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__NOTOC__ Mariënhof was a restaurant located in Amersfoort, in the Netherlands. It was a fine dining restaurant that was awarded one Michelin star in the period 1996-2001.

Head chef of Mariënhof was Jon Sistermans.

The restaurant ended due to the transfer of ownership of the former monastery from insurance company "Amersfoortse Verzekeringen" to the "Van den Tweel Horeca Groep". The new owners changed course and wanted the restaurant to leave the fine dining and move into a lower class. After Sistermans left, the restaurant was closed.

Restaurant Mariënhof and its chef Jon Sistermans were at the centre of a big row around the restaurant review magazine Lekker in the year 2000. He accused Lekker of deliberately damaging restaurants and staff without reason. Sistermans started the campaign "Lekker Beest 2001" and an advertiser boycott, to let the magazine change course. The magazine gave in and appointed a new chief editor with a culinary background and softened its language.

Head chef Sistermans was also culinary responsible for the Michelin starred De Rôtisserie in the same complex, although Mandy the Jong was the head chef in charge. Shortly after being burned down by “Lekker”, De Rôtisserie was awarded its own Michelin star.

Marienhof (TV series)

Marienhof is a German soap opera, first shown on 1 October 1992 on German TV channel, Das Erste. It started as a weekly series, before becoming a daily programme on 2 January 1995. The show was cancelled in February 2011 and aired its last episode on 15 June 2011. In the 90s, the Marienhof soap opera became a huge success in Finland and remained a fan favourite until it was cancelled to license problems.

Over the years, the show became known for tackling several social issues, such as homosexuality, homelessness, private bankruptcy, rape, drug abuse, AIDS, child abuse, suicide, cancer, adultery and murder. The show focuses on the everyday life of the residents of the Marienhof, a fictional suburb in Cologne.