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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a monthly payment
▪ Home buyers have seen their monthly payments go up by more than 50 percent.
a monthly/annual etc allowance
▪ His father gives him a monthly allowance of £200.
a monthly/weekly meeting
▪ a routine weekly meeting with the managing director
a weekly/daily/monthly column
▪ Her daily column covered a wide range of topics.
an annual/a monthly fee
▪ An annual fee of £150 has been introduced.
an annual/monthly subscription
▪ An annual subscription to the magazine costs $20.
an annual/monthly/weekly budget
▪ The organization has an annual budget of $24 million.
an annual/monthly/weekly cycle (=the related events that repeat themselves every year, month etc)
▪ the annual cycle of planting and harvesting crops
an annual/monthly/weekly/daily total
▪ The Government plans to increase the annual total of 2,500 adoptions by up to 50%.
be paid weekly/monthly
▪ Most of us get paid weekly or monthly.
hourly/weekly/monthly earnings
▪ Some football players have weekly earnings of over £50,000.
monthly salary
▪ What's your monthly salary?
the annual/monthly cost
▪ This figure represents the annual cost of a loan.
the annual/monthly/weekly rent
▪ Our annual rent is just over $15000.
the hourly/daily/monthly etc wage
▪ The average daily wage was £100.
▪ I was looking forward to my day because I would be getting my monthly allowance of thirty pounds from my mum.
▪ It paid me a monthly allowance, which was never enough.
▪ October alone has seen more than an inch over the monthly average ... and it's not half way through the month yet.
▪ In 1993, a monthly average of 5 million families received Aid to Families with Dependent Children.
▪ The monthly average in 1989 was 950.
▪ The totals are more than twice as much as the monthly averages.
▪ First of all, detail all your expenses - on a monthly basis - in the left hand column.
▪ To make these figures seem less alarming, banks prefer to quote rates on a monthly basis.
▪ But he wants to track its ups and downs on a monthly basis.
▪ But now assume another person invests that same $ 20, 000 in pieces on a monthly basis.
▪ He asks us to give returns on the monthly basis.
▪ Your monthly bills, including mortgage or rent, should not be more than half your monthly take-home pay.
▪ The average monthly bill per customer is declining as the industry woos newcomers who want a cellular phone mainly for emergencies.
▪ One can actually program a computer to pay certain monthly bills automatically on a specified day.
▪ Charges for extra time quickly raise the monthly bill.
▪ Most people, on the other hand, have a job and virtually everyone pays taxes and monthly bills.
▪ In both cases the customer is sent quarterly statements plus a monthly bulletin of market analysis and research.
▪ Its priceless monthly bulletins will continue to add to the gaiety of nations.
▪ A monthly bulletin is prepared and circulated to each section.
▪ Its monthly bulletin goes to over 350 groups.
▪ It publishes a monthly bulletin featuring all the latest small business opportunities.
▪ Included in the monthly charge are all meals, central heating, hot water, maintenance and cleaning.
▪ The monthly charge is $ 40 for current cable subscribers and $ 60 for nonsubscribers.
▪ Also ask about the possibility of capped monthly charges to certain numbers.
▪ People told of monthly charges going from $ 8 to $ 13 and from $ 12 to $ 26.
▪ The last monthly check was for $ 589.
▪ The second is a desire to stop giving monthly checks to alcoholics and addicts.
▪ Who will guarantee monthly checks if Wall Street swoons?
▪ Take your pension in lump sum rather than in monthly checks.
▪ With an average life expectancy, that same beneficiary will collect a monthly check for five years beyond that.
▪ For an average earner, that will be 16 years of collecting a monthly check worth about $ 4, 247.
▪ But customers should remember that they could face other charges on top of the interest such as monthly fees.
▪ Most plans include a monthly fee and a certain number of free minutes per month.
▪ There is a monthly fee of £1.50 to cover the administration of your Home Management Account.
▪ Not everyone can afford a computer system at home plus the monthly fees.
▪ But now she pays a monthly fee to the Miraflores municipality.
▪ Typically, a solicitor will offer several magazines for a low weekly or monthly fee.
▪ The monthly fee covers continuous ordinary dental care.
▪ AutoBy-Tel charges auto dealerships a monthly fee for its referrals.
▪ Instead, with average monthly income falling to $ 10, life is far harder than under Soviet rule.
▪ Mills was flush, with no debts and a $ 3, 000 monthly income that sufficed easily in Coahoma.
▪ He decided to arrange that a large monthly income be paid to Annabel until next May: that should shut her up.
▪ Subtract the total of those items in levels I and 2 from your monthly income.
▪ These bonds pay regular monthly income on sums of between £500 and £1 million.
▪ That sum doubles their monthly income.
▪ Save as you earn-Building societies will accept regular monthly income from you.
▪ However, monthly inflation, which had reached 123 percent in February, was down to 5 percent by May-June.
▪ By April 1989 price controls started to crumble and monthly inflation rose from 5% in March 1989 to 73% this February.
▪ The repayment mortgage is the traditional method of arranging a mortgage where capital is repaid by level monthly instalments together with interest.
▪ Here's what it costs Included in the 12 monthly instalments is a small credit charge.
▪ On a loan of 100 repaid in 12 equal monthly instalments, you'd be charged £6.50.
▪ She had repaid £35 in seven monthly instalments of £5, when she asked for a second loan.
▪ The tax-relief is paid to us - and we take it off your monthly instalments.
▪ Loan repayments are spread over 60 monthly instalments.
▪ Spread your premium payments over 12 monthly instalments.
▪ He would pay back the £5,000 together with the interest in 120 monthly instalments of £82.89.
▪ If you think that monthly interest would be a useful supplement to your income, follow our guide.
▪ Chin allegedly wrote six checks to Jasmine Inc. to pay 4 percent monthly interest on the loans, the indictment says.
▪ Accounts that pay monthly interest may offer lower rates than those where the interest is paid annually.
▪ First-e and First Direct offer only monthly interest.
▪ With a Capital Advantage account you have the option of monthly interest paid straight into your Barclays current account.
▪ Now savers can get up to 7.76 p.c. on monthly interest with the Halifax.
▪ They do, however, need to be tested at monthly intervals to ensure that the batteries are still active.
▪ Each session is spaced out at monthly intervals.
▪ Newsletters from the police will be issued at three monthly intervals.
▪ The Village Association will pay for the three monthly intervals.
▪ Darby was a cheerfully relaxed young man who compiled cryptic crosswords for a monthly magazine in his spare time.
▪ It is now the largest selling monthly magazine for young women in almost all of the countries in which it is published.
▪ A new monthly magazine Wessex Architect was launched and used to promote a wide range of events.
▪ Which was the most discussed book of the year according to some magazine, monthly magazine.
▪ Automatic receipt of the monthly magazine Banking World.
▪ Worldwide membership of the 13-year-old Eastwood Appreciation Society - which produced a monthly magazine - had slumped from 1,000 to just 87.
▪ This is the monthly magazine, for Guides, with lots of help and ideas for fun Patrol activities.
▪ Our combined experience of running and selling a monthly magazine was not large.
▪ Club activities centre on monthly meetings, an information service and the production of application demonstrators.
▪ They held monthly meetings of all tenants.
▪ When Quaker tea merchant Joseph Fry went bankrupt in 1828 his monthly meeting disowned him.
▪ I said no way to that, so I had to join a regular reserve unit and go to monthly meetings.
▪ The monthly meetings include discussions of Club business, talks by guest speakers and vendor presentations.
▪ At the monthly meetings they took their meals together and did not appear to welcome anyone else to join them.
▪ For a time the results were communicated to field staff at their regular monthly meetings.
▪ The Council held monthly meetings, later becoming more frequent, with different ministers attending according to the subject being discussed.
▪ You can expect to pay £5.50 for each £100 of your monthly mortgage payment.
▪ Sadly, they were forced to rent their dream house to tenants for the $ 25 monthly mortgage.
▪ The group has proposed the launch of an independent monthly newsletter to address these and other issues.
▪ He concluded by thanking vice-chairman Tony Rudgard who has produced the useful monthly newsletter for parish councillors.
▪ Cuttings that should come to everybody's attention quickly can be pinned to the library noticeboard or contained in a monthly newsletter.
▪ Many also issue a monthly newsletter giving investment advice.
▪ Just like a repayment mortgage, the interest rates can change, and this will affect your monthly payment.
▪ That totals 26 payments a year, the equivalent of 13 monthly payments rather than 12&038;.
▪ Thus after year six, your monthly payments are higher than the standard rate demands.
▪ In either case, however, the business has the use of the asset and incurs a monthly payment obligation.
▪ Budget the cost through fixed monthly payments and - depending on the project - offset some of the cost through tax relief.
▪ Conversely, if the base rate rises, your monthly payments stay the same.
▪ The grant will be distributed over 3 monthly payments to ensure maximum accountability.
▪ For those taking an £80,000 loan over 25 years, this means a monthly payment of £583.41.
▪ By comparison, an Equitable Life 10-year endowment policy, with monthly premiums of £30, would have produced about £8,399.
▪ What is the monthly premium excluding all riders?
▪ In fact, it is considerably less than the £2,548.26 that the policyholder has paid in the form of monthly premiums.
▪ Choice of monthly premiums from your Bank current account or some types of Building Society account.
▪ With each monthly premium, you acquire more units.
▪ The values shown here are per £10 of monthly premium.
▪ In addition, a lot of fund managers impose a minimum monthly premium, typically between £20 and £50.
▪ The monthly publication of the unemployment figures provides a depressing barometer of the dole queue.
▪ My short stories and sketches were to find first outlets through George Scott, editor of the literary monthly publication, Truth.
▪ All, or at least some are presumably revealed in a slender monthly publication.
▪ In 1892 Trevor founded a monthly publication entitled Labour Prophet.
▪ They operate on around a quarter of the staff of a normal monthly publication. 9.
▪ Switching to a daily or monthly rate could save hundreds of pounds each year.
▪ Also, the amount paid exceeds the authorized monthly rate of pay for the director of data services position.
▪ The average monthly rate would go up to an estimated $ 14. 52.
▪ It is invested in Treasury securities with a guaranteed monthly rate.
▪ With your help, we can keep our cost of operations steady, which helps control our monthly rates.
▪ He barely makes enough money to pay his monthly rent.
▪ Newsome suggests a pet deposit of 25 percent to 33 percent of the monthly rent.
▪ And, you can usually arrange sickness or redundancy benefit to cover your monthly repayments, for a small premium each month.
▪ Budget ahead to meet fixed monthly repayments.
▪ Borrowers can chose to repay with 3 or 5 percent pared off their monthly repayments.
▪ For example, £15,000 over 5 years would give a monthly repayment of about £400, and a total repayment of £24,000.
▪ The additional data available includes the initial monthly repayment and the total cost of the loan.
▪ Longer loan periods mean your monthly repayments can be correspondingly lower.
▪ Look at the monthly repayments and make sure they add up correctly.
▪ The monthly repayment will be £356.67, a saving of £176.66 each month and £10,599.60 over the full five-year term.
▪ Ministries send in monthly reports which are annotated and submitted to the Chancellor via the state secretaries.
▪ It also will monitor how well specific companies deal with minorities and publish monthly reports.
▪ For example, question whether you really need to see all those monthly reports crammed full of data you never study.
▪ J., chairman of Congress' Joint Economic Committee, which held a hearing to discuss the monthly report.
▪ It provides detailed monthly reports and annual summaries itemising the amount overcharged, or if appropriate, undercharged.
▪ In its monthly reports, for instance, it has dropped its insistence that the threat of deflation has receded.
▪ In constant dollar terms, a teacher with a monthly salary of $ 381 six weeks ago now brings home $ 248.
▪ Petar Beron calculates his monthly salary in loaves of bread.
▪ The part-time worker has the right to a monthly salary proportionally equivalent to that of a corresponding full-time employee.
▪ In future they will be treated like other manual workers and be paid monthly salaries.
▪ Sir Hugh Rossi - more than one quarter of monthly salary?
▪ They put the money into a bank account, out of which they pay themselves a monthly salary.
▪ They do nothing but draw their monthly salaries.
Service degradations will however be noted, with reasons, in the monthly service report.
▪ The cost is about $ 5, 000, plus a monthly service fee starting at $ 80.
▪ Other radio presentations included one of the monthly services in 1954, and the School Choir in I 955.
▪ Results will be summarised in the monthly service report.
▪ All seven schools received a monthly statement in the form of a computer printout from county hall.
▪ A monthly statement showing details of all transactions on your account together with the balance on Meridian Savings.
▪ Break down all your income amounts and expense amounts into monthly sums.
▪ The monthly sum may be low but over the long term, it adds up.
▪ Concurrently with these interest charges, you contribute a monthly sum to an endowment policy.
▪ Output expectations for the next four months are the highest recorded by the authoritative monthly survey since May last year.
▪ One is the monthly survey by Challenger, Gray&038;.
▪ The table summarises the records since 1948 and suggests some increase; duplications arise in the monthly totals when birds winter.
▪ Then add monthly totals together-it will be a surprisingly large total.
▪ Stars received 20 times the average monthly wage for one concert.
▪ It nearly doubled his monthly wage, from $ 3. 75 to $ 6. 50.
▪ a monthly commuter train ticket
▪ a monthly credit card payment
▪ a monthly income of $3,750
▪ a monthly magazine
▪ a monthly meeting
▪ A loan of £30,000 would add more than 7 percent to a monthly £298.22.
▪ A new monthly magazine Wessex Architect was launched and used to promote a wide range of events.
▪ And they gave monthly and quarterly awards to the best drivers.
▪ But he wants to track its ups and downs on a monthly basis.
▪ Cuttings that should come to everybody's attention quickly can be pinned to the library noticeboard or contained in a monthly newsletter.
▪ In the first year of the plan, the government will pay 30 percent of their monthly payments.
▪ The monthly charge is $ 40 for current cable subscribers and $ 60 for nonsubscribers.
▪ The average monthly bill per customer is declining as the industry woos newcomers who want a cellular phone mainly for emergencies.
▪ Commercial journals, particularly the weeklies and monthlies, can take rapid decisions, and have a faster turn-round time.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cyclic \Cyc"lic\ (s?k"l?k or s?"kl?k), Cyclical \Cyc"lic*al\ (s?k"l?-kal), a. [Cf. F. cycluque, Gr. kykliko`s, fr. ky`klos See Cycle.]

  1. Of or pertaining to a cycle or circle; moving in cycles; as, cyclical time.

  2. (Chemistry) Having atoms bonded to form a ring structure. Opposite of acyclic.

    Note: Used most commonly in respect to organic compounds.

    Note: [Narrower terms: bicyclic; heterocyclic; homocyclic, isocyclic]

    Syn: closed-chain, closed-ring.

  3. Recurring in cycles[2]; having a pattern that repeats at approximately equal intervals; periodic. Opposite of noncyclic.

    Note: [Narrower terms: alternate(prenominal), alternating(prenominal); alternate(prenominal), every other(prenominal), every second(prenominal); alternating(prenominal), oscillating(prenominal); biyearly; circadian exhibiting 24-hour periodicity); circular; daily, diurnal; fortnightly, biweekly; hourly; midweek, midweekly; seasonal; semestral, semestrial; semiannual, biannual, biyearly; semiweekly, biweekly; weekly; annual, yearly; biennial; bimonthly, bimestrial; half-hourly; half-yearly; monthly; tertian, alternate(prenominal); triennial]

  4. Marked by repeated cycles[2].

    Cyclic chorus, the chorus which performed the songs and dances of the dithyrambic odes at Athens, dancing round the altar of Bacchus in a circle.

    Cyclic poets, certain epic poets who followed Homer, and wrote merely on the Trojan war and its heroes; -- so called because keeping within the circle of a single subject. Also, any series or coterie of poets writing on one subject.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1530s, from month + -ly (2). As an adjective from 1570s. Old English had monaþlic, but the modern words seem to be separate formations.


a. Occurring every month. adv. Occurring every month. n. A publication that is published once a month

  1. adj. occurring or payable every month; "monthly payments"; "the monthly newsletter"

  2. n. a periodical that is published every month

  3. adv. without missing a month; "we get paid monthly" [syn: every month, each month]


Usage examples of "monthly".

The seeds promote the monthly flow in women, act on disordered kidneys, prove astringent against fluxes, and serve to woo sleep in nervous wakefulness.

Menstruation, or the menses, monthly visitation, catamenia, menstrual flow, courses, or periods, usually makes its appearance in the female between the twelfth and fifteenth years, at which time the reproductive system undergoes remarkable changes.

The premiated designs in the competitions of the Society of Beaux-Arts Architects made in the course of regular school work are reproduced in this catalogue, and also the first-mentioned designs in the regular monthly problems forming the drill in design of the school.

Later that year Gar-wood was regraded and his salary increased to three pounds, fifteen shillings a week, payable monthly.

Philadelphian named George Scithers, had got the magazine off to a fast start, with Asimov himself as a benign guiding presence in the background, and it grew so quickly in popularity that its publishing frequency increased from quarterly at the outset to bi-monthly in 1978 and monthly a year later.

The committee have reason to believe that a general wish pervades the community at large that some such facility as the proposed measure should be granted by express law, for subscribing, through the agency of the Post-office Department, to newspapers and periodicals which diffuse daily, weekly, or monthly intelligence of passing events.

With my car paid for and my office space underwritten by California Fidelity, I can live very well on a modest monthly sum.

The idea was to issue a series of very cheap spoken-word albums, possibly monthly like a magazine.

Then, too, the Ayuntamiento was always in arrears in paying us our monthly stipend, a sum considerably reduced from what they had originally promised.

They spent millions of dollars running their agents through their training center in Beltsville, Maryland, on a monthly basis.

So it went on without pause, day and night, week by week, month after month, at the rate of about eight new boats monthly.

The domestic treatment at the monthly crisis should be commenced by the administration of hot foot, and sitz-baths, after which the patient should be warmly covered in bed, and bottles of hot water applied to the extremities, back, and thighs.

As Kel washed her face, cleaned her teeth, and combed her hair, Lalasa put out her clothes, including a fresh breastband and loincloth, and one of the cloth pads Kel wore during her monthly bleeding.

It chanced that the monthly settling-day, connected with the brickfields, fell just after Kettie vanished.

Bill Snipes, and take Zack and Jeffry to Sharon Ludlow for their monthly brushup and tick check while Mildred has her hair done by Margo Snead at the Coiffe Shoppe and then undergoes aromatherapy with Cathie Bayless for an hour.