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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Attar \At"tar\, n. [Per. 'atar perfume, essence, Ar. 'itr, fr. 'atara to smell sweet. Cf. Otto.] A fragrant essential oil; esp., a volatile and highly fragrant essential oil obtained from the petals of roses.


n. (alternative form of attar English)


n. essential oil or perfume obtained from flowers [syn: attar, atar, athar]

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Óttar or Ottar may refer to:

  • Ottar, a Swedish king who appears in Beowulf as Ohthere
  • Óttar (mythology), in Norse mythology, the protégé of Freya, and the subject of the Lay of Hyndla
    • The dwarf Ótr is sometimes known as Óttarr
  • Ottar from Hålogaland, the Viking adventurer
  • Ottir Iarla (Earl Ottir), historical Norse-Gael of Waterford and probable settler of Cork
  • Jarl Ottar, earl of Götaland figuring in the Jomsvikinga Saga and in the Heimskringla
  • Óttarr svarti (Óttarr the Black), an 11th-century Icelandic court poet
  • Óttar of Dublin, 12th-century Norse-Gael king of Dublin


  • Ottar Brox (1932–), Norwegian politician for the Socialist Left Party
  • Ottar Dahl (1924–), Norwegian historian and historiographer
  • Ottar Fjærvoll (1914–1995), Norwegian politician from the Centre Party
  • Ottar Gjermundshaug (1925–1963), Norwegian skier who competed in the early 1950s
  • Ottar Grønvik (1916–2008), Norwegian philologist and runology scholar
  • Tor Ottar Karlsen (1950–), Norwegian politician for the Labour Party
  • Ottar Landfald (1919–), Norwegian politician for the Centre Party
Óttar (mythology)

In Norse Mythology, Óttar, also known as Óttar the Simple, is a protégé of the goddess Freyja. He appeared in Hyndluljóð (the Lay of Hyndla), a poem in the Poetic Edda. In this tale, Óttar is said to be very pious to the goddesses. He built a shrine of stones, a hörgr, and on it made many offerings to Freyja. The goddess answered his prayers and went on a journey to help him find his pedigree. Freyja disguised Óttar as her boar Hildisvini (the Battle-Swine) and brought him to the giantess Hyndla, a seeress. There, Freyja forced Hyndla to tell Óttar about his ancestors, as well as to give him a memory potion so that he would remember all that he was told.

It has been theorized that the framework of the poem was created for the 12th-century poet to produce a list of mythical heroes' names. The poem does not connect much to other poems in the Edda, and is often viewed as a semi-historical work. Viktor Rydberg theorized that Óttar is another spelling of the name Óðr.

Usage examples of "ottar".

Einarsson, captain in the hird of Ottar Thorkelsson, the Lawman of Norland.

There were also Vilmos, paramount of storm giants, Ottar, jarl of frost giants, and all the other Sons of Annam, the eternal monarchs born of Othea and destined to rule the races of giant-kind as long as Ostoria endured.

Fortunately, Clitoria and Ottar had a way with their broadswords and cut a nasty swath through the fiercely fanged teddy bears and the clawed giant plush animals - but it was only a matter of time before they stumbled across a mythical monster that was their match and more.

Ottar was in the bow, waving his paddle at them, and a few moments later he and his companions beached the skin boat and splashed ashore.

Unless he established his position unbreakably firm before Ottar thought to call Bela, he was trapped.