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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
soap opera
▪ Career Girls never devolves into soap opera, but remains a focused, complex portrayal of a friendship.
▪ Glossy, high-powered soap opera about four black professional women helping one another through a bad year in Phoenix.
▪ I was in a soap opera for a while where I was the nicest guy in the world.
▪ In this way the Jordache pair transcended their soap opera status.
▪ She looks very much like Crilly, though her hair is cut and tinted like a soap opera actress.
▪ The stupid sexist comments of the blokes with whom and for whom she worked merely provided an entertaining soap opera wallpaper.
▪ Yes, this is a soap opera.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
soap opera

"melodramatic radio serial" (later extended to television), 1939; so-called because sponsors often were soap manufacturers, from earlier horse opera "a Western" (1927). Shortened form soap for this first attested 1943.

soap opera

n. A radio or television serial, typically broadcast in the afternoon or evening, about the lives of melodramatic characters, which are often filled with strong emotions, highly dramatic situations and suspense.

soap opera

n. a serialized program usually dealing with sentimentalized family matters that is broadcast on radio or television (frequently sponsored by a company advertising soap products)

Soap opera

A soap opera, soap, or soapie, is a serial drama on television or radio which examines the lives of many characters, usually focusing on emotional relationships to the point of melodrama. The term soap opera originated from such dramas being typically sponsored by soap manufacturers in the past.

Soap Opera (album)

Soap Opera or The Kinks Present a Soap Opera is a 1975 concept album by The Kinks. It is the thirteenth studio album by The Kinks.

Soap opera (disambiguation)

A soap opera is an ongoing, episodic work of fiction presented in serial format on television, radio, or other mediums.

Soap opera may also refer to:

Soap Opera (1964 film)

Soap Opera, subtitled The Lester Persky Story, is a 1964 feature-length underground film directed by Andy Warhol, starring Baby Jane Holzer, and featuring Gerard Malanga, Sam Green, and Ivy Nicholson. The subtitle was used by Warhol since he used old TV ad footage provided by Lester Persky.

Soap Opera (2014 film)

Soap Opera is a 2014 Italian comedy film written and directed by Alessandro Genovesi. It opened the 2014 Rome Film Festival.