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academic discipline

n. A branch of knowledge or learning which is taught or researched at the college or university level.

Usage examples of "academic discipline".

Jack the Bodiless absorbed every single academic discipline that Dartmouth College had to offer within three years of matriculation, and then turned his voracious, polymathic young mind loose upon other top institutions of learning.

Flinders Petrie, was later to be universally acclaimed as the founder of the academic discipline of Egyptology.

She had paved over the rubble, sealed up the debris of catastrophe with the clear, hard shell of academic discipline.

There is even now an academic discipline called retail anthropology whose proponents can tell you exactly where, how, and why people shop the way they do.

She had gone instead into theology, one of the many broadly philosophical boom areas of academic discipline.

His professorship was an obscure one, to say the least, and since he dispensed with his lecturing duties by the simple and time-honoured technique of presenting all his potential students with an exhaustive list of books that he knew for a fact had been out of print for thirty years, then flying into a tantrum if they failed to find them, no one had ever discovered the precise nature of his academic discipline.

What the vodyanoi do is magic, and the academic discipline called Thaumaturgy in the book is magic as we would understand it.