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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Oca \O"ca\, n. [Sp.] (Bot.) A Peruvian name for certain species of Oxalis ( Oxalis crenata, and Oxalis tuberosa) which bear edible tubers.


n. A Peruvian name for certain species of Oxalis ((taxlink Oxalis crenata species noshow=1), and (taxlink Oxalis tuberosa species noshow=1)) which bear edible tubers.


n. South American wood sorrel cultivated for its edible tubers [syn: oka, Oxalis tuberosa, Oxalis crenata]


OCA or Oca may refer to:

Oca (disambiguation)
Oca (river)

The Oca river is a short river, about long, in the north of Spain. It is an affluent of the Ebro river that flows through the province of Burgos. It begins in the Sistema Ibérico range and flows north through the municipalities of Rábanos, Villafranca Montes de Oca, Valle de Oca, Alcocero de Mola, Prádanos de Bureba, Briviesca, Vileña, the shire of Bureba and Oña.

The Oca River rises in the comarca of Montes de Oca, near the town of Rábanos. Near its source, the river passes through the narrow, rock-lined gorge of La Hoz. This passage, long and high, was of great strategic value in the 11th century and was defended by the castle of Alba.

Oca (bishopric)

Oca is a former Ancient city and bishopric in present Anatolia (Asiatic Turkey), restored as a Latin titular see. It is in Biga district of Çanakkale Province.

Usage examples of "oca".

If Paul had only been content to be their namesake, their philosopher, who had set them all the conscientious young men and women of the Adelbom who had formed the Oca Front six years agoon the road to cleansing and reawakening the human spirit.

I dok se sve drugo vrtelo oko njega i bez reda i bez smisla i zbrkano, te njegove misli na oca nalazile su ga na obroncima brda, pred vidnim, proletnjim predelima, kao i ovde nad gradskim krovovima, pa su sve dovodile u red, rasporedile, smirile.

The dinner had been endless, course after course of local fare: roasted guinea pig, bean stew with bits of parrot meat, a salad made of spinachlike amaranth leaves chopped with a type of native carrot called arracacha, and herbed pies made from oca, a relative of the sweet potato.