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a. (context film TV English) Of or pertaining to film noir, or the atmosphere associated with that genre n. (context film and TV English) A production in the style of film noir

Noir (anime)

is a 26-episode Japanese anime television series produced in 2001 by the Bee Train animation studio. Kōichi Mashimo directed Noir; it was written by Ryoe Tsukimura, and the soundtrack was composed by Yuki Kajiura. The DVD version was released by ADV Films in North America and the United Kingdom and by Madman Entertainment in Australia and New Zealand.

The series follows the story of two young female assassins who embark together on a personal journey to seek answers about mysteries from their past. While they seem to be only vaguely related to each other at first, there are clues and hints given throughout the series that there is more than what meets their eyes. During the course of the series, they are lured into more and more traps by a secret organization named Les Soldats ("The Soldiers" in French).

Noir was followed by two spiritual successors, Madlax and El Cazador de la Bruja. Together, these series constitute a trilogy exploring the " girls-with-guns" genre.

Noir (novel)

Noir is a science fiction novel by K. W. Jeter, published in 1998. It uses the conventions of film noir – the alienated, doomed hero, the cynical private detective, the femme fatale, universal corruption and moral breakdown – to portray a dystopian vision of capitalism run riot.

Even the monochrome visual style of film noir is a factor in Noir, as the hero has had his eyes specially treated to show the world as a black-and-white movie, altering his perception of people and objects around him so they fit into the aesthetic. The hero is a detective named McNihil who is hired by corporate executives ostensibly to investigate the death of one of their colleagues.

The book is set in the Pacific Fringe – the only remaining industrialised part of the world – in a society where free market capitalism holds absolute sway. Even the dead, including the hero's wife, can be brought back to life as slave labour if they fail to meet their financial obligations. The internet has evolved radically so that emails can be seen fluttering around the recipient and pestering for attention, while strange online sexual experiences can be had through electronic surrogates called prowlers.


Noir (or noire) is the French word for black. It may also refer to:

Noir (Callisto album)

Noir is the second full-length album by the Finnish post-metal band Callisto.

The record has had many problems and delays with its release. It was released in Finland by Fullsteam Records on time in May 2006; however, worldwide release was not available until mid-February 2007 when the album was released in Belgium, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Luxembourg, and Sweden. Earache Records had not gained distribution rights as it did with True Nature Unfolds to release the album in North America. However, since July 2009, the album has been made available on iTunes.

Noir (William Control album)

Noir is the second studio album by William Control.

Thus far, "I'm Only Human Sometimes" is the first and only single released to promote the album. It also spawned a music video.
The single's album artwork caused a small controversy when online music retailer, iTunes, rejected the cover claiming it was "unsuitable for minors".
Fans who pre-ordered the album received a pair of unisex briefs branded with the William Control logo.

Noir (fashion)

Noir is a Danish luxury fashion brand founded by designer Peter Ingwersen.

Noir (Blue Sky Black Death album)

Noir is a studio album by American instrumental hip hop duo Blue Sky Black Death. It was released on Fake Four Inc. in 2011. The album features contributions from Raised by Wolves, Alexander Chen of Boy in Static, Rob Harris, and Shaprece Renee.

Noir (surname)

The surname Noir (literally meaning "black" in French) may refer to:

  • Jim Noir (born 1982), English singer-songwriter
  • Ricardo Noir (born 1987), Boca Juniors football player
Noir (film)

Noir is a Canadian drama film, directed by Yves Christian Fournier and released in 2015.

An ensemble cast film set primarily in the impoverished Montreal North area, the film focuses on a variety of interconnected storylines. Characters include Dickens (Kémy St-Eloi) and Bobby (Clauter Alexandre), two Haitian Canadian brothers involved in the gang lifestyle; Kadhafi ( Salim Kechiouche), an Algerian immigrant who works in a dry cleaning shop with Jean-Jacques ( Benz Antoine) and dreams of becoming a hip hop star; and Suzie (Jade-Mariuka Robitaille), a stripper in a relationship with drug dealer Evans (Christopher Charles) while simultaneously connected in an ambiguous way to Phil ( Patrick Hivon).

Kechiouche garnered a Jutra Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor at the 18th Jutra Awards.

Usage examples of "noir".

What else would Lily Bede collect but his bete noir, the one remaining tie to the asthma that had molded and cursed his earliest years?

Noir, a man of a certain age and of a simple appearance, begged the company to remain seated.

I had made spaghetti carbonara, and we ate in the moonlight on the deck with a bottle of pi not noir.

Une robe noire, une ceinture de cuir noir, une coiffe blanche a fond plisse?

Noir told me that your niece was the daughter of a councillor, and I did not imagine that you would sanction her marrying beneath her.

Derriere le cercueil, au poele blanc dont les cordons etaient tenus par quatre petits garcons, raidement habilles de gros drap noir, le pere et la mere se tenaient par le bras.

Noir spoke Italian very well, Tiretta left the table, and we sat down all four of us by the fire, where my fresh conquest had an opportunity of shewing her wit.

Noir had not come in just then, she would have had a bad time of it, as my stick was already in my hand.

Les nains noirs, poulpiquets et korrigans, qui, le soir, des que la corne du berger a rappele le troupeau aux etables, dansent au clair de lune et forcent le voyageur a entrer dans leur ronde, habitent ce palais farouche.

As Marah Rocke looked after him, she also saw with alarm that Colonel Le Noir had mounted his horse and galloped off in the direction of Staunton, as if impelled by the most urgent haste.

Colonel Le Noir was to remain trustee of the property, with directions from the court immediately to pay the legacies left by the late Doctor Day to Marah Rocke and Traverse Rocke, and also to pay to Clara Day, in quarterly instalments, from the revenue of her property, an annual sum of money sufficient for her support.

Gabriel Le Noir, in hatred as well as in shame, had forborne until now to make the explanation, which he hoped might now, late in life as it was, bring the long-severed pair together, and establish Marah Rocke and her son in their legal and social rights.

Les meubles de ce cabinet consistaient en trois chaises de cuir noir et une table couverte de titres et de parchemins.

Noir said nothing of all this, it was easy to see that in his own way he admired her perfections no less than I.

Flamme-de-Gloire was not easy to spot, with several decoy dragons of similar coloring shifting about: a pair of Papillon Noirs with yellow markings painted over their natural blue and green stripes to make them confusingly alike from a distance.