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n. 1 A unit of weight in the Ottoman Empire and certain successor states, equal to 400 dirhams. Variably equivalent to about

  1. 25 kilograms (

  2. 75 pounds). 2 A unit of volume in Egypt (and formerly Turkey) corresponding to about 1.2 litres.

  1. n. a Turkish unit of weight equal to about 2.75 pounds

  2. a Turkish liquid unit equal to 1.3 pints

  3. South American wood sorrel cultivated for its edible tubers [syn: oca, Oxalis tuberosa, Oxalis crenata]


Oka or OKA may refer to:

Oka (mass)

The oka, okka, or oke ( Ottoman Turkish اوقه) was an Ottoman measure of mass, equal to 400 dirhems (Ottoman drams). Its value varied, but it was standardized in the late empire as 1.2829 kilograms. 'Oka' is the most usual spelling today; 'oke' was the usual contemporary English spelling; 'okka' is the modern Turkish spelling, and is usually used in academic work about the Ottoman Empire.

In Turkey, the traditional unit is now called the eski okka 'old oka' or kara okka 'black okka'; the yeni okka 'new okka' is the kilogram.

In Greece, the oka (οκά, plural οκάδες) was standardized at 1.282 kg and remained in use until traditional units were abolished on March 31, 1959—the metric system had been adopted in 1876, but the older units remained in use. In Cyprus, the oka remained in use until the 1980s.

In Egypt, the monetary oka weighted 1.23536 kg. In Tripolitania, it weighed 1.2208 kg, equal to 2½ artals.

The oka was also used as a unit of volume. In Wallachia, it was 1.283 liters of liquid and 1.537 l of grain ( dry measure). In Greece, an oka of oil was 1.280 kg.

Oka (automobile)

VAZ-1111 Oka is a city car designed in the Soviet Union in the later part of the seventies by AvtoVAZ. It entered production in 1988 powered by a SOHC two-cylinder engine. While developed at AutoVAZ by a team led by Yuri Kuteev, no production models were built there. Instead, manufacturing was outsourced to SeAZ factory in Serpukhov and ZMA in Naberezhnye Chelny (formerly owned by Kamaz and now owned by SeverstalAvto). Massive plans were in place for a new plant in Yelabuga, but these failed to materialize. The car was also produced in Azerbaijan by the Gyandzha Auto Plant. The name comes from the Oka River in Russia upon which Serpukhov is situated.

Ōka (disambiguation)

Ōka, Ohka, or may refer to:

Ōka (surname)

Ōka, Ohka, , as a surname may refer to:

  • (born 1976), a Major League Baseball player

  • (born 1979), a Japanese professional wrestler

OKA (experiment)

OKA is a particle physics detector experiment at the U-70 accelerator in the Institute for High Energy Physics located in Protvino near Moscow ( Russia). OKA is specialized experiment with separated charge kaons beam.

Superconducting high radio-frequency separator produces a beam of charged kaons intensity (4 ÷ 6) · 10K for a cycle with momenta 12.5 and 18 GeV. Experimental complex includes the decay volume with veto system, the wide- aperture magnetic spectrometer consists of a set of proportional chambers, straw tubes, drift tubes and hodoscope, the Cherenkov counters for charged particle identification, the electromagnetic calorimeter known as GAMS-2000 detector, the total absorption hadron calorimeter and the muon counters.

The research program of the experiment has the following items:

  • Search for new physics beyond the Standard Model - the new (pseudo)scalar and tensor interactions in the weak leptonic and semi-leptonic decays of K-mesons and other deviations from the V – A theory.
  • Search the effects of direct CP-violation in the decays of K-mesons.
  • The study of hadron interactions – chiral perturbation theory, lattice QCD, dispersion sum rules and so on.
  • Hadron spectroscopy.
  • Coulomb processes in kaon-nucleon and pion-nucleon interactions.

The sensitivity of the OKA experiment will enable to observe decays with branching fractions of about 10.

Usage examples of "oka".

Trudeau enrolls in the detoxification program in Oka, Quebec, on Sunday, March 17, 1985.

The bucket was half full of ice, with a large bowl of oka, the Samoan version of ceviche, fish marinated in lime juice and served with coconut cream and hot peppers.

By the end of the third month, as she and Uri worked harder and harder and continued to make no progress, Oka had started having nightmares about what was going to happen.

Uri had followed in their footsteps and he was their beloved only son -- who could do no wrong, but had somehow been tricked by Oka into an unsuitable and unworthy marriage.

And yet those unorthodox paths usually took Oka where she needed to go.

They had done that pleading right in front of Oka, without the slightest hesitation.

He had followed the family tradition and become a linguist, he had always done them proud before, and now -- because of Oka -- he would be in disgrace.

The night before she and Uri were to return to Earth to face what waited for them there, Oka was simply numb.

A senator leaned forward and opened his mouth to speak, but Oka raised her hand to stop him.

Cherokee raced down Kali Oka Road, tires screaming on the narrow black asphalt each time the car rounded a curve.

Chapman, Kali Oka Road looked and sounded like some out-of-control block party.

Kali Oka Road, rising and falling across the darkened landscape in response to her shouts.

More screams followed, both male and female, as fear took firm root along Kali Oka Road.

He had been left an orphan at nine years old: his father and mother were drowned when they were being ferried across the Oka in the spring floods.

I went to the Oka, found his house, though it was really not a house but simply a hovel.