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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ And a few seasons back they launched a new miniseries called Piano and Friends.
▪ Next thing they do is call their agent, set up a book deal and a miniseries.

n. 1 A radio or television series with a small number of episodes not intended to last a complete season. 2 A relatively short comic book series with a predetermined number of instalments.


A miniseries (also mini-series) is a television program that tells a story in a predetermined, limited number of episodes.

Usage examples of "miniseries".

In America, everything needed a title because everything was a miniseries concocted for the enjoyment of the populace.

The miniseries premiered in January 1999 and, after a few of the unfortunate production delays to which creator-owned comics seem especially susceptible, concluded in July 2000.

It also contains the covers from the miniseries, as well as covers from one of the comics industry's infamous variant editions and from two reprint editions.

A starring role in the new miniseries "Watch over Moscow" is more likely.

United Theatricals, which had made the straight movie in the fifties with Alex Clemcntine, and the miniseries a few years back.

Flanders had once stopped production of the top miniseries on TV when her star client's check had been delayed in the mail.

Courage is best left to miniseries heroines confronted by terminal diseases.

The press treated it like a video game, and the people treated it like a television miniseries.