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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
herbaceous border
▪ It has pretty herbaceous borders and an attractive paved herb garden, where on fine mornings breakfast is served.
▪ He complimented the King upon his herbaceous borders, but otherwise was uneasy.
▪ Gardens laid out on different levels with herbaceous borders, lakes, water gardens, old hedges and lawns.
▪ But he was smiling as they helped him out of the herbaceous border.
▪ Notable gardens of great variety, including fine old cedars and specimen trees, herbaceous borders, water and wild gardens.
▪ Spring garden, daffodils, fritillaries, rhododendrons, old-fashioned roses, herbaceous borders.
▪ Useful for June/July flowering in the herbaceous border.
▪ Excellent way to add fragrance to the herbaceous border in June and July.
▪ They will provide pockets of interest early in the year before the herbaceous plants make an impact.
▪ Practical Project Planting by numbers Plant in style with our beautiful collection of small shrubs and herbaceous plants.
▪ She says we like to find some of the older herbaceous plants which are more difficult to grow.
▪ Put them between shrubs and herbaceous plants in beds and borders.
▪ Tidy up borders, but wait until spring before taking dead foliage off herbaceous plants, as it protects new shoots.
▪ David has opened a nursery at Misarden, specialising in old fashioned herbaceous plants and shrubs.
▪ Hellebores tend to be more expensive than other herbaceous perennials.
▪ It has pretty herbaceous borders and an attractive paved herb garden, where on fine mornings breakfast is served.
▪ Limes have a splendid herbaceous, almost grassy quality.
▪ New herbaceous perennials planted now will put on plenty of root growth before winter, giving a better display next year.
▪ The herbaceous Paeonias are part of the glory of flower borders in the early summer.
▪ The spacious gardens include herbaceous, rose and evergreen borders, and many specimen trees.
▪ They will provide pockets of interest early in the year before the herbaceous plants make an impact.
▪ This potent recipe seems to satiate the hunger of both shrubs and herbaceous subjects.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

nonwoody \nonwoody\ adj. not woody; not consisting of or resembling wood; as, nonwoody plants. Opposite of woody. [Narrower terms: herbaceous; pulpy, fleshy]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1640s, from Latin herbaceus, from herba (see herb).


a. 1 (label en botany) not woody, lacking lignified tissues 2 (label en wine) not woody in flavor 3 (label en dated) feeding on herbs and soft plants


adj. characteristic of a nonwoody herb or plant part


Usage examples of "herbaceous".

It is classed as an herbaceous plant, but it is shrubby, and on old specimens there is more wood than on many dwarf shrubs.

It is a good hardy plant, perennial and herbaceous, and one of the earliest to flower.

A fat loam and a moist situation will suit this Gentian to perfection, and it may be planted with other strong herbaceous things in the borders, where it should be allowed to grow to large specimens.

January, when most herbaceous plants are dormant, and when their handsome tufts are alike beautiful, either bedewed with fogs, crystallised with hoar-frost, or glittering in the sunshine.

This would allow the Phlox to have the full light, and the arrangement would be suitable for the edge of a shrubbery or border of herbaceous plants, or even along the walks of a kitchen garden.

It is hardy, herbaceous, and perennial, and worth growing in every garden where there is room for large growing subjects.

This hardy herbaceous perennial has been known to English gardens for 150 years, and was introduced from North America, where it grows in glorious masses, but common as it is in its native country, and long as it has been grown in this, I scarcely know a flower respecting which so many have been in error as regards the true species.

The newly-formed tufts, which are somewhat rosette-shaped, have a fresh appearance throughout the winter, it being one of the few herbaceous subjects in which the signs of life are so visible in this climate.

Although this plant is herbaceous, the old stems remain green until the new growths come into flower, and, in many varieties, by a little management in plucking out the buds during summer, flowers may be had in the autumn and well into winter.

Great diversity in the size of two plants, one being woody and the other herbaceous, one being evergreen and the other deciduous, and adaptation to widely different climates, does not always prevent the two grafting together.

If so, natural selection would often tend to add to the stature of herbaceous plants when growing on an island, to whatever order they belonged, and thus convert them first into bushes and ultimately into trees.

Ranunculus, an inhabitant of the dry pastures South of France and Italy, and a hardy herbaceous plant of ready growth, recommends itself by the earliness of its flowering and the delicate glaucous colour of its foliage.

His Pajero was parked close to the herbaceous border with its hood raised.

Rosie, who had long dreamed of a garden of her own, looked around speculatively, imagining herbaceous borders where the plastic bags were strewn, a glossy lawn where the tubing now lay.

Torber, the last gardener, had been sacked for allowing some large yellow daffodils to infiltrate the herbaceous borders.