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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
Oftentimes, these products are out of date almost as soon as they come on the market.
▪ In the workplace, for example, there oftentimes are no accommodations for people who have the responsibilities of parenthood.
▪ Like climbers and fell-walkers, they frequently attract animosity, oftentimes from locals in the areas they use for their sport.
▪ The most unfortunate, the most destructive, and oftentimes the most stubbornly-fought conflicts are those of an intra-provincial or civil character.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Oftentimes \Of"ten*times`\, adv. [Often + time. Cf. -wards.] Frequently; often; many times.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

extended form of often, attested from early 15c.


adv. 1 frequently 2 repeatedly


adv. many times at short intervals; "we often met over a cup of coffee" [syn: frequently, often, oft, ofttimes] [ant: rarely, infrequently]

Usage examples of "oftentimes".

An aphorism is merely a small group of words arranged in a certain order because they sound good that way, but oftentimes people tend to say them as if they were saying something very mysterious and wise.

It did not strike him that it was generally either a platitude or an excuse for weakness, and that a nobler duty is to find out what is inevitable and what is not, to declare boldly that what the world oftentimes affirms to be inevitable is really evitable, and heroically to set about making it so.

And whenever the French have been given a musical art of their own, whenever a composer comparable to the Goujons and Montaignes, the Renoirs and the Baudelaires has made his appearance among them, they generally have been swift to turn from him and to prefer to him not only foreigners, which would not necessarily be bad, but oftentimes the least respectable of musicians.

Calabria, who oftentimes brings into the port excellent liquors of his country, and who would pass a cask of the red lachryma christi through the Broglio itself, and not a noble of them all should see it.

I am heartily ashamed, and angry oftentimes, that the princes of Christendom should suffer a barbarian to transcend them in so high a point of felicity.

I love measure in the feet, and number in the voice: they are gentlenesses, that oftentimes draw no less than the face.

And soone when thou goest to sleepe, and when shee bringeth you gently into thy chamber, and tenderly layeth thee downe in thy bed, and lovingly covereth thee, and kisseth thee sweetly, and departeth unwillingly, and casteth her eyes oftentimes backe, and stands still, then hast thou a good occasion ministred to thee to prove and try the mind of Fotis.

Now shal you know all the estate of our house, now shal you know the hidden secrets of my mistres, unto whome the powers of hel do obey, and by whom the celestial planets are troubled, the gods made weake, and the elements subdued, neither is the violence of her art in more strength and force, than when she espieth some comly young man that pleaseth her fancie, as oftentimes it hapneth, for now she loveth one Boetian a fair and beautiful person, on whom she employes al her sorcerie and enchantment, and I heard her say with mine own ears yester night, that if the Sun had not then presently gon downe, and the night come to minister convenient time to worke her magicall enticements, she would have brought perpetuall darkness over all the world her selfe.

When I saw that I was so cruelly handled, she gave me occasion to learne her conversation and life, for I saw oftentimes a yong man which would privily goe into her chamber whose face I did greatly desire to see, but I could not by reason mine eyes were covered every day.

Inexhaustible were the treasures of the memory and the fantasy of this old woman, who oftentimes, in slumber, appeared to the boy-- now like the witch of the fairy-tales--only a kind and amiable old witch--now like the beautiful, all-wise Vasilisa.

While Foma, knowing that human souls, soaring heavenward, oftentimes assume the form of pigeons, felt in his breast the rising of a burning, powerful desire.

He oftentimes therefore eats as much as he can stuff into his body when he is blessed with plenty, so as to be the better able to withstand the attacks of hunger that may possibly be in store for him.

But oftentimes the trappers had to go forth with the gun in one hand and their traps in the other, while they kept a sharp look-out on the bushes to guard against surprise.

He knew that many tribes stole women, but oftentimes these women were seen again.

Ydeni aware that he was being followed, though oftentimes he was plainly visible to the ape-man.