, then psychologically grounded desires take over.
▪ He has endured mental anguish, mind-breaking guilts and lacerating physical pain.
▪ Painful emotion in the prosurvival chain can suppress physical pain in the contrasurvival engrams.
▪ It sort of goes in tandem with recovering from the physical pain.
▪ All the conditions that made physical pain greatest applied to her.
▪ Even though she had tried to prepare herself for the possibility, the sense of shock hit her like a physical pain.
▪ The human organism can withstand unspeakable physical pain.
▪ For instance, he taught me how to use nitrous oxide for its effect in combating physical pain.
▪ The engram bank becomes severely distorted by painful emotion and the areas of painful emotion be-come severely distorted by physical pain elsewhere.
▪ A stillness which seemed to bear down on her like a physical presence.
▪ At one time, physical presence was a prerequisite for first-hand experience.
▪ I feel now that I am in touch with Belinda, even though I miss her physical presence.
▪ Fortunately or unfortunately there is an impressive message hidden in the physical presences of any kind of material.
▪ His tirades were reinforced, according to a contemporary, by a commanding physical presence and manner.
▪ We have eating disorder programs in certain major cities-in cities where people feel compelled to have a certain physical presence.
▪ The selectors, though, clearly consider that they could still have need of the towering mass of Dooley's physical presence.
▪ Here we see that same attention to detail, physical presence and construction focused on much more accessible subject matter.
▪ But you get the strong impression that he gets most cerebral satisfaction from dealing with physical problems.
▪ This usually indicates a physical problem in delivering the mail rather than an addressing error.
▪ Some have epilepsy, speech or hearing disorders and other physical problems.
▪ These children had completed their preparatory year and were of normal intelligence but severe physical problems prohibited them from entering regular school.
▪ Many physical problems have been linked to the pervasive, ongoing stress of feeling unequal to what you have to do.
▪ Many failures are caused by operational mishandling and other physical problems associated with the constant mounting and dismounting of media.
▪ This is not at all the way that initial data are to be specified in a standard deterministic physical problem.
▪ Traditionally, for many school learners the physical process of writing is an inhibitor.
▪ This enables us to achieve great predictive power and control over physical processes.
▪ If our mind refuses to let our body respond, the feeling stays locked in and can affect all our physical processes.
▪ The walls were mostly slate, apparently quite normal, grained rock produced by a perfectly standard physical process of alluvial deposition.
▪ Changes in the coordinate frame along the path mean that the component would change, irrespective of any physical process.
▪ The analysis must start therefore in areas which initially may seem remote from the physical processes which directly cause degradation and erosion.
▪ What physical processes might explain the dividing line?
▪ Chemical Substances Pure substances have a fixed composition and well defined chemical and physical properties.
▪ Unfortunately, determining the physical properties of an asteroid be-fore its impact is quite challenging.
▪ Currently, the recogniser does not fully exploit information about the physical properties of the input.
▪ They are about relations between physical properties.
▪ It had been conceded that the two forms of cocaine were chemically different and had different physical properties.
▪ The physical properties that identify this mineral for mineralogists and jewelers set this substance apart.
▪ The general principle underlying the definition of the term is that it excludes physical property which a potential purchaser can inspect.
▪ What one has is the assembling of a recipe for constructing physical properties in complicated interrelationships.
▪ The content it attaches to physical reality makes the natural world autonomous; its quest is to determine what is.
▪ Mathematical equations lead us to physical realities.
▪ It seems that the nine-month gestation period has a psychological as well as a physical reality in human life.
▪ All I needed to do was to explain the physical realities involved.
▪ Our attempts at modeling physical reality normally consist of two parts: 1.
▪ It is only by confusing them that Atkins can hold that mathematics and physical reality are identical.
▪ It's the way our system of physical reality works.
▪ This is true, whether or not quantum uncertainty is a fundamental feature of physical reality.
▪ It was now, by its nature, an international enquiry, like the physical sciences.
▪ Like most people, I stand amazed by the reach of physical science.
▪ Very few physical science students stressed the intellectual enjoyment of the degree course.
▪ Initially, the collection will feature papers written about the physical sciences and technology.
▪ Few girls take physical science subjects; few boys take languages.
▪ Physics and physical science students had a strong sense of the hierarchy of different disciplines.
▪ The classical approach used the methodology of the physical sciences to illustrate a view of organisations.
▪ The physical sciences in particular, offer a conventional career choice which is likely to win approval from parents, teachers and peers.
▪ Nowadays, there is a growing tendency to include the physical states of the reactants and products in equations.
▪ You use these processes to convert your physical state from sleepy and unkempt to bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.
▪ It shimmers and alters in colour depending on our thoughts, emotions and physical state.
▪ Instead, each Hilbert space dimension corresponds to one of the different independent physical states of a quantum system.
▪ The sample movements are traced as a series of oscillations whose frequency is a function of the physical state of the sample.
▪ From this perspective, the cosmic purpose is not to achieve a physical state that will never cease to exist.
▪ Pregnancy is a perfectly natural physical state, remember?
▪ All physical states come to be and pass away.
▪ She gasped at the easy way in which he took advantage of her lack of physical strength to fight him.
▪ Those who work with their brains govern the others; those who work with their physical strength are governed by them.
▪ In true Celtic fashion, physical strength and absence of blemish would be the qualification of a king.
▪ The interviews went beyond the issue of physical strength.
▪ Nor was the impression of physical strength deceptive.
▪ Much stronger are the type 2 meteors, with the physical strength of carbonaceous chondrite meteorites, which they also resemble chemically.
▪ Clough was small in stature with disproportionate physical strength and powers of endurance.
▪ They were well-intentioned creatures of abnormal physical strength and they were easily taken in by women.
▪ But they would agree that anxiety, tension or depression can make the physical symptoms worse.
▪ What they are saying is that some women have physical symptoms premenstrually, and that definitely is not a mental illness.
▪ But most mental illness lacks any clear physical symptoms and is recognizable only from the patient's abnormal behaviour.
▪ We might well ask what such physical symptoms are doing in a manual of mental illness.
▪ We have suggested that the experience of physical symptoms of anxiety result from stress.
▪ She saw his physical symptoms as evidence that he was trying unsuccessfully to apply the brakes on a natural evolutionary process.
▪ In other cases, suspicion may first be aroused by the presence of characteristic physical symptoms.
▪ We all have quite individualized menus of physical symptoms and what they mean to us.
▪ Their parents are philosophy professors and learning-disabilities therapists and guidance counsellors and physical therapists.
▪ Physical therapy and the physical therapist came to be the source and symbol of healing for patients.
▪ He walked again, and met and married Phyllis Holden, a physical therapist.
▪ Nurses and physical therapists stretched and pulled, rolled and pounded.
▪ Under the supervision of physical therapist Clive Brewster, Johnson also said he lost about eight pounds during his workouts.
▪ Each has an occupational therapist, a speech and language therapist and a physical therapist, and Melanie has two nurses.
▪ In especially difficult or puzzling cases, a more specialized evaluation may be conducted by an occupational or physical therapist.
▪ You will allow your arms to heal and then you will embark on a sensible and moderate course of physical therapy.
▪ Prior to his appointment, Wehe has been a physical therapy supervisor at Altru.
▪ Some of that has been accomplished inside the hospital by using new anesthetics and more intense physical therapy.
▪ Their wing was equipped with a rocking-bed ward, an iron-lung ward, and a physical therapy room.
▪ She was hoping for a course of physical therapy.
▪ This may be accomplished by periodic formal physical therapy sessions backed up by daily home exercises.
▪ Coles defeated the odds by designing his own physical therapy program that included riding a stationary bike.
▪ Research in the laboratory, in physical therapy, and in new surgical procedures received high priority.
▪ We usually treat physical violence towards others as gross misconduct and this could result in summary dismissal.
▪ Yelling and calling each other names can quickiy become physical violence.
▪ These men are accustomed to physical violence and intimidation.
▪ And a growing number of right-wing groups had decided to shore up their opposition with physical violence.
▪ There's no guarantee that whoever sent it won't follow up those written threats with actual physical violence.
▪ More often than threats or acts of physical violence, careers are jeopardized or destroyed.
▪ No one should be subjected to verbal harassment, just as no one should be threatened with physical violence.
▪ He used to hide behind the fact that I made him angry and I was responsible for his physical violence.
▪ If we ask where the smells are, it now seems that they are not in the physical world at all.
▪ In the physical world of production, numerous control systems are in operation.
▪ It is important to see that the physical world is a mental, theoretical construct.
▪ For the skills of interacting with the physical world the procedure summarised in Table 2.6 is appropriate.
▪ This, he would say, is how the physical world behaves.
▪ In the physical world, all particles of the same species appear to be identical.
physical beauty
physical fitness
▪ a physical confrontation
▪ A lot of British people avoid physical contact with strangers.
▪ I'm aggressive - I like physical sports.
▪ It was a purely physical relationship.
▪ Man's primary needs are physical -- food, drink and sleep.
▪ Nearly three quarters of the women surveyed said they were satisfied with their physical fitness.
▪ She has suffered terrible physical as well as emotional abuse for over 12 years.
▪ The traditional office design creates physical barriers between workers.
▪ There is no physical evidence to connect him to the crime scene.
▪ Your son appears to be in good physical health.
Physical knowledge is knowledge of the physical properties of objects derived by the manipulation of objects.
▪ As a result, a thorough history, complete physical examination and tests are necessary to eliminate other conditions associated with granulomas.
▪ Elsewhere winning the game is as much about having a psychological edge as a physical one.
▪ In 1984, Retton clearly was untouchable on the floor and vault events, where her powerful physical makeup could be highlighted.
▪ In the physical world, all particles of the same species appear to be identical.
▪ The way in which we clothe our bodies and accentuate our physical attributes can also build power.
▪ To and fro from Sydney to Parramatta he devoted himself to the spiritual and physical welfare of the convicts.
▪ Beyond the actual physical spaces of global cities lies another metropolis-the virtual city and the disembodied encounter with Cybena.
▪ And what about the computability theory for actual physical devices?
▪ In some cases, a physical might expose a heart murmur.
▪ The game was real physical, but we withstood everything they brought at us.
▪ These days the examination in my nightmare is a physical.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Physical \Phys"ic*al\, a.

  1. Of or pertaining to nature (as including all created existences); in accordance with the laws of nature; also, of or relating to natural or material things, or to the bodily structure, as opposed to things mental, moral, spiritual, or imaginary; material; natural; as, armies and navies are the physical force of a nation; the body is the physical part of man.

    Labor, in the physical world, is . . . employed in putting objects in motion.
    --J. S. Mill.

    A society sunk in ignorance, and ruled by mere physical force.

  2. Of or pertaining to physics, or natural philosophy; treating of, or relating to, the causes and connections of natural phenomena; as, physical science; physical laws. ``Physical philosophy.''

  3. Perceptible through a bodily or material organization; cognizable by the senses; external; as, the physical, opposed to chemical, characters of a mineral.

  4. Of or pertaining to physic, or the art of medicine; medicinal; curative; healing; also, cathartic; purgative. [Obs.] ``Physical herbs.''
    --Sir T. North.

    Is Brutus sick? and is it physical To walk unbraced, and suck up the humors Of the dank morning?

    Physical astronomy, that part of astronomy which treats of the causes of the celestial motions; specifically, that which treats of the motions resulting from universal gravitation.

    Physical education, training of the bodily organs and powers with a view to the promotion of health and vigor.

    Physical examination (Med.), an examination of the bodily condition of a person.

    Physical geography. See under Geography.

    Physical point, an indefinitely small portion of matter; a point conceived as being without extension, yet having physical properties, as weight, inertia, momentum, etc.; a material point.

    Physical signs (Med.), the objective signs of the bodily state afforded by a physical examination.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 15c., "of or pertaining to material nature" (in medicine, opposed to surgical), from Medieval Latin physicalis "of nature, natural," from Latin physica "study of nature" (see physic). Meaning "pertaining to matter" is from 1590s; meaning "having to do with the body, corporeal" is attested from 1780. Meaning "characterized by bodily attributes or activities" is attested from 1970. Physical education first recorded 1838; abbreviated form phys ed is from 1955. Physical therapy is from 1922. Related: Physically.


"a physical examination," by 1934, from physical (adj.).


a. 1 Having to do with the body. 2 Having to do with the material world. n. physical examination.

  1. adj. involving the body as distinguished from the mind or spirit; "physical exercise"; "physical suffering"; "was sloppy about everything but her physical appearance" [ant: mental]

  2. relating to the sciences dealing with matter and energy; especially physics; "physical sciences"; "physical laws"

  3. having substance or material existence; perceptible to the senses; "a physical manifestation"; "surrounded by tangible objects" [syn: tangible, touchable]

  4. according with material things or natural laws (other than those peculiar to living matter); "a reflex response to physical stimuli"

  5. characterized by energetic bodily activity; "tennis is an active sport"; "a very physical dance performance" [syn: active]

  6. concerned with material things; "physical properties"; "the physical characteristics of the earth"; "the physical size of a computer"

  7. impelled by physical force especially against resistance; "forcible entry"; "a real cop would get physical"; "strong-arm tactics" [syn: forcible, strong-arm]


Physical may refer to:

  • Physical body, the physical structure of an organism
    • Human body, the physical structure of a human
  • Physical abuse, abuse involving contact intended to cause feelings of intimidation, injury, or other physical suffering or bodily harm
  • Physical body, in physics, psychology, philosophy, mysticism and religion
  • Physical change, any change in matter not involving a change in the substance's chemical properties
  • Physical chemistry, the study of macroscopic, atomic, subatomic, and particulate phenomena in chemical systems in terms of physical laws and concepts
  • Physical cosmology, a branch of astronomy, is the study of the largest-scale structures and dynamics of the universe and is concerned with fundamental questions about its formation and evolution
  • Physical education, a course taken during primary and secondary education that encourages psychomotor learning in a play or movement exploration setting
  • Physical examination, a regular overall check-up with a doctor
  • Physical exercise, any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness
  • Physical fitness, a state of health and well-being, and a task-oriented definition based on the ability to perform specific aspects of sports or occupations
  • Physical property, any aspect of an object or substance that can be measured or perceived without changing its identity
  • Physical Review, an American scientific journal founded in 1893 that publishes original research and scientific and literature reviews on all aspects of physics
  • Physical Review Letters, a peer reviewed, scientific journal that is published 52 times per year by the American Physical Society
  • Physical therapy, a health care profession
Physical (Alcazar song)

"Physical" was released in late 2004 by the Swedish band Alcazar as part of the promotion of the Dancefloor Deluxe compilation. The song was based on a sample of Londonbeat's 1990 hit I've Been Thinking About You.

The song failed to chart Official Singles Chart in Sweden, but managed a # 3 placing in Finland.

Physical (Olivia Newton-John song)

"Physical" is a song by British-born Australian recording artist Olivia Newton-John for her twelfth studio album Physical. It was released in September 1981, by MCA Records as the lead single from the project. The song was written by Steve Kipner and Terry Shaddick, who originally intended to offer it to British singer-songwriter Rod Stewart, while production was handled by John Farrar.

The song was an immediate success, shipping 2 million copies in the United States, being certified Platinum, and spending 10 weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, ultimately becoming Newton-John's biggest American hit. The song reached number 7 on the UK chart in November. The song was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and won the Billboard Award for Top Pop Single.

Physical (album)

Physical is the ninth full-length studio album by Australian singer-songwriter Olivia Newton-John, released on 13 October 1981 by MCA Records. The album was produced and partly written by her long-time producer John Farrar. Recorded and mixed at David J. Holman's studio in Hollywood, California, Physical became one of Newton-John's most controversial and sexual records, and her most successful studio album to date. Musically, the album features considerable use of synthesizers and explores lyrical themes such as love and relationships, sex, kinesthetics and environmental protection. Upon its release, the album received generally positive reviews from music critics, many of them considering it to be Newton-John's best work. The album charted high in several countries, including the United States, Japan and Newton-John's native Australia, becoming one of the most successful albums of the early 1980s. It also ranks among the best-selling albums by Australian solo artists, selling more than ten million copies worldwide.

The album's title track was a commercial phenomenon, staying ten weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100; at the time, this tied the record set by Debby Boone's 1977 single " You Light Up My Life". The song and its music video were controversial, having been banned or edited by several radio stations and television channels (such as MTV) for its sexual references. The single was followed by " Make a Move on Me", another top worldwide hit. " Landslide", which failed to enter the majority of musical charts, had a music video featuring Newton-John's boyfriend (and later husband) Matt Lattanzi, to whom she had dedicated the album. A video compilation, Olivia Physical, was produced, featuring music videos of all songs from the album. The material was a commercial and critical success, and earned Newton-John a Grammy Award for Video of the Year.

The album was promoted with Newton-John's 1982 North American Physical Tour, performances from which a home video entitled Olivia in Concert was produced. The Physical era marked the height of Newton-John's solo career, gaining her wide acclaim as one of the most successful female artists of the early 1980s.

Usage examples of "physical".

Now fourteen, she had been abused by West and his wife for six years, regularly supplying him with sexual favors, and suffering physical abuse from his wife with equal regularity.

The Abies children would be turned over to their maternal grandparents following a nutritious meal, routine physical and psychological examinations, and subsequent individual questioning.

Kentucky might have been to accede to the proposition of General Polk, and which from his knowledge of the views of his own Government he was fully justified in offering, the State of Kentucky had no power, moral or physical, to prevent the United States Government from using her soil as best might suit its purposes in the war it was waging for the subjugation of the seceded States.

In order that astral events other than those manifesting acoustically may become accessible to our consciousness, our own astral being must become capable of vibrating in tune with them, just as if we were hearing them - that is, we must be able to rouse our astral forces to an activity similar to that of hearing, yet without any physical stimulus.

For all the processes essential to a physical acoustics are accessible to the eye and other senses.

I shall have to take for granted that you are acquainted with the physical conformation of a man.

If, after other strategies have failed, acquiescence is deemed to be the optimum response to protect life and reduce physical injury in a given situation, it is important that the victim be comfortable with such a choice and be aware that postassault guilt feelings will probably arise.

In regard to the physical aspects, in extreme cases acromegaly can produce a giant.

While the lack of physical adaptitude may be the occasion of much suffering and unhappiness in such unions, especially on the part of the wife, being even productive of most serious local disease, and sometimes of sterility, it is in childbirth that the greatest risk and suffering is incurred.

If you use an adjective to describe a physical attribute, make sure the phrase is not only accurate and sensory but fresh.

Coetzer liked Peter Reidinger, admired a lad who had overcome such a massive physical disadvantage.

But a simpler interpretation of the data suggests it to have been a purely physical effect caused by DDT particles adsorbing to the outside surfaces of the algae and cutting down the light supply.

Both also were almost physical carbon copies of their ageless mother except for higher-pitched voices and thicker lips.

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