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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a suicide attempt (=an attempt to kill yourself)
▪ He was admitted to hospital after a suicide attempt.
a suicide bomb (=the person carrying the bomb dies when it explodes)
▪ Each time there is a suicide bomb it is a new blow to peace.
assisted suicide
suicide bomber
suicide pact
▪ Pregnancy or childbirth. Attempted suicide.
▪ In summary, therefore, most special aftercare services have had no effect on repetition rates after attempted suicide.
▪ Therefore, the whole of this chapter has been devoted to discussion of this aspect of care of attempted suicide patients.
▪ A few days short of his fifteenth birthday, Gert attempted suicide, cutting his wrist and jumping from a third-floor window.
▪ They became involved after some of the cult's former members attempted suicide.
▪ Lizzy's attempted suicide had been whispered around the station by now, she was sure.
▪ Concluding comments Attempted suicide continues to present a very challenging problem for medical and psychiatric services.
▪ It is doubtful, however, whether they would prevent attempted suicide.
▪ A man who had been living on his own committed suicide.
▪ Hoffman, after a colorful career as an activist for various causes, committed suicide.
▪ In a well publicised case a patient recently committed suicide while under the care of a clinical ecologist.
▪ I ... sort of ... committed suicide.
▪ A girl in the soap opera committed suicide with them.
▪ Marshal Sergei Akhromeyev, chief military adviser to Gorbachev, committed suicide on Aug. 24.
▪ The defence claimed Mrs Armstrong could have taken the poison herself and committed suicide.
▪ They had two sons; the elder committed suicide in 1928 and the younger died in action in 1917.
▪ Corbett related that he felt much like committing suicide himself at this point.
▪ Mum didn't want that to happen. Committing suicide was a mortal sin.
▪ In 1988 there were several well-publicised cases of young people committing suicide apparently because of unrequited love.
▪ Thus, a doctor is under a duty to refrain from any act which may aid his patient in committing suicide.
▪ Nor was there a difference in the proportion of those committing suicide who had previously been in touch with the psychiatric service.
▪ Young Londonderry men are committing suicide at a higher rate than almost any other group of people in the United Kingdom.
▪ This last revolutionary had cheated the State by committing suicide while awaiting execution, but was not allowed to cheat the guillotine.
▪ It is nothing less than national economic and social suicide.
▪ It built the Central Valley Project to rescue the growers from economic suicide by groundwater overdraft.
▪ The Highlands has one of the highest suicide rates in the country and is plagued by huge numbers of fatal accidents.
▪ After a national report on the high suicide rate among gay and lesbian teens, in 1992 Gov.
▪ But California has what is probably the highest suicide rate in the world.
▪ There is a higher suicide rate among weight-loss surgery patients than there is among the morbidly obese.
▪ SHe'd heard about how gender meddling had been outlawed because of the high suicide rate among the successfully mutated.
▪ Of all groups, single males have the highest mortality rate-and suicide is increasingly the way they die.
▪ Young people have a much higher rate of suicide, smoking, and accidental death.
▪ Most disturbing of all is the high suicide rate among rural women.
▪ That need not cause mass suicide among the contractors, or imply that none of these projects will be built.
▪ Sensing his authority had ebbed, Fujimori grimly took the only exit left: political suicide, a move that stunned everyone.
▪ To have taken on the world in that state would have been political suicide.
▪ The government believes it would be political suicide to allow pension contributions to rise above 30 percent.
▪ Hence Mr Yeltsin's dilemma: to persuade the deputies to commit political suicide without acting unconstitutionally.
▪ There are several measures which might reduce the chances of a suicide attempt in an individual at risk.
▪ Shea said the sparse cell where Salvi is housed is designed to frustrate suicide attempts.
▪ The father continued the suicide attempt but he was rescued by police.
▪ Depression has been a lifelong struggle for me, and 17 years ago I was hospitalized after a suicide attempt.
▪ The court heard the girl has made several suicide attempts and is still receiving treatment.
▪ He sloshed around in a cold river in a halfhearted suicide attempt.
▪ Mr Jamshidi has recently left hospital after slashing his wrists in his own suicide attempt.
▪ He was taken to hospital on July 29 with bullet wounds to the chest, apparently the result of a suicide attempt.
▪ This development follows the first suicide bomb attack for two years.
▪ Each time there is a suicide bomb or attack we should point a finger at ourselves?
▪ Can suicide bombers really be considered cowards?
▪ Anonymous but infamous in death, they are the suicide bombers who killed 14 people last month in a Jerusalem market.
▪ The bomb, it said, had been planted by a suicide bomber, named as Abu Yasser.
▪ The homes of suicide bombers will be sealed, then destroyed, he said.
▪ A woman Tiger suicide bomber then assassinated Gandhi.
▪ Read in studio Up to four farmers a week commit suicide in Britain.
▪ Every single psephologist, political pundit and pollster must now resign, be sacked, or better yet, commit suicide.
▪ I had read enough to know that the figures for anorexics who starve to death or commit suicide are frighteningly high.
▪ People, after all, are often involved in disputes and difficulties with their relatives, but only a minority commit suicide.
▪ Many commit suicide because they see no possible hope for the future.
▪ His suicide mission came as a surprise to more people than just his family.
▪ As Delbert saw it, they went on suicide missions, which was just the kind of action he wanted.
▪ The powers-that-be decide to send you on a suicide mission - nice peeps, aren't they?
▪ Moore's suicide note was also read to the court.
▪ A suicide note was found on a china cabinet.
▪ Dollar bills, pound notes, they're suicide notes.
▪ An apparent suicide note found in the house on the day she died claimed the child had been fathered by another man.
▪ She was dead, left a suicide note.
▪ Eventually, they discovered the suicide note, which mentioned the name of the hotel.
▪ Even in his suicide note he couldn't bear to tell me.
▪ At the moment they don't know whether this was an accident, a murder or a suicide pact.
▪ So they joined in a suicide pact which would rid them for ever of parental domination.
▪ Lowestoft is a town twinned with nowhere, although it is considering a suicide pact with Basildon.
▪ Desperate and afraid, they formed a suicide pact.
▪ Detectives are investigating whether it was an accident, a murder or a suicide pact.
▪ The Highlands has one of the highest suicide rates in the country and is plagued by huge numbers of fatal accidents.
▪ And you know what they say about the holidays and the suicide rate.
▪ As a result 5,000 farmers are going out of business every year and the suicide rate for farmers has never been higher.
▪ After a national report on the high suicide rate among gay and lesbian teens, in 1992 Gov.
▪ But California has what is probably the highest suicide rate in the world.
▪ And their suicide rate is two to three times higher than ours in every age category.
▪ Since the closure of the tower, Pisa's alarming suicide rate has fallen.
▪ There is a higher suicide rate among weight-loss surgery patients than there is among the morbidly obese.
▪ Murder and suicide verdict after car park double shooting.
▪ Mr Barter recorded a suicide verdict and expressed his sympathy to Mr Banks' family.
▪ In the United States, Oregon has a law permitting some assisted suicides.
▪ All this can make assisted suicide seem a reasonable escape from inevitable agony.
▪ The charge was dismissed on the ground that Michigan state law did not prohibit assisting some one to commit suicide.
▪ The author imagined assisted suicide to be a heavily regulated practice, to prevent abuse.
▪ Even so, she said, many of the people who come to the hospice ask about assisted suicide.
▪ The noises in my head never stop and have nearly driven me to suicide.
▪ Kruger determines to drive him to suicide by whatever means at his disposal.
▪ Some sufferers are even driven to suicide.
▪ More than once, depression drove him to attempt suicide.
▪ Now that the lights are on I don't suspect that she drove him to suicide.
▪ Anonymous but infamous in death, they are the suicide bombers who killed 14 people last month in a Jerusalem market.
▪ In the long term production of serotonin is reduced, leading to depression most suicides have low serotonin levels.
▪ Depression is a leading cause of suicide in the elderly, and also affects mood, behavior and physical health.
▪ Whom should we therefore ban from public places for causing all the depression leading to so many suicides?
▪ They seek short-term competitive advantage even when it leads to long-term suicide.
▪ Poenisch is leading a grass-roots campaign to persuade Michigan voters to legalize doctor-assisted suicide.
▪ It wasn't read out in court, but it lead the Coroner to record a verdict of suicide.
▪ The coroner recorded a verdict of suicide while she was suffering from depression.
▪ Mr Short recorded a verdict of suicide.
▪ Coroner Gordon Glasgow recorded a verdict of suicide.
▪ Mr Barter recorded a suicide verdict and expressed his sympathy to Mr Banks' family.
▪ Her brother Marco tried to commit suicide after we left.
▪ The second time, like the first, no one could say for certain she had been trying to commit suicide.
▪ I have tried to commit suicide many times, but I couldn't do it.
▪ Their eldest daughter, Elizabeth, 15, tried to commit suicide.
▪ It was because I went to a disco that he tried to commit suicide.
▪ Those who weren't constantly eating or in front of a mirror, were trying to commit suicide.
▪ She asked me why I tried to commit suicide.
▪ At the end of May 1944, she tried to commit suicide but was saved.
attempted murder/suicide/rape etc
▪ All I care about is solving this murder, I mean this attempted murder.
▪ He was acquitted of rape, attempted murder, administering poison with intent and kidnapping.
▪ In summary, therefore, most special aftercare services have had no effect on repetition rates after attempted suicide.
▪ Redmond denied attempted murder but admitted wounding with intent.
▪ Several forces have also seen very sharp rises in attempted murders.
▪ The charges include the murder of Becky and the attempted murder of Katie in April 1991.
▪ The suspects were held Wednesday on suspicion of attempted murder, attempted burglary and conspiracy.
▪ We have cured hundreds of people from Chicago, Ill., from gunshot wounds inflicted in attempted murders and robberies.
commit suicide
▪ Isaacs denied trying to help his brother commit suicide.
▪ After the cremains were found last June in a collapsed storage locker, Vieira committed suicide.
▪ But Grundberg committed suicide June 22, 1994&.
▪ Elaine Blond observed that he had committed suicide by stages.
▪ I have tried to commit suicide many times, but I couldn't do it.
▪ Only by restoring his muscle spasm had he been able to conquer the impulse to commit suicide.
▪ The Gamester also ended tragically when Beverly, a gambler, falsely accused of murder, committed suicide by taking poison.
▪ The Minister of Law and Order denied any police responsibility and suggested that many of those who died had committed suicide.
▪ The second time, like the first, no one could say for certain she had been trying to commit suicide.
▪ Barry threatened to commit suicide if she refused to marry him.
▪ Police are treating the man's death as suicide.
▪ Stephen required hospital treatment after his suicide attempt.
▪ There is grave concern about the number of teenage suicides recorded last year.
▪ He told me the only way he could get checked in to a hospital was by attempting suicide.
▪ In the United States, 35 states explicitly make doctor-assisted suicide a crime, including New York.
▪ Moore's suicide note was also read to the court.
▪ Rumours spread that you had committed suicide.
▪ This would particularly apply where the risk of suicide is judged to be high.
▪ To have taken on the world in that state would have been political suicide.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Suicide \Su"i*cide\, n. [L. sui of one's self (akin to suus one's own) + caedere to slay, to kill. Cf. So, adv., Homicide.]

  1. The act of taking one's own life voluntary and intentionally; self-murder; specifically (Law), the felonious killing of one's self; the deliberate and intentional destruction of one's own life by a person of years of discretion and of sound mind.

  2. One guilty of self-murder; a felo-de-se.

  3. Ruin of one's own interests. ``Intestine war, which may be justly called political suicide.''
    --V. Knox.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"deliberate killing of oneself," 1650s, from Modern Latin suicidium "suicide," from Latin sui "of oneself" (genitive of se "self"), from PIE *s(u)w-o- "one's own," from root *s(w)e- (see idiom) + -cidium "a killing" (see -cide). Probably an English coinage; much maligned by Latin purists because it "may as well seem to participate of sus, a sow, as of the pronoun sui" [Phillips]. The meaning "person who kills himself deliberately" is from 1728. In Anglo-Latin, the term for "one who commits suicide" was felo-de-se, literally "one guilty concerning himself."\n\nEven in 1749, in the full blaze of the philosophic movement, we find a suicide named Portier dragged through the streets of Paris with his face to the ground, hung from a gallows by his feet, and then thrown into the sewers; and the laws were not abrogated till the Revolution, which, having founded so many other forms of freedom, accorded the liberty of death.

[W.E.H. Lecky, "History of European Morals," 1869]

\nIn England, suicides were legally criminal if of age and sane, but not if judged to have been mentally deranged. The criminal ones were mutilated by stake and given degrading burial in highways until 1823. Suicide blonde (one who has "dyed by her own hand") first attested 1921. Baseball suicide squeeze is attested from 1937.

n. (context uncountable English) intentional killing of oneself. vb. 1 (context intransitive English) To kill oneself intentionally. 2 (context transitive English) To kill (someone) and make their death appear to have been a suicide rather than a homicide (qualifier: now especially as part of a conspiracy).

  1. n. the act of killing yourself; "it is a crime to commit suicide" [syn: self-destruction, self-annihilation]

  2. a person who kills himself intentionally [syn: felo-de-se]

Suicide (band)

Suicide was an American musical duo, intermittently active between 1968 and 2016, composed of vocalist Alan Vega and instrumentalist Martin Rev. The group's pioneering music made use of minimalist electronic instrumentation and primitive drum machines, and their early performances were confrontational and often ended in violence. They were among the first groups to use the phrase punk music in an advertisement for a concert in 1970.

Though never widely popular among the general public, Suicide have been recognized as among the most influential acts of their era. Their debut album Suicide (1977) was described by Entertainment Weekly as "a landmark of electronic music," while AllMusic stated that it "provided the blueprints for post-punk, synth pop, and industrial rock." Rolling Stone called them "an unmeasurable influence on the industrial dance, noise, techno, ambient, and electronic scenes of the 1980s and 1990s."

Suicide (Viktor Suvorov book)

Suicide is a book by Viktor Suvorov about German preparations for the war with the Soviet Union.

Suvorov argues that the German army was ill-prepared, Germany's leaders were unsophisticated (if not foolish), and that attacking Russia was suicidal for Germany (hence the title of the book), and he suggests an explanation why Hitler nevertheless did what he did. Suvorov compares the German and Soviet armies and concludes that the latter had superiority of almost every kind. Suvorov points to German lack of gasoline in Summer 1941 and the lack of strategic bombers which would have been necessary to destroy Soviet military industry beyond the Urals even if the initial Blitzkrieg plan had succeeded. He also criticizes Soviet-era historiography and answers some of the criticism raised against his views.

Suicide (game)

Suicide (sometimes abbreviated to "suey"), or otherwise referred to as "elimination", is a game typically played by children and teenagers. The rules vary widely from place to place; those given below are not necessarily a "standard" form of the rules.

Suicide (disambiguation)

Suicide is the act of intentionally ending one's own life (and can be a noun for a person who has commited suicide).

Suicide may also refer to:

Suicide (book)

Suicide is an 1897 book written by French sociologist Émile Durkheim. It was the first methodological study of a social fact in the context of society. It is ostensibly a case study of suicide, a publication unique for its time that provided an example of what the sociological monograph should look like. Some argue that it is not a case study, which makes it unique among other scholarly work on the same subject.

Suicide (novel)

Suicide is a short novel by Edouard Levé noted for its precise language and seemingly random structure meant to imitate human memory.

An excerpt of Suicide titled Life in Three Houses appeared in the April 2011 issue of Harper's.

Suicide (Purple Jumping Man)

Suicide (Purple Jumping Man) is a 1963 silkscreen painting by American pop artist, Andy Warhol. it is currently in the collection of the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art in Tehran.

Suicide (b-boy move)

A suicide is a sudden drop to a breakdancer's and B-boys back. They are frequently employed as take out moves burn moves and freeze. Ideally, suicides are very flashy and painful-looking moves. Good suicides elicit exclamations of "ouch" from onlookers and can even be comical to a certain degree. They usually end with the breaker perfectly still, enhancing the image that he has injured himself. Despite appearances, different training and techniques are used to minimize the pain of suicides. A suicide is also used to demonstrate a possible ending to a conflict that groups may have with each other.

Invention of the move has been credited to Frosty Freeze of Rock Steady Crew, and Powerful Pexster of New York City Breakers with the style and distinction of the Suicide move we all are known executed from a front flip to shoulder Trac .

Suicide (1977 album)

Suicide is the debut album from the American rock band Suicide. It was released in 1977 on Red Star Records and produced by Craig Leon and Marty Thau. The album was recorded in four days at Ultima Sound Studios in New York and featured Martin Rev's minimalist electronics and harsh, repetitive rhythms paired with Alan Vega's rock and roll-inspired vocals and depictions of urban life.

Upon its initial release, Suicide was greeted with positive reception from the UK press, but received mixed reviews in the United States, where it failed to chart. However, the album would soon be regarded as a milestone in electronic and rock music. In 2013, Pitchfork named it one of the greatest albums of the 1970s and Rolling Stone placed it on their list of the 500 greatest albums of all time. The album is listed as one of the 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. The album also influenced artists in various genres including Bruce Springsteen, The Fleshtones, Spacemen 3, and Peaches.


Suicide is the act of intentionally causing one's own death. Risk factors include mental disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, personality disorders, alcoholism, or substance misuse. Others are impulsive acts due to stress such as from financial difficulties, troubles with relationships, or from bullying. Those who have previously attempted suicide are at higher risk for future attempts. Suicide prevention efforts include limiting access to method of suicide, such as firearms and poisons, treating mental illness and substance misuse, proper media reporting of suicide, and improving economic conditions. Although crisis hotlines are common, there is little evidence for their effectiveness.

The most commonly used method of suicide varies between countries, and is partly related to the availability of effective means. Common methods include hanging, pesticide poisoning, and firearms. Suicide resulted in 842,000 deaths in 2013 up from 712,000 deaths in 1990. This makes it the 10th leading cause of death worldwide. Rates of completed suicides are generally higher in men than in women, with males three to four times more likely to kill themselves than females. There are an estimated 10 to 20 million non-fatal attempted suicides every year. Non-fatal suicide attempts may lead to injury and long-term disabilities. In the Western world, attempts are more common in young people and females.

Views on suicide have been influenced by broad existential themes such as religion, honor, and the meaning of life. The Abrahamic religions traditionally consider suicide an offense towards God due to the belief in the sanctity of life. During the samurai era in Japan, a form of suicide known as seppuku was respected as a means of making up for failure or as a form of protest. Sati, a practice outlawed by the British Raj, expected the Indian widow to kill herself on her husband's funeral fire, either willingly or under pressure from the family and society. Suicide and attempted suicide, while previously illegal, are no longer in most Western countries. It remains a criminal offense in many countries. In the 20th and 21st centuries, suicide has been used on rare occasions as a form of protest, and kamikaze and suicide bombings have been used as a military or terrorist tactic. The word is from the Latinsuicidium, which means "the killing of oneself".

Suicide (wrestling)

Suicide is a professional wrestling character, formerly used by multiple professional wrestlers. Suicide first appeared as a fictional character from TNA Impact! the video game. In December 2008, the Suicide character was introduced on television as a real-life wrestler in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Though having been primarily portrayed by Frankie Kazarian, Christopher Daniels took up the mantle for a time in early 2009 and went on to win the X Division Championship. In June 2010, Kiyoshi became the third man to use the gimmick. In October 2010, the gimmick was dropped, but made a brief return in January 2011, once again being portrayed by Christopher Daniels before being dropped once again in April 2011. Suicide returned to television in May 2013 portrayed by T.J. Perkins. Austin Aries wrestled under the Suicide gimmick for one day and won the TNA X Division Championship on the episode of Impact Wrestling which aired on June 27, 2013. Suicide was "revealed" to be T.J. Perkins on the June 30, 2013, episode of Impact Wrestling. Perkins changed his ring name to Manik, using a slightly altered version of the Suicide ring-gear, with new music. Perkins remains the only man to have wrestled under the Manik persona. The Suicide character returned in July 2016, now portrayed by Jonathan Gresham.

Usage examples of "suicide".

StregaSchloss on the end of a moth-eaten damask curtain was a bad idea, or maybe the sight of the Borgia money going to such an undeserving home had simply robbed the estate lawyer of the will to live, but miraculously his abseiling suicide attempt didnt kill him.

McIntyre contends that Turnbull forged the letter and stole the securities, then fearing his guilt would become known, committed still another crime - that of suicide, he could have swallowed a dose of aconitine while at the police court.

The inquest on Gordon resulted in a verdict of suicide without the merciful adjoinder that the balance of his mind had been affected.

Hes stuffing his face, the wifie hates him and hes aff to see a shrink three times a week since his last suicide attempt.

A goodly number were aflight, but those that had gone between planet and star were suicides, sending only bare glimpses before heat and radiation killed their electronics.

Behind these small ships, the overlapped shields of the foremost ballistas flickered imperceptibly in precise timing as they launched a volley of defensive projectile fire, driving back the first robot assault, annihilating many of the machine suicide ships before they could get through.

First her father s error, his suicide, her own broken betrothal to Toby Argyll, then an estrangement from her sister, the shame of her false accusations, and nothing to look forward to in the future, not even financial security.

They have brought in materialism, atheism, class war, weak happiness ideals, race suicide, social atomism, racial promiscuity, decadence in the arts, erotomania, disintegration of the family, private and public dishonor, slatternly feminism, economic fluctuation and catastrophe, civil war in the family of Europe, planned degeneration of the youth through vile films and literature, and through neurotic doctrines in education.

And that the Auteur had apparently remained alcohol-free for the whole next three-and-a-half months, from Xmas of the Year of the Tucks Medicated Pad to 1 April of the Year of the Trial-Size Dove Bar, the date of his suicide.

Then I lay down and began to consider whether the good-natured young man would prevent me committing suicide, as he had already made me postpone it.

He staged the suicide to implicate your son in the murders of Natalie Copperfield and Bick Byson, who he also has confessed to killing.

Well, the medical evidence showed that there was nothing to rule out the probability of suicide, and although the pathologist thought the wound was too deep to have been self-inflicted, the coroner told the jury to disregard that and the inquest will be resumed on those lines, especially as the pathologist himself could find no rational significance in the depth of the wound and was forced to agree that if Bosey had fallen on the knife, that would explain matters.

I tell you with absolute certainty there are millions of carats of diamonds lying in the crotch of Thunderbolt and Suicide.

He has also the power to kill me, but he would have to provide the executioner, as he could not make me commit suicide.

He talked of the cowardliness of suicide, complained of the small extent and horrid climate of St.