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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Lawyers, on the other hand, often call for changing even settled practice in midgame.
▪ She's got an ear for birding and often calls them to her.
▪ This type of exchange is often called by anthropologists gift exchange.
▪ Memory for motor skills is often called procedural memory.
▪ The temporary molars, or caps as they are often called, usually present no problems and are relatively soft.
▪ Stuffed hard-boiled eggs, most often called deviled eggs, can be spicy, plain or very exotic.
▪ The kind of associative learning shown by rats and pigeons in these experiments is often called conditioning.
▪ When I write of consciousness I shall mean what is often called self-consciousness, rather than awareness of sensations or perceptions.
▪ Parents often feel helpless, knowing that all the cuddles in the world won't stop the tears.
▪ I often felt more inspired writing in a tearoom than in the newsroom.
▪ Scene tumbles upon scene, without any sense of the disjuncture one so often feels in lesser writers.
▪ Although I often feel bad because of Roy, I tell myself I can handle it.
▪ I have not often coldness with you, sweet heart; yet I often feel that you teach me to love you.
▪ People in despair very often feel that there are only two roads open to them in life.
▪ Of course that is a word that I often feel evades the issue.
▪ Though she hates confrontation, she often feels she must speak out.
▪ The drop-out rate is far lower, and patients often find it more acceptable.
▪ Sometimes the brawls erupted in public; the future candidate often found himself in the back of a patrol car.
▪ He believes that a writer will often find himself through exposure to some other writer.
▪ These pretty little fish are quite often found in empty conch shells.
▪ We have often found people will nod and agree to the principles but never put them into practice.
▪ The band often finds a radio-ravaged fan after a show who expresses surprise and delight in the retro sound.
▪ She quite often found herself thinking Alix's thoughts.
▪ And if we do not have the right drugs for a particular adjustment, research on orthodox lines will often find one.
▪ History dominates this issue, and what is fascinating is the way themes so often seem to connect up.
▪ In fact, the gene-altered products often seem little different from ordinary varieties when lined up on store shelves.
▪ Either way, the free sections often seem to outstay their welcome.
▪ But who was counting when the performances often seemed to transcend national borders?
▪ In such circumstances education becomes much more than the dead-end routine it so often seems in the industrialized world.
▪ Pregnancy often seems unreal, and something which will not happen to them.
▪ The Black Dog are at the forefront of a pack which often seems to have no desire to come out of the woodwork.
▪ No, Minter was motivated more by the unreasoning malice which individual achievement seemed often to inspire in others.
▪ They are increasingly sophisticated machines, often using high quality aluminium and titanium alloys, spin offs from the aerospace industry.
▪ These high-dividend stocks are often used as an alternative to bonds.
▪ Companies often use details of education to plot out salary curves and promotion prospects.
▪ The garden was often used by the target for a short relaxing walk.
▪ Dark green arugula, often used as a stand-alone salad green, has a peppery and slightly bitter flavor.
▪ Yellow ochre is a colour I often use for both undercoats and overpainting, having a good semi-transparent quality.
▪ But while making these treats, questions about ingredients, substitutions or the best pan to use often crop up.
do sth once too often
▪ The kids rang Brant's doorbell once too often, and he reported them to the police.
▪ But not Luke Denner - he's humiliated me once too often!
▪ He'd said it once too often, and this time she'd taken him at his word.
▪ He got into trouble once too often and wound up in continuation school.
▪ I can only assume she tried once too often to enter the nest, as the female died during the night.
▪ It had failed him in a crisis and that was once too often.
▪ Maybe she just turned him down once too often.
▪ One of these people had looked in my direction once too often, passed by once again just a little too slowly.
▪ Until, that is, it lived up to its original name once too often!
▪ "Have you ever been to the China Moon Café?" "Yes -- we go there quite often."
▪ Dad wasn't often angry so I knew something terrible must have happened.
▪ I often see her walking past with the children on the way to school.
▪ I have a cell phone, but I don't use it very often.
▪ It's not often I get the chance to go to the movies.
▪ It's not often that you see a grass snake these days -- they've become quite rare.
▪ Rosi often works till 7 or 8 o'clock in the evening.
▪ The information is all there, but it's often difficult to find it.
▪ Book publishers have created Internet sites before, but they often are heavily promotional, resembling order catalogs.
▪ He often got me out of bed, late on an evening, to run an errand.
▪ I often caught myself staring into a mirror, wondering who that was staring back.
▪ In modern mills, grain is stored in silos which are often separate from the mill and near to a bulk intake point.
▪ Institutions often have their own expectations, and provided all are agreed within an institution the teacher may draw on them.
▪ Investors often repurchase those shares during the first few days of the new year.
▪ The veins are often only a metre or two wide.
▪ They serve this function probably more often than the one they were created for.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Often \Of"ten\ ([o^]f"'n; 115), adv. [Compar. Oftener ([o^]f"'n*[~e]r); superl. Oftenest.] [Formerly also ofte, fr. oft. See Oft., adv.] Frequently; many times; not seldom.


Often \Of"ten\, a. Frequent; common; repeated. [R.] ``Thine often infirmities.''
--1 Tim. v. 23.

And weary thee with often welcomes.
--Beau. & Fl.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, extended form of oft, originally before vowels and h-, probably by influence of Middle English selden "seldom." In common use from 16c., replacing oft.


adv. frequently, many times.

  1. adv. many times at short intervals; "we often met over a cup of coffee" [syn: frequently, oftentimes, oft, ofttimes] [ant: rarely, infrequently]

  2. frequently or in great quantities; "I don't drink much"; "I don't travel much" [syn: much, a great deal]


"Often" is a song by Canadian singer The Weeknd. The track was released on July 31, 2014 as a lead single from his second studio album, Beauty Behind the Madness (2015). The song reached number 59 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number 69 on the Canadian Hot 100. The song samples the song "Ben Sana Vurgunum" sung by the Turkish singer Nükhet Duru.

Usage examples of "often".

She often returned home pale and silent, having reached the uttermost depths of human abomination, and never daring to say all.

A period of wandering as a nomad, often as undertaken by Aborigines who feel the need to leave the place where they are in contact with white society, and return for spiritul replenishment to their traditional way of life.

A bruise may be distinguished from a post-mortem stain by the cuticle in the former often being abraded and raised.

She lived such an athletic life that she often had abrasions and cuts where a surfboard had clipped her.

At night he has my watch, passport, and half my money, and I often wonder what would become of me if he absconded before morning.

Often, the leaders and practitioners of absolutist religions were unable to perceive any middle ground or recognize that the truth might draw upon and embrace apparently contradictory doctrines.

Often trauma victims are too concerned with finding their family, surviving, grieving deaths, getting away from their abuser, etc.

Abuse victims, we often read, continue the cycle by becoming abusers themselves.

As often as the condition of her face permits, Ace thought as he followed Ben inside.

He had known almost from the time he left her that he would never truly be able to forget Holly, and after less than six months away from her he had ached so intensely for her that he had often woken up in the night with his face wet with tears and the echoes of her name still resounding through his mind as he called despairingly for her.

Kuhl, that retarded people often resist acknowledging their limitations?

To spare him this annoyance I used often to acquaint them beforehand of what had been granted or refused, and what had been the decision of the First Consul.

Malipiero would often inquire from me what advantages were accruing to me from the welcome I received at the hands of the respectable ladies I had become acquainted with at his house, taking care to tell me, before I could have time to answer, that they were all endowed with the greatest virtue, and that I would give everybody a bad opinion of myself, if I ever breathed one word of disparagement to the high reputation they all enjoyed.

Her questions to the oracle alluded only to secret affairs which she was curious to know, and she often found truths with which I was not myself acquainted, through the answers.

There were numerous longer forms of the acronym that indicated the general or specific reason for the restriction, but the simple version often was used as shorthand.