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n. (context anime manga English) A large armoured robot on legs, typically controlled by a pilot seated inside.


M.E.Ch.A. ( Spanish: Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlán; "Chicanx Student Movement of Aztlán", the x being a gender neutral inflection) is an organization that seeks to promote Chicano unity and empowerment through political action. The acronym of the organization's name is the Chicano word mecha, which is the Chicano pronunciation of the English word, match and therefore symbolic of a fire or spark; mecha in Spanish means fuse or wick. The motto of MEChA is 'La Union Hace La Fuerza

Mecha (disambiguation)

Mecha (derived from mechanism) is a term to describe a large robot or, in the original Japanese definition, machinery in general.

Mecha also may refer to:

  • Mecha, (or Meche), a short form of the Spanish name Mercedes
  • Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlán (MEChA), a student organization
  • Mecha tea, a type of green tea
  • Mecha, a fictional character from the Archie Comics Sonic the Hedgehog (comics) universe
  • Mecha!, a tabletop role-playing game from Flagship Games
  • Mecha López, an actress
  • Mecha (comics), a tall, yellow, mechanical construct in Catalyst: Agents of Change
Mecha (woreda)

Mecha is one of the woredas in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia. The name, Mecha, is taken from the name for a subdivision of the province of Gojjam. Part of the Mirab Gojjam Zone, Mecha is bordered on the south by Sekela, on the southwest by the Agew Awi Zone, on the west by the Lesser Abay River which separates it from Debub Achefer and Semien Achefer, on the northeast by Bahir Dar Zuria, and on the east by Yilmana Densa. Towns in Mecha include Merawi and Wetet Abay.

Bodies of water in this woreda include Tingiti, which is located in a volcanic crater near the Lesser Abay; R.E. Cheesman believed he was the first European to see this body of water when he was shown it in November 1932.

Usage examples of "mecha".

Sometimes it appeared that Battlepods made up the bulk of their offensive strength-those oddly shaped, one-pilot mecha the VT teams called "headless ostriches.

He had accomplished on a grand scale what the Veritech fighter pilots were expected to do on each mission: meld their minds to the mecha controls.

Roy had talked about his own early misgivings, about how you had to think of the Battlepods as mecha, about how real the enemy threat was to all of them inboard the SDF-1.

In Fighter mode, the mecha was similar in appearance to the supersonic jets of the late twentieth century.

As your scanners will indicate, the enemy has deployed several squadrons of mecha in the hope of luring you to your doom.

Breetai and his adviser turned their attention to a second monitor where radar scanners depicted the exiting mecha as flashing color-enhanced motes.

Stop to think about where to place your shot, how to move or mode your mecha, and you were space debris.

He dropped the VT into a nose dive, expecting concussion where there was none, then executed two rollovers but still couldn't manage to pull the mecha out of its collision course with the destroyer.

He thought the mecha to a kneeling position and brought the gatling cannon out front.

Foot thrusters blazing, the mecha rose from the floor and clambered out onto the destroyer's outer skin.

The missiles tore from beneath the right wing of the mecha and accelerated into a vertical climb, homing in on the enemy ship.

Lateral thrusters took them out of the arena momentarily, and the SDF-1 came into view, her main batteries, Phalanx guns, and Gladiator mecha issuing steady fire.

The enemy unleashed a massive volley of rockets that caught the mecha broadside.

The Backstabber himself occupied his Officer's Pod, a mecha different from the rest, with lasers protruding like whiskers from its elongated snout and two arms that were deadly cannons.

He allowed the pod to climb almost to the rim of the chasm before bringing up one of the cannon arms of his mecha and firing.