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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Partick Thistle have signed Hearts' 31-year-old midfielder Ian Jardine as player-coach.
▪ Manager Brian Clough has opened talks aimed at keeping the £5m-rated midfielder beyond the end of next season.
▪ Norton will be without suspended midfielder Bobby Hadfield.
▪ Portsmouth boss Jim Smith is set to recall midfielder Chris Burns.
▪ The midfielder struck a superb second-half treble as Arsenal pummelled Plymouth 6-1 at Home Park.
▪ The Stockton midfielder will be out for three weeks with damaged knee ligaments.

n. (context soccer English) A player who operates behind the attackers, in front of the defence.


midfielder is an association football position. Midfielders are generally positioned on the field between their team's defenders and forwards. Some midfielders play a more defensive role, breaking up attacks and are more disciplined to their roles they are otherwise known as defensive midfielders, while others blur the boundaries, more mobile, efficient in passing and are commonly as deeplying playmakers, box to box or holding midfielders. The number of midfielders on the team and their assigned roles depends on the team's formation; the collective group of these players on the field is sometimes referred to as the midfield.

Most managers assign at least one midfielder to disrupt the opposing team's attacks, while others may be tasked with creating goals, or have equal responsibilities between attack and defence. Midfielders are the players who typically travel the greatest distance during a match.

Midfielder (disambiguation)

A midfielder is a position in association football.

Midfielder may also refer to:

  • Midfielder (Australian Rules), a centre or wingman in Australian rules football
  • Midfielder (lacrosse), a position in lacrosse
  • Midfielder (futsal), a position in futsal
  • Midfielder (rugby union), a centre in rugby union
  • A general sports term for a player who occupies a position in the midfield

Usage examples of "midfielder".

They nudged it between them, easily beating their way around the one midfielder who tried to intercept them.

There are better defenders and midfielders, and Tommy Jones is the best goalkeeper in the whole school.

Neither does charity in the usual sense - there is no Goldstein Foundation bestowing grants on Jewish MBAs or slow-footed midfielders or the children of city bureaucrats.

Lawrence saw one of their midfielders heading for an open space in the center circle and ran to cut him off.