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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Meson \Mes"on\, n. [NL., fr. Gr. me`son middle, neut. of me`sos, a., middle.]

  1. (Anat.) The mesial plane dividing the body of an animal into similar right and left halves. The line in which it meets the dorsal surface has been called the dorsimeson, and the corresponding ventral edge the ventrimeson.
    --B. G. Wilder.

  2. (Physics) An elementary particle made up of two quarks; a hadron having a baryon number of zero; any hadron other than a baryon. Mesons are bosons with integral values of spin, having a mass intermediate between those of the electron and a nucleon; they may have positive or negative charges, or may be neutral. Mesons are of three types: the pion ([pi]-meson), kaon (K-mesons), and [eta]-mesons.

    mu meson (Physics) the former name for the muon, a particle which is not a true meson[2]. The term is no longer used in technical literature, except historically.


n. (context particle English) any of four unstable subatomic particles, mesons, they are a combination of a strange quark or antiquark and either an up or down quark or antiquark


n. an unstable meson produced as the result of a high-energy particle collision [syn: kappa-meson, k-meson, K particle]


KAON (Karlsruhe ontology) is an ontology infrastructure developed by the University of Karlsruhe and the Research Center for Information Technologies in Karlsruhe. Its first incarnation was developed in 2002 and supported an enhanced version of RDF ontologies. Several tools like the graphical ontology editor OIModeler or the KAON Server were based on KAON.

There are ontology learning companion tools which take non-annotated natural language text as input: TextToOnto (KAON-based) and Text2Onto (KAON2-based). Text2Onto is based on the Probabilistic Ontology Model (POM).

In 2005, the first version of KAON2 was released, offering fast reasoning support for OWL ontologies. KAON2 is not backward-compatible with KAON. KAON2 is developed as a joint effort of the Information Process Engineering (IPE) at the Research Center for Information Technologies (FZI), the Institute of Applied Informatics and Formal Description Methods (AIFB) at the University of Karlsruhe, and the Information Management Group (IMG) at the University of Manchester.

KAON, TextToOnto, and Text2Onto are open source, based on Java. KAON2 is not open source, but the executable can be downloaded from the KAON2 site.

Kaon (disambiguation)

Kaon may refer to:

  • Kaon, a subatomic particle
  • KAON, an ontology infrastructure
  • Kaon Interactive, a video game developer of Terra (computer game)
  • Kaon, a character in the Japanese manga Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora
  • Kaón, former name of a mountain from Denia, Spain, now called Montgo
  • Kōan, a Zen Kōan
  • Kaon, A city on Cybertron in Transformers Prime, where Megatron began his reign as a Decepticon and made his capitol

Usage examples of "kaon".

Damage control robots swarmed like spidery hands, weird shadows against the flames, and Hazzard caught the acrid stink of burning insulation and fire-smothering kaon gas.

Then, picturing the greatest city he had ever known, Megatron changed his new environment into a replica of Kaon, the Decepticon power base and home city.

Secluded in his castle on Kaon, Dooku had just spoken with the general and was pondering how best to handle the situation.

But if the electrons were converted to kaons, they could all occupy the lowest energy level, putting up much less resistance, and making the collapse of a smaller star into a black hole theoretically possible.

It in fact should rebound at some point, with the kaons spontaneously reconverting to electrons.

At that point, neutrinos should again be able to escape—at least until the process reverses, and the electrons turn back into kaons again.