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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Coppola was also the director of "The Godfather" trilogy.
▪ A fantasy trilogy, that's what you said.
▪ Eno describes David's first adventure into the world of cybernetics and the making of their trilogy of albums.
▪ I think a writer who's as much in love with words as you are has a trilogy in him.
▪ In fact, the dance-opera is the last of what he thinks of as a Cocteau trilogy.
▪ Language and the nature of narrative imagination thus become central subjects of the trilogy.
▪ Say a trilogy about magic, the power of words.
▪ The trilogy will include previously unreleased footage as well as new visual effects and an enhanced soundtrack.
▪ The other two works in the Volkogonov trilogy, on Lenin and Trotsky were later published by HarperCollins.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Trilogy \Tril"o*gy\, n. [Gr. trilogi`a; pref. tri- (see Tri-) + lo`gos speech, discourse: cf. F. trilogie.] A series of three dramas which, although each of them is in one sense complete, have a close mutual relation, and form one historical and poetical picture. Shakespeare's `` Henry VI.'' is an example.

On the Greek stage, a drama, or acted story, consisted in reality of three dramas, called together a trilogy, and performed consecutively in the course of one day.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

series of three related works, 1660s, from Greek trilogia "series of three related tragedies performed at Athens at the festival of Dionysus," from tri- "three" (see three) + logos "story" (see logos).


n. A set of three works of art that are connected, and that can be seen either as a single work or as three individual works. They are commonly found in literature, film, or video games.


n. a set of three literary or dramatic works related in subject or theme


A trilogy (from Greek τρι- tri-, "three" and -λογία -logia, "discourse") is a set of three works of art that are connected, and that can be seen either as a single work or as three individual works. They are commonly found in literature, film, or video games. Three-part works that are considered components of a larger work also exist, such as the triptych or the three-movement sonata, but they are not commonly referred to with the term "trilogy."

Most trilogies are works of fiction involving the same characters or setting, such as The Deptford Trilogy of novels by Robertson Davies and The Apu Trilogy of films by Satyajit Ray. Others are connected only by theme: for example, each film of Krzysztof Kieślowski's Three Colors trilogy explores one of the political ideals of the French Republic ( liberty, equality, fraternity) and each novel in Paul Auster's The New York Trilogy uses formats from detective fiction to explore existential questions. Trilogies can also be connected in less obvious ways, such as The Nova Trilogy of novels by William S. Burroughs, each written using cut-up technique.

The term is less often applied to music, such as the Berlin Trilogy of David Bowie, linked together by their musical sound and lyrical themes, and that part of them was recorded in Berlin, Germany. Also in music, Adele has been quoted as saying that she "believes in trilogies", when asked if her fourth studio album will be titled after her age at the time of its writing. She considers her first three albums, 19, 21 (Adele album), and 25 (Adele album), part of a trilogy and will not name her fourth album accordingly.

Trilogies — and series in general — are common in science fiction and fantasy.

The term is less often applied outside of art. One example is the "Marshall trilogy", a common term for three rulings written by U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall, from 1823 to 1832, concerning the legal status of Native Americans under U.S. law.

Trilogy (Yngwie Malmsteen album)

Trilogy is the third studio album by guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen, released on 4 November 1986 through Polydor Records. The album reached No. 44 on the US Billboard 200 and charted within the top 60 in the Netherlands and Sweden. In the liner notes, Malmsteen dedicates the album to the memory of the late Swedish prime minister Olof Palme, who was assassinated on 28 February 1986.

Trilogy (disambiguation)

A trilogy is a set of three dramatic or literary works. Trilogy may also refer to:

Trilogy (Enigma album)

Trilogy is a box set by the German musical project Enigma. This set includes the first three studio albums by Enigma, MCMXC a.D., The Cross of Changes, and Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi!, which comprises their artistic output from 1990–1996.

Trilogy (film)

Trilogy (also released as Truman Capote's Trilogy) is a 1969 American drama film directed by Frank Perry. It was listed to compete at the 1968 Cannes Film Festival, but the festival was cancelled due to the events of May 1968 in France.

Trilogy (Faderhead album)

Trilogy is Faderhead's first compilation album released in February, 2010. A 'Best of' album made from the first 3 albums. It also features Exit Ghost, the video version of Dirtygrrrls/Dirtybois featuring Ultimate MC and remixed tracks from FH1.

Trilogy (Chick Corea album)

Trilogy is a 2013 live album by Chick Corea and his trio, featuring Corea on piano with Christian McBride on double bass and Brian Blade on drums. The three-disc album was recorded live in Washington, D.C. and Oakland, California, and in Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Turkey, and Japan. In the Billboard Jazz albums charts 2014 the album peaked number 9.

Trilogy (Emerson, Lake & Palmer album)

Trilogy is the third studio album by the English progressive rock band Emerson, Lake & Palmer, released in 1972. The front cover designed by Hipgnosis depicts Emerson, Lake, and Palmer attached at the shoulders, while the interior of the original gatefold sleeve features a photomontage showing multiple images of the band in Epping Forest carpeted with autumn leaves.

Trilogy increased ELP's worldwide popularity, and included "Hoedown", an arrangement of the Aaron Copland composition, which was one of their most popular songs when performing live.

References to a quad version of this album appeared in 1974 Harrison or Schwann record & tape guides, listing Trilogy in the Quadraphonic 8-track tape cartridge format. Collectors report never seeing a Trilogy Q8 at retail, despite its having a catalog number "Cotillion QT-9903."

Lake has said this is his favourite ELP record.

Trilogy (company)

Trilogy is a software company based in Austin, Texas. It specializes in software services to Global 1000 companies, especially in the automotive, consumer electronics, and insurance agencies. It was founded by Stanford dropout Joe Liemandt. Trilogy has additional offices in Bangalore and Hangzhou. Its clients include Ford Motor Company, Daimler-Chrysler, Nissan, Goodyear, Prudential, Travelers Insurance, Gateway and IBM.

Trilogy was featured in the October 1998 Rolling Stone article "Wooing the Geeks". Trilogy is notable for its Trilogy University program, which was the topic of the April 2001 Harvard Business Review article "No Ordinary Boot Camp."

Trilogy (ATB album)

Trilogy is the sixth studio album by German artist ATB. It is released in two versions, a limited and normal version. It was released in Europe on 27 April 2007 and in the U.S. on 22 May 2007.

This album was made with a similar concept as ATB's second album, Two Worlds (2000), which is a two-disc album based upon different types of music for different moods. The first CD featured mainly up-tempo songs, while the second CD provided ambient and down-tempo songs.

The normal version of Trilogy includes only the first disc, which has a feel similar to that of ATB's older albums though with a slightly more rock/pop-oriented sound than his previous efforts, while the second disc, included only in the limited version, has a much more ambient feel, similar to some other trance music artists.

Trilogy (group)

Trilogy was a vocal trio hailing from New York City, United States. Its members were Duran Ramos (real name: Randy Duran Ramos), Angel DeLeon, and Joey Kid (real name: Jose Antonio Baez-Perez). The trio released a couple of singles in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The trio were the main vocalists on the C+C Music Factory 1994 album Anything Goes!.

Duran Ramos did songwriting and produced on various productions of Robert Clivillés and David Cole, the record producers behind C+C Music Factory, and on a few remixes in the 1990s. He has garnered several gold and platinum awards, A.S.C.A.P. awards, and has had 14 Top 40 Hits on Billboard.

Joey Kid released an album in 1990 and a couple of singles in the late 1980s. His single, "Counting the Days," peaked at #70 on the Billboard Hot 100 in June 1990.

Angel DeLeon with Freddy Correa had a career as TV host starting in 1998. In 1999, Angel DeLeon began hosting the World Famous Montreaux Jazz Festival, an event in conjunction with Direct TV BRAZIL. He also serves as voiceover, singer, and producer for FACE THE MUSIC, a music & sound design studio in NYC. His work can be heard on such campaigns as Snickers, Toyota, and Gatorade to name a few.

Trilogy (The Weeknd album)

Trilogy is a compilation album by Canadian singer The Weeknd, released on 13 November 2012, by Republic Records. It is composed of re-mixed and remastered versions of his 2011 mixtapes House of Balloons, Thursday, and Echoes of Silence, and three previously-unreleased songs.

Trilogy received generally positive reviews from critics, who reinforced the previous acclaim of the mixtapes, although some found it indulgent. It was promoted with three singles and The Weeknd's concert tour during September to November 2012. The album charted at number five and number four in Canada and the United States, respectively. Trilogy was certified double platinum on 22 May 2013, by Music Canada and double platinum on 22 March 2016, by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Usage examples of "trilogy".

If you want to read books that will sweep you off your feet with their beauty, passion and superlative plot, check this trilogy out.

This trilogy has been around for a while, but by no means is it any less worth reading.

Touching, beautiful, at times sad, this trilogy is one of the great masterpieces of fantasy literature.

She writes a Sword and Sorcery trilogy, but unlike Conan, the characters actually have emotions and a brain as opposed to pure brawn or thigh.

And while his best work can stand alone, several of his shorter novels are so closely intertwined with the evolution of the trilogy that to study them in isolation from it deprives them of their greatest strength.

But as the trilogy progresses, he shows the consequences of heroic leadership, for Paul, his followers, and the planet.

The very name Atreides should have warned from the first of the direction the trilogy was taking.

In the conclusion of the trilogy, Paul is brought back from his seeming death in the desert, an old, broken man who can only rage at the church built on his name.

Throughout the trilogy, he had used portentous statements hinting of ultimate success or failure, of infinite peril or unmatched significance, to heighten the intensity of the story.

However, even this apparent change of course in the trilogy may have been intentional.

Such repetition is underscored throughout the trilogy, by details that have less significance in themselves than as signposts of structure.

The solution, if there is one, is to be found not in the trilogy, but outside it, in the effect it has on the reader.

Under the name of Jan Kutzwood they had penned more than a dozen volumes of fantasy, a triology of trilogies and sequelae.

Janny Wurts, for being my friend, and who, by working with me on the Empire Trilogy, gave me a completely different perspective on the Tsurani, she helped turn The Game of the Council from a vague concept to a murderously real arena of human conflict.

Gordon Giles televiews word that his intrepid band of spatial pioneers explore Jupiter in his next trilogy, which I hope our editor schedules for early arrival.