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physical sciences

n. (physical science English)

Usage examples of "physical sciences".

Whether we grow specialized animals to serve us or develop household robots depends in part on the uneven race between the life sciences and the physical sciences.

Adrian Albert, dean of the division of physical sciences at the University of Chicago and an expert in linear algebra and number theory, followed him in 1961.

Maybe people untalented in getting along with others find a refuge in impersonal pursuits, particularly mathematics and the physical sciences.

From working essentially alone through most of the first twenty years of his research, supported by a few who, while receptive to his ideas and prepared to defend them, in the main tended not to be active contributors, he saw the emergence of a vigorous new generation of participating researchers from archeology, history, philosophy, as well as practically all of the physical sciences.

A dinner was being held that evening in honor of one of the original UNSA founders, who was retiring, at which Hunt was due to say some words of appreciation on behalf of the physical sciences side of the operation.

What looked like a vast, unbridgeable gulf between the life sciences and the physical sciences is shrinking so fast that it's turning out to be little more than a thin line scratched in the sand of the scientific desert.

Now, I'm not as versed in the physical sciences as I should be, but could any of our equipment have emitted a sound, possibly beyond our ability to hear, that could have driven them wild with pain or fury?