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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Monochromic \Mon`o*chro"mic\, a. Made, or done, with a single color; as, a monochromic picture. Called also, monochromatic and monochrome.


black-and-white \black-and-white\, black and white \black and white\adj. (Photography, Imaging; Printing) depicted only in black and white colors, or in shades of gray; also called monochromatic and monochrome; -- of images. Opposite of color or in color, and contrasting with polychrome technicolor three-color; as, a black-and-white TV; black-and-white film; the movie ``Schindler's List'' was shot in black and white.

Syn: black and white, monochromatic, monochrome.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1807, from mono- + chromatic, or from monochrome + -atic. Related: Monochromatically (1784).


a. 1 Having only one color, represented by differing hues and tints. For example shades in a black and white television. 2 perceptive of only one color; unable to distinguish colors; total color blindness. 3 (context figuratively English) plain, dull, lifeless.

  1. adj. of or relating to monochromatism

  2. (of light or other electromagnetic radiation) having only one wavelength; "monochromatic light" [syn: homochromatic] [ant: polychromatic]

  3. having or appearing to have only one color [syn: monochrome, monochromic, monochromous]

Usage examples of "monochromatic".

The shiny FedEx truck was parked outside the diner, looking out of place on the dusty, monochromatic street.

Through the gauze curtains Tad could see the great fields of corn stretching out toward the horizon, a monochromatic rusty yellow.

Even with the monochromatic goggles, Hazen could tell they were all different colors.

The boat was skimming the side of a canyon wasteland, an endless terrain of monochromatic rubble that looked less inviting than the surface of the moon.

All it took was one look into her eyes, those dark, monochromatic orbs.

The largest, central monitor could synthesize the monochromatic images, superimposing them as instructed.

Suspended before the face of the sun, the solaser would open like a fan, suck in with its receptors the chaotic, full-spectrum radiation, and compress it into a monochromatic battering ram.

Then the smokes sorted themselves into layers of pure color and began to interweave monochromatic tendrils in an increasingly complex design.

He was as monochromatic as the room, with his dark suit, dark tie, and white shirt.

Warm buff dominated the interior walls in a monochromatic blend of textures and styles.

The corridor again leapt into bright monochromatic view, infrared shadows jerking wildly.

Now, the practice weapons were laser fitted, the instructors murmured, and the only sounds from the guns were crisp trigger clicks as the monochromatic beams of light stabbed out against a moving row of photo-sensitive targets.

The light source covers infrared and all of the visible spectrum, not, repeat not, monochromatic.

The bioarm turned monochromatic and slithered back into the cart slot.

Kren promptly authorized the purchase of the machinery required to make their own monochromatic lighting panels, cutting their marginal costs by three quarters on this expensive item.