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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ The same is true of the earlier period, but with important differences which are oft en disregarded.
▪ an oft-quoted author
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Oft \Oft\ ([o^]ft; 115), adv. [AS. oft; akin to OS. & G. oft, OHG. ofto, Sw. ofta, Dan. ofte, Icel. opt, Goth. ufta; of uncertain origin. Cf. Often.] Often; frequently; not rarely; many times. [Poetic]

Oft she rejects, but never once offends.


Oft \Oft\, a. Frequent; often; repeated. [Poetic]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English oft "often, frequently," from Proto-Germanic *ofta- "frequently" (cognates: Old Frisian ofta, Danish ofte, Old High German ofto, German oft, Old Norse opt, Gothic ufta "often"), of unknown origin. Archaic except in compounds (such as oft-told), and replaced by its derivative often.


adv. (context chiefly poetic dialectal and in combination English) often; frequently; not rarely; many times.


adv. many times at short intervals; "we often met over a cup of coffee" [syn: frequently, often, oftentimes, ofttimes] [ant: rarely, infrequently]


OFT may refer to:

  • Isle of Man Office of Fair Trading
  • Office of Fair Trading, United Kingdom
  • Office for Fair Trading (Malta)
  • Office of Force Transformation, an office of the United States Department of Defense Office, 2001–2006
  • Ontario Food Terminal, a produce distribution centre for in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • An abbreviation for Optimal foraging theory, a theory that organisms forage so as to maximize their net energy intake per unit time
  • Ordnance Factory Tiruchirappalli, a defense company based in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu
  • .oft is the file extension for a Microsoft Outlook Item Template
  • Oft is an English word used sometimes in a literary context, synonymous with "often".

Usage examples of "oft".

He groaneth oft, and sighs amain, Poor soul is he In verity, And for his freedom sighs in vain.

Ich kann mein Gefuehl nur zuweilen nicht finden, weil ich oft sehr muede vom Leiden bin und vom Ringen mit jener Aufgabe, welche mein Selbst mir stellt.

Es ist andererseits keine leichte Aufgabe, sich in der Menge des Materials und in dem oft krausen Stil und abrupten Gedankengang zurechtzufinden.

I gained what I have gained, and with them dwell Copartner in these regions of the World, If not disposer--lend them oft my aid, oft my advice by presages and signs, And answers, oracles, portents, and dreams, Whereby they may direct their future life.

Fourier weiter, so wirkten oft drei und vier Ursachen zusammen, um Krisen zu erzeugen, und was die verschiedenen Charaktere der Bankerotte betreffe, so habe er eine Liste von zweiundsiebenzig verschiedenen Arten aufgestellt.

For there how oft would I lose all delight In the pursuit, the triumph, or the game, To stray alone among the shadowy glades, And gaze, as one who is not satisfied With gazing, at the large, bright, breathing sea, The forest glooms, and shifting gleams between The fine dark fringes of the fadeless trees, On gold-green turf, sweet-brier, and wild pink rose!

Some grummel at times when they might do withaat it, An oft withaat reason complain.

Sie bebt, sie wankt, so oft ein Hauch aus seinem Munde Den Fluch in ihre Sphaeren weht.

Father Benjamin had a most instructive jirk with his arm, and frequently used arguments so forcible when pointing out my faults, that many a time and oft has he brought tears into my eyes: Then I generally felt so penitent, and so low, that I was obliged to steal his brandy-bottle in order to recover my spirits.

Oft on his altar shall my firstlings bleed, See, by his bounty here with rustic reed I play the airs I love the livelong day, The while my oxen round about me stray.

Noch oft soll manches Jahr so traurig von uns fliegen, Noch oft, zu unserm Glueck.

But the women whose company I have oft sought require sustenance just as needily as any do, and that is what I have paid for.

Here, with the wind in lovely locks laid bare, With arms oft raised in dedicative prayer, Lost in mute rapture and adoring wonder, He stood, till the far noise of noontide thunder, Rolled down upon the muffled harmonies Of wind and waterfall and whispering trees, Made loneliness more lone.

Certainly some limitation on the part of the fish seems to operate in favour of the osprey, otherwise the clumsy fisher would oft go hungry.

And I have held converse with birds and fishes in their degree, and that generation which creepeth on the earth is not held in scorn by me, but oft talk I in sweet companionship with the eft of the pond, and the glowworm, and the lady-bird, and the pismire, and their kind, making them my little gossips.