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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Oxime \Ox"ime\, n. (Chem.) One of a series of isonitroso derivatives obtained by the action of hydroxylamine on aldehydes or ketones.


n. (context organic chemistry English) Any of a class of organic compounds, of general formula RR'C=NOH, derived from the condensation of an aldehyde (R' = H) or ketone with hydroxylamine.


n. any compound containing the group -C=NOH


An oxime is a chemical compound belonging to the imines, with the general formula RR C= N O H, where R is an organic side-chain and R may be hydrogen, forming an aldoxime, or another organic group, forming a ketoxime. O-substituted oximes form a closely related family of compounds. Amidoximes are oximes of amides with general structure RC(=NOH)(NRR').

Oximes are usually generated by the reaction of hydroxylamine and aldehydes or ketones. The term oxime dates back to the 19th century, a combination of the words oxygen and imine.