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The Collaborative International Dictionary

atar \atar\ n. 1. essential oil or perfume obtained from flowers.

Syn: attar, athar, ottar


n. (alternative spelling of attar English)


n. essential oil or perfume obtained from flowers [syn: attar, athar, ottar]


Atar ( Avestanātar) is the Zoroastrian concept of holy fire, sometimes described in abstract terms as "burning and unburning fire" or "visible and invisible fire" (Mirza, 1987:389).

In the Avestan language, ātar is an attribute of sources of heat and light, of which the nominative singular form is ātarš, source of Persianātaš (fire). It was once thought to be etymologically related to the Avestanāθrauuan / aθaurun ( Vedicatharvan), a type of priest, but that is now considered unlikely (Boyce, 2002:16). The ultimate etymology of ātar, previously unknown (Boyce, 2002:1), is now believed to be from the Indo-European *hehtr- 'fire'. This would make it related to the Latinater (black) and possibly a cognate of the Slavic vatra (fire).

In later Zoroastrianism, ātar (in middle Persian: ādar or ādur) is iconographically conflated with fire itself, which in middle Persian is ātaxsh, one of the primary objects of Zoroastrian symbolism.

Atar (disambiguation)

Atar is the Zoroastrian concept for "burning and unburning fire" and "visible and invisible fire".

Atar may also refer to:

  • Atar (name)
  • ATAR, an acronym for Australian Tertiary Admission Rank
  • Atar Department
  • Atar International Airport
  • Atar, Mauritania, a city in Africa
  • SNECMA Atar Volant
  • SNECMA Atar, a French jet engine
Atar (name)

Atar is both a given name and a surname. Notable people with the name include:

  • Atar Arad (born 1945), violist
  • Doron Ben-Atar (born 1957), historian and playwright
  • Eliran Atar (born 1987), footballer
  • Reuven Atar (born 1969), footballer

Usage examples of "atar".

The plane landed on a dusty, unmarked landing field in the desert, Atar barely visible on the dawn horizon.

While I was examining this, I began to sense the presence once more, and this time as it grew I became aware of a smell, a sweet perfume akin to Atar of Roses - a scented water my own Mina would often dab at her swan-pale neck.

Maybe not, for in the Etymologies, the plural form of atar is simply atari (entry ATA-).

Rudi, less than a mile from Atars and leading Yaro, had gone off in the direction of Cerro, on the edge of Havana, Yaro needing a doctor before he bled to death.

Mire, yo empecé a atar cabos la tarde que don Anglada y la señora Barcina me contaron la discusión que hubo en lo del Comendador la víspera de la primera muerte.

Paul's sleeping chamber looked over a deep abyss to the gentle arc of a footbridge constructed of crystal-stabilized gold and platinum, decorated by fire jewels from far Ccdon The bridge led to the galleries of the inner city across a pool and fountain filled with waterflowers with blood-red petals In another direction he could see the lower buildings of the government warren Within Paul s view also were coloss&I structures showing every extravagance of architecture a demented history could produce and a rapacious hand could seize terraces like mesas, squares as large as cities parks, premises, bits of cultured wilderness, a postern from most ancient Baghdad, a dome dreamed in mythical Damascus, an arch from the low gravity of Atar .