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The Collaborative International Dictionary

athar \athar\ n. 1. essential oil or perfume obtained from flowers.

Syn: attar, atar, ottar, otto


n. essential oil or perfume obtained from flowers [syn: attar, atar, ottar]


Athar may refer to:

  • Faisal Athar (born 1975), a Pakistani cricketer
  • Sohaib Athar, Pakistani computer scientist
  • Athar (Planescape), a faction of Sigil in the Planescape campaign setting

Usage examples of "athar".

That Hugh, an educated churchman, did not recognize the athar, the spectacle that shone now so brightly in the Dragon that it cast as much light as the quarter moon, appalled her.

Zillur Athar, a psychiatrist of Asian origin whose intelligence and critical sophistication shone through his sometimes halting English.

To test his premise, Athar started baiting Alley himself, asking him, for example, if he ever woke up around, say, 3:00 A.

She knew it was not sincerenot because of Hugh, but because of the letter, and the owl, and the athar, the strange new star shining in the heavens.