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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
parent company
▪ Beauty features highlight another problem which can arise if the parent company is based abroad.
▪ It would become famous, but not quite in the way its parent company intended.
▪ Often subsidiaries are required to guarantee or give charges in support of borrowings by the parent company or other companies in the group.
▪ Under our law, a subsidiary can go bankrupt and normally the parent company will not be liable for its debts.
▪ What would be the position if the parent company did not take the exemption afforded by s 248?
parent company

n. (context legal English) A company that owns or controls another company.

Parent company

A parent company is a company that owns enough voting stock in another firm to control management and operation by doing and influencing or electing its board of directors. The second company is deemed a subsidiary of the parent company.

Usage examples of "parent company".

The worn carpet was sea-blue, the parent company's corporate color.

The niche had been created by a Microsoft employee whose favorite uncle had died over North Vietnam while flying an F-105 fighter-bomber, and who did his patriotic work entirely without the knowledge of his parent company.

That, coupled with the responsibilities of being a platoon leader and attached out with his platoon from his parent company to a mechanized infantry company, made for an almost overwhelming combination.

Both killed the subject in anywhere from 24 hours to a week, but Robert had liked them, even though they'd never be mentioned in Threshold's quarterly report to its parent company.