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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
marsh gas
▪ One or two pairs breed in coastal marshes.
▪ Sandbanks and coastal marshes are now clear, as are the variations in the sediment load of the estuarine waters.
▪ Cattle fattening on the coastal marshes supported a prosperous peasantry as in Lincolnshire.
▪ Margins of fresh and coastal water, marshes and cultivated land.
▪ In winter on estuaries, coastal marshes and farmland.
▪ The monks of Furness reclaimed the coastal marshes of Walney, with embankments incorporating beach pebbles.
▪ We drove back towards Titchwell Marsh, stopping to look out over the miles of salt marsh on the way.
▪ A low white church hovered on wood piles over a salt marsh off to the left.
▪ There were salt marshes on the seaward side of the coastal road and Davis had found a causeway that flanked them.
▪ You play over a salt marsh, or bayou, from tee to green.
▪ Some of these inlets lead to salt marshes and estuaries which give refuge to many other coastal birds, especially waders.
▪ Here is Doty describing a salt marsh near his Provincetown, Mass., home.
▪ Channels and salt marsh, reed beds and pools, shingle and fore shore.
▪ Miles of salt marsh stretched before us, reaching to the shores of the River Severn.
▪ Perhaps when unhappy people die they release an effluvium of depression, like marsh gas.
▪ And there are marsh plants in the bossy bits and beside the little streams.
▪ Nearly all of the species are marsh plants which also grow on the banks of still as well as moving waters.
▪ Being a marsh plant, it prefers to be grown emersed.
▪ The stem is delicate, seldom branching, prostrate, and rooting as a marsh plant.
▪ Comments: Acorus is a marsh plant, and therefore does well in emerse rather than submerged conditions.
▪ Many species are marsh plants which have not yet been tested for use in the aquarium.
▪ Lapland buntings and skylarks swirled and settled, searching for the last seeds of salt marsh plants below the bank.
▪ This is essentially a marsh plant.
▪ But back on the marshes and fens, who was really to profit from this continual process of ever more intensive cultivation?
▪ In winter resorts to damp grassland, fresh-water margins, marshes and estuaries, often in flocks.
▪ She caught a few words: marsh, explosion, death.
▪ That's how I reached the marshes, and the churchyard.
▪ The marsh was not like water, and the car didn't sink to. he bottom.
▪ This happened with fatal consequences in 1953 when the Lee Wick wall collapsed sending water shooting over the marshes to Jaywick.
▪ You play over a salt marsh, or bayou, from tee to green.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Marsh \Marsh\, n. [OE. mersch, AS. mersc, fr. mere lake. See Mere pool, and cf. Marish, Morass.] A tract of soft wet land, commonly covered partially or wholly with water; a fen; a swamp; a morass. [Written also marish.] Marsh asphodel (Bot.), a plant ( Nartheeium ossifragum) with linear equitant leaves, and a raceme of small white flowers; -- called also bog asphodel. Marsh cinquefoil (Bot.), a plant ( Potentilla palustris) having purple flowers, and found growing in marshy places; marsh five-finger. Marsh elder. (Bot.)

  1. The guelder-rose or cranberry tree ( Viburnum Opulus).

  2. In the United States, a composite shrub growing in salt marshes ( Iva frutescens). Marsh five-finger. (Bot.) See Marsh cinquefoil (above). Marsh gas. (Chem.) See under Gas. Marsh grass (Bot.), a genus ( Spartina) of coarse grasses growing in marshes; -- called also cord grass. The tall Spartina cynosuroides is not good for hay unless cut very young. The low Spartina juncea is a common component of salt hay. Marsh harrier (Zo["o]l.), a European hawk or harrier ( Circus [ae]ruginosus); -- called also marsh hawk, moor hawk, moor buzzard, puttock. Marsh hawk. (Zo["o]l.)

    1. A hawk or harrier ( Circus cyaneus), native of both America and Europe. The adults are bluish slate above, with a white rump. Called also hen harrier, and mouse hawk.

    2. The marsh harrier.

      Marsh hen (Zo["o]l.), a rail; esp., Rallus elegans of fresh-water marshes, and Rallus longirostris of salt-water marshes.

      Marsh mallow (Bot.), a plant of the genus Alth[ae]a ( Alth[ae]a officinalis) common in marshes near the seashore, and whose root is much used in medicine as a demulcent.

      Marsh marigold. (Bot.) See in the Vocabulary.

      Marsh pennywort (Bot.), any plant of the umbelliferous genus Hydrocotyle; low herbs with roundish leaves, growing in wet places; -- called also water pennywort.

      Marsh quail (Zo["o]l.), the meadow lark.

      Marsh rosemary (Bot.), a plant of the genus Statice ( Statice Limonium), common in salt marshes. Its root is powerfully astringent, and is sometimes used in medicine. Called also sea lavender.

      Marsh samphire (Bot.), a plant ( Salicornia herbacea) found along seacoasts. See Glasswort.

      Marsh St. John's-wort (Bot.), an American herb ( Elodes Virginica) with small opposite leaves and flesh-colored flowers.

      Marsh tea. (Bot.). Same as Labrador tea.

      Marsh trefoil. (Bot.) Same as Buckbean.

      Marsh wren (Zo["o]l.), any species of small American wrens of the genus Cistothorus, and allied genera. They chiefly inhabit salt marshes.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English mersc, merisc "marsh, swamp," from Proto-Germanic *marisko (cognates: Old Frisian and Old Saxon marsk "marsh," Middle Dutch mersch, Dutch mars, German Marsch, Danish marsk), probably from Proto-Germanic *mari- "sea" (see mere (n.)).


n. An area of low, wet land, often with tall grass.

  1. n. low-lying wet land with grassy vegetation; usually is a transition zone between land and water; "thousands of acres of marshland"; "the fens of eastern England" [syn: marshland, fen, fenland]

  2. United States painter (1898-1954) [syn: Reginald Marsh]

  3. New Zealand writer of detective stories (1899-1982) [syn: Ngaio Marsh]


A marsh is a wetland that is dominated by herbaceous rather than woody plant species. Marshes can often be found at the edges of lakes and streams, where they form a transition between the aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. They are often dominated by grasses, rushes or reeds. If woody plants are present they tend to be low-growing shrubs. This form of vegetation is what differentiates marshes from other types of wetland such as swamps, which are dominated by trees, and mires, which are wetlands that have accumulated deposits of acidic peat.

Marsh (disambiguation)

A marsh is a type of wetland.

Marsh may also refer to:

Marsh (company)

Marsh is a global professional services firm, headquartered in New York City with operations in insurance broking and risk management. Marsh is a subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan Companies and a member of its Risk & Insurance Services business unit. Marsh's $5.7 billion in 2015 revenue accounted for 44% of the parent company's total fiscal year revenue.

Marsh (surname)

Marsh is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Adam Marsh (c. 1200-1259), English Franciscan, scholar and theologian
  • Adrian Marsh (born 1978), English cricketer
  • Albert L. Marsh (1877-1944), American metallurgist
  • Albert Marsh (Medal of Honor recipient) (d. 1895), U.S. Medal of Honor recipient
  • Anna Marsh (??-1834), who established the Vermont Asylum of the Insane
  • Brad Marsh (born 1958), former Canadian professional ice hockey player
  • Carol Marsh (born 1929), British film actress
  • Charles Marsh (disambiguation), any of several people by that name
  • Clifton E. Marsh (born 1946), American author, sociologist and educator
  • Dan Marsh, Canadian professional wrestling referee and a professional wrestler
  • Dave Marsh (born 1950), American music critic
  • David Marsh (disambiguation), any of several people by that name
  • D. E. Marsh (1862-1933), Locomotive Superintendent of the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway from 1905 to 1911
  • Edward Marsh (disambiguation), any of several people by that name
  • Frank Lewis Marsh (1899-1992), American biologist
  • Fred Marsh (1924-2006), American baseball player
  • Gary Marsh, Disney Channel executive
  • Geoff Marsh (born 1958), former Australian cricketer and coach
  • George Marsh (disambiguation), any of several people by that name
  • George Perkins Marsh (1801-1882), American philologist and diplomat
  • Graham Marsh (born 1944), former Australian professional golfer
  • Gregg Marsh successful American Chef (born 1974)
  • Henry Marsh (athlete) (born 1954), former American steeplechase athlete
  • Herbert Marsh (1757-1839), Church of England Bishop
  • Howard Marsh (died 1969), leading Broadway tenor
  • Hugh Marsh (born 1955), Canadian violinist
  • James Marsh (disambiguation), any of several people by that name
  • Jean Marsh (born 1934), English actress
  • Jem Marsh (born 1930), British engineer and racing car driver
  • Jesse Marsh (1907-1966), American comic book and animation artist
  • Joan Marsh (1913-2000), American actress
  • Jodie Marsh (born 1978), British glamour model and reality TV star
  • John Marsh (disambiguation), any of several people by that name
  • Jonathan Marsh (1621–1672), founding settler of the New Haven Colony, and of Norwalk, Connecticut
  • Keith Marsh (born 1926), English actor
  • Kyal Marsh (born 1987), Australian actor
  • Kym Marsh (born 1976), English actress and singer
  • Lou Marsh (1879-1936), Canadian athlete and sports journalist
  • Mae Marsh (1894-1968), American actress
  • Matthew Marsh (disambiguation), any of several people by that name
  • Melissa Marsh (born 1985), Australian basketball player
  • Michael Marsh (athlete) (born 1967), former American sprinter
  • Michael Marsh (journalist), American television news anchor
  • Michele Marsh (disambiguation), any of several people by that name
  • Michelle Marsh (model) (born 1982), British glamour model
  • Mike Marsh (disambiguation), any of several people by that name
  • Mitchell Marsh (born 1991), Australian cricketer
  • Narcissus Marsh (1638-1713), English clergyman
  • Ngaio Marsh (1895-1982), New Zealand mystery novelist and theatre director
  • Othniel Charles Marsh (1831-1899), American paleontologist
  • Ozan Marsh (1920-1992), American concert pianist
  • PJ Marsh (born 1980), Australian rugby league player
  • Phil Marsh (born 1986), English footballer
  • Randy Marsh (born 1949), Major League baseball umpire
  • Ray Brent Marsh, mortician responsible for the Tri-State Crematory scandal
  • Reginald Marsh (disambiguation), any of several people by that name
  • Richard Marsh (disambiguation), any of several people by that name
  • Rod Marsh (born 1947), retired Australian cricketer
  • Rodney Marsh (footballer) (born 1944), retired English footballer
  • Sally Ann Marsh, British singer and actress
  • Samuel Marsh (1796-1874), Vermont clergyman (see )
  • Samuel Marsh, former English professional footballer
  • Shaun Marsh (born 1983), Australian cricketer
  • Stanley Marsh 3 (1938–2014), American artist and philanthropist
  • Terry Marsh (disambiguation), any of several people by that name
  • Thomas B. Marsh (1799-1866), leader in the Latter Day Saint movement
  • Tom Marsh, American former Major League Baseball player
  • Tom Marsh (Oregon politician), former member of the Oregon House of Representatives
  • Tony Marsh (disambiguation), any of several people by that name
  • Warne Marsh (1927-1987), American tenor saxophonist
  • William Henry Marsh, governor of Hong Kong 1882-83 and 1885–87

Usage examples of "marsh".

They took us all over Cambridge, which he knew and loved every inch of, and led us afield through the straggling, unhandsome outskirts, bedrabbled with squalid Irish neighborhoods, and fraying off into marshes and salt meadows.

More betony and the oil of a secret plant from the marshes around Avalon.

Thus, pacing slowly, we returned to Bridgewater, where Reuben was carried to our quarters, and I bore the little maid of the marshes to kind townsfolk, who promised to restore her to her home when the troubles were over.

I left Lisa in her lab where she usually spent her Saturdays, liberated my Morgan from its expensive lodgings in the Brimmer Street Garage, and headed north, to Marsh House.

Hen said as he picked up his saddle and headed toward where Brimstone stood munching marsh hay.

Because of the foolishness of the plan, Brouse and his two cohorts were dead--slaughtered by the Draig Princes in the shadowed marshes.

The North Road ran with the Valverras Waste to the east, and the Caln Marish, a maze of fens and marshes, on its other side.

Much of it is permanent marsh, but some parts dry out in early winter, and other parts become marshland only in years of great flood.

Perhaps there would be a moory marsh on one side of the ridge, and a forest of thirty thousand acres on the other, with all the great branches weighted in white.

On the other hand, he was a good swimmer and did not fear the three-foot dwarf crocodiles found in Moru Marsh.

I could see grassy domes rising above the bronze and gold of the marsh, where Musquash was building thick and high for winter cold and spring floods.

Ayla watched the ungainly-seeming animal with the overhanging nose and large palmate antlers, still in velvet, walking into the marsh.

Later, in the dashboard locker she found a set of maps of the Pripet Marshes, a contour photogram of an armpit, and a hundred publicity stills of the screen actress.

An adept in all manly exercises and especially in horsemanship, he sometimes used to ride without stopping from Rome to Naples, a distance of forty-one leagues, passing through the forest of San Germano and the Pontine marshes heedless of brigands, although he might be alone and unarmed save for his sword and dagger.

As we walked there, a heavy feeling descended that I was being sucked into a bottomless black pool in the isolated wastes of the Pontine Marshes.