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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Attar \At"tar\, n. [Per. 'atar perfume, essence, Ar. 'itr, fr. 'atara to smell sweet. Cf. Otto.] A fragrant essential oil; esp., a volatile and highly fragrant essential oil obtained from the petals of roses.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1798, from Persian 'atar-gul "essence of roses," from 'atar "fragrance," from Arabic 'utur "perfumes, aromas."


n. 1 an essential oil extracted from flowers 2 a perfume made from this oil


n. essential oil or perfume obtained from flowers [syn: atar, athar, ottar]

Attar (god)

ʿAṯtar is an ancient Semitic deity whose role, name, and even gender varied by culture.

The name appears as Attar ( Aramaic), Athtar ( South Arabia), Astar ( Abyssinia), Ashtar ( Moab), Aṯtar ( Ugarit) and Ištar in Mesopotamia. In both genders, Aṯtar is identified with the planet Venus, the morning and evening star, in some manifestations of Semitic mythology. In Ugaritic mythology Aṯtar succeeds to the throne of the dead god Baal Hadad but proves inadequate. In semi-arid regions of western Asia he was sometimes worshipped as a rain god. In more southerly regions he is probably known as Dhu-Samani.

Attar was worshipped in Southern Arabia in pre-Islamic times. A god of war, he was often referred to as "He who is Bold in Battle". One of his symbols was the spear-point and the antelope was his sacred animal. He had power over Venus, the morning star, and was believed to provide humankind with water.

In ancient times, Arabia shared the gods of Mesopotamia, being so close to Babylon, except the genders and symbols of these deities were later swapped around. For instance, the sun god Shamash became the sun goddess Shams, and in southern Arabia Ishtar became the male storm god Athtar. Athtar was a god of the thunderstorm, dispensing natural irrigation in the form of rain. Athtar also represented fertility and water as essential to fertility. When representing water he stood not just for the act of raining itself, but rather for the useful flow of the water after the rain, in the wadi, the Arabian watercourse which is dry except in the rainy season.


Attar or Attoor may refer to:

Attar (syrup)

Attar (or qattar) is a type of sweet syrup used in the preparation of Middle Eastern desserts.

Category:Middle Eastern cuisine Category:Syrup

Attar (caste)

The Attar are a Muslim community and caste found in the state of Maharashtra in India. This community has no connection with the Attarwala of Gujarat, other than both communities at one time having been involved in the manufacture of ittars.

Attar (name)

Attar is both a given name and a surname with the original meaning of “perfumer” or “druggist”. Notable people with the name include:

  • Abbas Attar (born 1944), Iranian photographer and photojournalist known by the mononym Abbas
  • Attar of Nishapur (c.1142–c.1220), Persian Sufi poet
  • Attar Singh, Fijian trade unionist of Indian descent
  • Bachir Attar (born 1964), leader of Master Musicians of Jajouka
  • Chaim ibn Attar (1696–1743), Moroccan rabbi, Talmudist
  • Muḥammad al-ʿAṭṭār, (fl. early 20th century) Syrian Jurist
  • Muhammad Ilyas Attar Qadri (born 1950), Muslim scholar and spiritual leader
  • Muhammad Said al-Attar (born 1927), acting Prime Minister of Yemen for five months in 1994
  • Najah al-Attar (born 1933), current Vice President of Syria
  • Sibille Attar (born 1981), Swedish singer songwriter
  • Suad al-Attar (born 1942), renowned Iraqi painter
  • Zayn-e-Attar (died c.1403), Persian physician

Usage examples of "attar".

It bore both the rich aroma of leaves being burnt in the fall and the faint perfume of wildflowers ablow in the spring, but it also held a third attar which seemed to be the breath of the Wind itself which none could ever set name to.

Malloy crossed the threshold of The Aviary on waves of arctic cold and Attar of Roses.

Supposedly in her bridal tent, lounging in a silken gown among silken cushions with kohl on her eyelids, henna on her fingertips, attar of rose, jasmine, and orange blossom perfuming the air, Zohra instead was standing on the very top of the Tel, dressed in an old caftan and trousers that she had stolen from her father.

It takes five hundredweight of Rose petals to produce one drachm by weight of the finest Attar, which is preserved in small bottles made of rock crystal.

I dismounted, and delivering the reins of the good horse to Miss Pinfold, I took the Jew of Fez, even Hayim Ben Attar, by the hand, and went up to Mr.

The perfume of stephanotis and tea-roses, blended faintly with the all-pervading odour of latakia and Turkish attar.

Scents enriched the air: attars from Wellas, polished wood, cloth and leather, the exhalations of three thousand magnates and their ladies.

A case containing glazed ceramic representations of slimes next claimed his attention, then a perfume counter offering attars from the northern deserts.

We sell dried herbs and fresh ones, plus all sorts of herbal and floral attars and oils and mixed fragrances.

Over the next three attars we watched as his Reithrese army conquered Cenri- »!

There were nine altogether: essence of orange blossom, lime oil, attars of rose and clove, extracts of jasmine, bergamot and rosemary, musk tincture and storax balm, all quickly plucked down and set at the ready on the edge of the table.

Plus perfumed sealing waxes, stationery, lover’s ink scented with attar of roses, writing kits of Spanish leather, pen-holders of white sandelwood, caskets and chests of cedar-wood, pot-pourris and bowls of flower petals, brass incense holders, crystal flacons and cruses with stoppers of cut amber, scented gloves, handkerchiefs, sewing cushions filled with mace, and musk-sprinkled wallpaper that could fill a room with scent for more than a century.

What wafted from the interior of the tiny bottle, however, must have been somewhat stronger than attar of roses or essence of myrrh.

The stink of disease was gone, and in its placethough faintthe attar of roses hung in the air.

Biscop Constance blessed him and anointed him with oil blessed by the skopos herself and scented with attar of roses.