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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Nef \Nef\ (?; F. ?), n. [F. See Nave.] The nave of a church.


n. An extravagant table ornament and container used in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, made in the shape of a ship.


Nef or NEF can refer to:

Nef (metalwork)

A nef is an extravagant table ornament and container used in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, made of precious metals in the shape of a ship – nef was another word for a carrack in French. If not just used for decoration, it could hold salt or spices (the latter being very expensive in the Middle Ages), or cutlery, or even napkins. The large nef depicted in the well-known calendar miniature for January from the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry is being used to hold, and perhaps wash, gilt dishes from the table service. Nefs are recorded in France as early as 1239, initially consisting of just the hull, and perhaps initially used to drink from; by the 14th century the most elaborate had masts, sails and even crew, and had become too crowded with such details to be used as containers for anything. The so-called Mechanical Galleon in the British Museum is a late 16th-century German nef which was also a clock and automaton, with moving figures and music.

A nef was usually made of silver, silver-gilt or gold, often further embellished with enamel and jewels. A nautilus shell often formed the hull of the ship, as in the Burghley Nef (illustrated). Some nefs had wheels to allow them to be rolled from one end of the table to the other, but most had legs or pedestals. The nef was placed in front of the most important person at table as a mark of their status.

The equivalent in religious plate is a navicula, Latin for small ship, and also a term in English for a boat-shaped incense-holder.

Nef (protein)

Nef (Negative Regulatory Factor) is a small 27-35 kDa myristoylated protein encoded by primate lentiviruses. These include Human Immunodeficiency Viruses (HIV-1 and HIV-2) and Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV). Nef localizes primarily to the cytoplasm but also partially to the Plasma Membrane (PM) and is one of many pathogen-expressed proteins, known as virulence factors, which function to manipulate the host's cellular machinery and thus allow infection, survival or replication of the pathogen. Nef stands for "Negative Factor" and although it is often considered dispensable for HIV-1 replication, in infected hosts the viral protein markedly elevates viral titers.

Usage examples of "nef".

Saint-Christeau, lui restait dans la nef confondu avec les autres assistants.

Le nocher peut mener sa nef Assurement par cette place Dans une tranquille bonace Sans redouter aucun mechef.

The Mark in goot hands is in your absence, nefer to fear, Kamerad, und a strong garrison the Schloss holds, as alvays.

Judas, nefer got no good whatefer of the thirty half-a--crowns, and he hangit himself, because he was so sorry, and maybe thocht shame to be lifing on this world when the Master was dead and buried.

With every step, Vod dug a deeper groove in his heart, hating Nefer Ton Enkar.

What tends to be worse, Vod fleeing Nefer, or an unnatural in Red Season?

Le nocher peut mener sa nef Assurement par cette place Dans une tranquille bonace Sans redouter aucun mechef.

Each time, taking it in rums, they swam away from the nef and surveyed the mountainside, but each time the sonar told them that ooze lay thick over the rock, and over any more remains that might be in the area.

At every turn, some new and wondrous object appeared to hand—gold cups and plates ornamented with jewels, silver-gilt candlesticks, ornate nefs, porringers, cast-gold aquamaniles shaped like lions with their tails arched across their backs to form handles, all manner of tableware, carven chairs inlaid with ivory or gold and silver wire, richly chased and engraved caskets filled with jewels, ropes of pearls, bracelets, rings, torques, gold-mounted cameos and intaglios, fine chains and gem-crusted girdles, shirts of mail, gauntlets, helms, greaves, cuirasses floridly engraved, etched and embossed with gold or silver—an entire armory—and weapons of an unknown metal, honed spite-sharp.

Castor Pollux en nef, astre crinite: L'erain public par terre & mer vuidé, Pise, Ast, Ferrare, Turin terre interdicte.

It was such an open display of personal concern that Falah could hardly decline the position---even though he knew that Vilnai's real motive was to keep his dischargee in good physical condition and close to the Sayeret Ha'Druzim's regional base at Tel Nef.

Taita was dozing quietly there, but he opened his eyes before Nefer could touch his arm.

Now Naja is of the blood royal, and Nefer is stripped of even that protection.

While he wrapped the thong around his wrist Nefer watched Krus' ears for any sign that he would break stride again, but he held them pricked forward and ran true.

Nefer had ordered twenty light galleys and as many smaller boats to patrol all the open waters within three miles of the temple of Hathor, and to chase up any waterbirds that settled.