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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Polychrome \Pol"y*chrome\, n. [Poly- + Gr. ? color.] (Chem.) Esculin; -- so called in allusion to its fluorescent solutions. [R.]


Polychrome \Pol"y*chrome\, a. [Cf. F. polychrome.] Executed in the manner of polychromy; as, polychrome printing.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"having many colors," 1816, from French polychrome, from Latinized form of Greek polykhromos "many-colored" (see poly- + chrome). As a noun from 1800. Related: Polychromic; polychromatic; polychromate.


a. Executed in the manner of polychromy. n. (context chemistry English) esculin (so called in allusion to its fluorescent solutions)

  1. adj. having or exhibiting many colors [syn: polychromatic, polychromic]

  2. v. color with many colors; make polychrome [syn: polychromize, polychromise]


Polychrome is the "'practice of decorating architectural elements, sculpture, etc., in a variety of colors." The term is used to refer to certain styles of architecture, pottery or sculpture in multiple colors.

Polychrome (Oz)

Polychrome is a cloud fairy and the youngest daughter of the Rainbow, thus she is a "sky princess". She first appears in The Road to Oz (1909), which is the fifth book of the original fourteen Oz books by American author by L. Frank Baum. She also appears several times in later Oz stories of the classic series.

Usage examples of "polychrome".

There were Portuguese ceramic clocks, Chinese Coptic balsa clocks, booming British grandfather clocks, imperial Ottoman clocks inlaid with mother-of-pearl and decorated with panels of Kutahya tiles, clocks in polychrome, walnut and stained glass - it made the head spin to even think about them.

Turkish army and navy, bribed the descendants of the Janissaries, consulted with pashas and ministers and laid aside trust funds for their grandsons, acquired rights to the wells in Mecca and all wells on all routes leading to Mecca, bought two hundred of the existing two hundred and forty-four industrial enterprises in the Turkish realm, dismissed and reappointed the Armenian and Greek and Latin Greek and Syrian Greek patriarchs in Jerusalem and the Coptic patriarch in Alexandria, leased four thousand kilometers of railway lines, established dowries for the daughters of the principal landowners between the Persian Gulf and the Anatolian highlands, refurbished the gold mosaics and polychrome marbles of Santa Sophia, so that by the time he was ready to leave the city anyone who could ever be in a position of power in that part of the world was under his control.

The storefront ambience is dressed up by carved, off-white moldings and arches designed to mimic ivory, polychrome tapestry murals of Indian country scenes, posters of Bollywood movies.

Of the later pottery of Knossos, which substituted naturalistic motives, executed in monochrome, for the conventional polychrome designs of the Kamares period, many specimens were also found during the excavations of this season.

In Crete this was the period when the beautiful polychrome Kamares ware was at the height of its popularity, and at Kahun, close to the pyramid of Senusert II.

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Folding tables and thick polychrome blankets spread on the trampled, uneven soil held bracelets and ornamental phis, flashing rings and cascading necklaces, graceful swords and straight-bladed, double-edged knives with grips of rare hardwoods or colored leathers, and hammers, axes, froes, and scutches.

The walls were sheathed in a geometric design of polychrome marble.

Others are merely rare, such as the seaflower, which spreads jelly-like polychrome veils over a good three meters of surface.

As it came, the green section of the arch extended, the polychrome of the virus program rolling back, a few steps ahead of the cracked black shoes.