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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
controversial legislation (=controversial laws)
▪ The controversial legislation has not yet been officially approved.
▪ The government has passed new legislation to protect consumers.
veto legislation/a measure/a proposal etc
▪ President Bush vetoed the bill on July 6.
▪ Least of all do I recognise the fairness and balance of the current Tory legislation which you claim.
▪ Do we need to be reminded of the current legislation?
▪ An investigation launched by Knowsley Borough Council found that staff had reacted swiftly and that procedures complied with current legislation.
▪ The sub-contractor should be required to maintain safe working conditions on the site and to operate within the current safety legislation.
▪ With the current legislation of Data Protection, this is becoming less and less likely.
▪ Under current legislation the school will have increased control of its resources, even if the latter do not increase.
▪ A joint commission was to be set up to examine current fiscal legislation and elaborate reforms to promote investment and expenditure savings.
▪ Where this is so, Parliament's legislative role is as above described in relation to Acts and United Kingdom delegated legislation.
▪ Control over delegated legislation: The enabling act.
▪ The use of framework legislation and the practice of delegated legislation were thus viewed essentially as methods of efficiently allocating legislative tasks.
▪ The procedure for dealing with delegated legislation is even more unsatisfactory.
▪ Robson's text, which focused mainly on administrative adjudication, was complemented by the work of Willis on delegated legislation.
▪ This sort of delegated legislation is not only thoroughly objectionable constitutionally.
▪ We will improve the quality of legislation by establishing pre-legislative committees and better scrutiny of delegated legislation.
▪ That is a risk which is, perhaps, inherent in all delegated legislation.
▪ But under existing environmental legislation, some two-thirds of this land can not be exploited.
▪ After 20 years of environmental legislation to clean up our air and water, pollution is as bad as ever.
▪ In no other area of environmental policy does legislation impose such burdens for so little gain.
▪ But he advised caution beyond the point of planning permission, because new environmental legislation makes it essential to seek expert advice.
▪ Conservative Governments have been responsible for all major environmental legislation.
▪ Details from J. Cunningham Environmental legislation for the 1990s will be held on 25-26 June 1992.
▪ In the meantime, existing legislation applies.
▪ So let us have no talk of building on the existing legislation.
▪ The Act brings together much existing employment legislation and is a welcome consolidation.
▪ The Assembly passed a law on civil aviation and amended existing legislation on export-import taxes.
▪ Shindler will carry out an environmental compliance audit, to establish how well a company is complying with existing legislation.
▪ But under existing environmental legislation, some two-thirds of this land can not be exploited.
▪ It has made it quite clear that it believes that the existing legislation can deal with such matters.
▪ The existing legislation on fringe benefits was to be repealed.
▪ The girls like Jody who went through high school in the mid-1970s were the first beneficiaries of the federal legislation.
▪ Sarah Brady said she hasn't given up on federal legislation.
▪ Pete Wilson is balking at accepting the funds, which are second-year grants awarded under federal legislation known as Goals 2000.
▪ The delay is a result of the first major challenge to the federal salvage-timber legislation.
▪ But we need not wait for federal legislation to begin the process of change.
▪ I think we need federal legislation.
▪ In addition, various questions were asked about the applicability of national legislation to local conditions.
▪ They also recognize the importance of national legislation aimed at eradicating torture.
▪ The question then arises as to how specific the Community legislation has to be before it precludes national legislation.
▪ Peace would mean no more suits For the tobacco industry, peace would be national legislation that would end anti-smoking lawsuits.
▪ The Institute's main concern is that the new entities should be expressly subject to national legislation governing the activity undertaken.
▪ The third feature that needs to be considered in contextualizing the national curriculum legislation is the government's attitude towards local authorities.
▪ There remains the question of how to approach national legislation in the light of relevant Community directives.
▪ A final question which falls to be considered is whether they also apply to national legislation adopted prior to the directive.
▪ More help should also be available for the parents of younger handicapped children under the new legislation.
▪ And the new telecommunications legislation will most likely force more mergers and consolidations as free-market influences strengthen.
▪ However the constraints are such that without new legislation it is extremely unlikely that this is an option open to the Catholic sector.
▪ Q: Is there a way to deal with the problems with new legislation?
▪ Mr Maher said he had received assurances from the Government that new legislation on increasing competition would apply to the book agreement.
▪ The combination of persistent earnings and the new telecommunications legislation should make broadcasters and other entertainment outlets more attractive.
▪ Can the effectiveness of the new legislation be assessed adequately in the short-term? 5.
▪ Proposed new legislation will extend the range of exempt companies to include Manx-registered public companies.
▪ The proposed legislation appeared to mark a stronger move towards direct state regulation of sexuality.
▪ At that stage the United Kingdom could decide whether it was in favour of the proposed legislation.
▪ The proposed legislation undermines the principles of the 1951 Geneva convention.
▪ The decision has generated sheafs of proposed new abortion legislation, pro and anti, at state level.
▪ Consultation on the Green Paper will continue until November, and should be followed by the drafting of proposed legislation.
▪ Such a conference would, among other things, debate the proposed legislation, and draw up a timetable for elections.
▪ The Parliament will have as many as four opportunities to review proposed legislation before it is adopted.
▪ The proposed legislation also failed to commit the authorities to a definite programme of school-building and put forward an extremely unambitious curriculum.
▪ It has not been repealed or superseded by more recent legislation.
▪ Don Perata, D-Oakland, became the most recent, proposing legislation to reward thrifty power users this summer.
▪ The tendency of recent legislation also provided cause for concern.
▪ With these considerations in mind, let us examine recent welfare legislation at both the state and federal levels.
▪ Some include potted guides to Euro-jargon and decision-making, with compendia of recent important legislation.
▪ They said Congress' recent legislation banning federal funds for doctor-assisted suicide will make passage of any new state law more difficult.
▪ The devolution of financial management is one of the most important developments in recent legislation.
▪ These rights were very extensive, but they were threatened by, rather than dependent on, recent papal legislation.
▪ Reciprocal arrangements to promote similar labour legislation were more frequent.
▪ However, it should also be borne in mind that many other contracts have similar legislation governing exclusion and similar clauses.
▪ McCain was the principal sponsor of similar legislation approved by the Senate in April.
▪ President Clinton, in his State of the Union address last month, urged similar legislation on child safety locks.
▪ Maryland passed similar legislation a few years ago.
▪ Perhaps it was a coincidence, but nine days after the Stanford performance, similar legislation was signed by Gov.
▪ Yet this wave of social legislation could not easily be reconciled with the tenets of classical liberalism.
▪ One might concentrate on careful social legislation, taking as its priorities the security, well-being and leisure of the whole population.
▪ Family credit is one of the great advances of social legislation.
▪ By the year 2000, little will remain of the 1940s social legislation, assumed by Beveridge.
▪ Government reports, social legislation, anything she could lay her hands on that would better acquaint her with her work.
▪ At the same time, recent Social Service legislation reflects a shift in Government policy.
▪ The amount of social legislation initiated by the Liberal government increased notably from 1908.
▪ Indeed the Community has sought co-ordination of national social security legislation to facilitate mobility through Regulations 71/1408 and 72/574.
▪ A number of members of Congress have begun talking about Social Security and introducing reform legislation.
▪ Clinton already has vetoed Republican-drafted welfare reform legislation twice.
▪ If the bill fails, it would be the fifth defeat in a decade for campaign finance reform legislation.
▪ In 1992, Dole voted against campaign finance reform legislation that passed Congress but that was vetoed by President Bush.
▪ Under Augustus legislation was passed to allow freed slaves to marry and their children to become Roman citizens.
▪ Last month, we enacted legislation to allow civil marriage ceremonies for domestic partners in San Francisco.
▪ The Reserves will play an even more important role and we will introduce legislation to allow their more flexible use.
▪ The business group will seek legislation allowing local governments to tax for specific purposes only.
▪ The redundancy payments legislation allows employees a four-week trial period in which to make up their minds.
▪ It also passed enabling legislation to allow further constitutional amendments to be made in the wake of the peace treaty.
▪ In the 70s legislation was passed to allow state or private regional planning bodies to organise excavations.
▪ Now, for most foods, legislation allows the average weight to be stated.
▪ The congress is likely to approve the necessary legislation and proposed constitutional amendment.
▪ He challenged the Republicans to approve legislation supporting the promises made in their platform.
▪ To do so he would have to ask Parliament to approve legislation to change the date.
▪ A Senate committee approved legislation last week to require storage of the spent fuel in an interim facility in Nevada.
▪ The Senate accepted the block grant approach when it approved the legislation the following year.
▪ A Home Office source indicated last night that he would like to bring foward legislation after the election.
▪ Lord James promised to monitor the situation and to bring legislation forward if it were proved it was needed.
▪ The monitor aims to bring managers up to date with legislation and their responsibilities.
▪ It will bring forward legislation in the coming parliamentary session to introduce student loans, partially replacing grants, from autumn 1990.
▪ We're calling on the Home Secretary to bring in legislation to take care of them.
▪ Prisoners are brought up to date with new legislation that may affect them, such as housing and social security.
▪ Fears of conflict in Congress, particularly with southern Democrats, made Kennedy hesitate to bring forward civil rights legislation.
▪ Following assessment of the responses to our discussion paper, we will bring forward legislation to achieve this.
▪ Steve Scrutton considers legislation essential in many areas.
▪ In addition, the Congress is considering legislation supporting its development.
▪ If it were a risk, then the revenue would need to consider appropriate legislation.
▪ After that, the full board will consider the legislation.
▪ Instead of considering more legislation, Bill Clinton should think about deregulating medicine.
▪ The statement called on President Clinton to consider revising the legislation.
▪ I would be grateful if you could convey these views to the committee which is considering the legislation.
▪ Congress is considering legislation that would ban such donations.
▪ There is a movement afoot to draft legislation that would repeal the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings law.
▪ Under severe pressure from the neighborhood, the council drafted legislation to stop construction of the metal houses.
▪ The 40-member steering committee was mandated to formulate agreements on all outstanding issues and to draft legislation to formalize any agreements.
▪ In the wake of the Wall Street Crash Congress enacted a plethora of legislation aimed at ensuring fair and orderly markets.
▪ Each sovereign state has enacted legislation establishing national parks, scientific or scenic reserves and wilderness areas.
▪ Last month, we enacted legislation to allow civil marriage ceremonies for domestic partners in San Francisco.
▪ Northern states did not enact legislation prohibiting discussion of slavery, but mob violence often awaited antislavery spokesmen.
▪ He knows Clinton will not propose and Congress will not enact legislation to seriously weaken provisions of the new law.
▪ By 1917 all the pieces needed for Congress to enact legislation regarding leprosy were set in place.
▪ States in these areas began enacting legislation to prevent the entry of free blacks within their borders.
▪ Procedures for implementing this recent legislation are being worked out by the U.S. Department of the Interior.
▪ Kyl, one of the leading critics of the weapons convention, in effect borrowed from the implementing legislation for the convention.
▪ A recent consumer survey indicated that 89% of people wanted the Government to implement legislation to promote more recycling of paper.
▪ Y., and other lawmakers urged the change after learning that it could be implemented without legislation.
▪ Does she enjoin Congress from implementing its legislation?
▪ The real action is in the states now, as they try to implement the legislation.
▪ The rules implement legislation passed by Congress in 1994.
▪ A Bill will be introduced to replace private legislation as the means for authorising transport development schemes.
▪ The hospitals are the ones that introduced this legislation, and they are perfectly happy with the review process.
▪ The Reserves will play an even more important role and we will introduce legislation to allow their more flexible use.
▪ John Glenn, D-Ohio, intends to introduce legislation that would prohibit ships from discharging organism-laced ballast water in estuaries.
▪ We intend to introduce legislation to implement all of them.
▪ Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., introduced legislation Thursday that would boost spending on heart disease research for women.
▪ Many tried and failed to introduce legislation to remedy the situation.
▪ A number of members of Congress have begun talking about Social Security and introducing reform legislation.
▪ Above all, Churchill was opposed to passing major legislation before the war was won.
▪ It also passed an emergency resolution opposing federal anti-affirmative action legislation.
▪ She opposed protective labour legislation for women workers.
▪ The Bush administration has gone further, and said it does not oppose the new legislation.
▪ Clinton opposed the legislation but signed it anyway because, he said, he needed other important measures in the defense bill.
▪ He slammed the door on every meeting, opposed all legislation and blocked the working of institutions.
▪ Above all, Churchill was opposed to passing major legislation before the war was won.
▪ They passed legislation that often made it impossible for ordinary citizens to sue for their injuries.
▪ So the process continues: pro-choice members of Congress hoped to pass legislation incorporating clearer statutory rights to abortion.
▪ To pass, the legislation needed 31 votes.
▪ Congress had earlier passed legislation overturning these regulations.
▪ Last week, the House passed, 418-9, legislation that was later adopted by the Senate on a voice vote.
▪ Both states have recently passed legislation to make securitisation simpler.
▪ Republicans tried to pass legislation to accomplish similar aims last year, but the bill was blocked by labor-backed Democrats.
▪ Both propose legislation aimed at dealing with anti-competitive effects rather than the form of an agreement.
▪ In Congress, proposed legislation would: Slash the number of refugees and immigrants admitted to the United States.
▪ On the fourth part, relating to Bridlington, the Minister proposes legislation.
▪ Don Perata, D-Oakland, became the most recent, proposing legislation to reward thrifty power users this summer.
▪ The Commission's sole right to propose legislation remained untouched.
▪ C., who has proposed safe-harbor legislation.
▪ Under the proposed legislation those categories would be eliminated.
▪ Violence victims face homelessness Social workers need more training in housing legislation to protect victims of domestic violence being made homeless.
▪ Angiletta said the primary purpose of the web site was to keep the public informed about legislation to protect children from predators.
▪ Meanwhile state legislation protecting indebted small farmers has been abolished.
▪ What of those countries with legislation which seeks to protect the older employee?
▪ The second priority is legislation to protect patients in health maintenance organizations, sponsored by Sens.
▪ It has widespread support in the House as far as it goes, but missing is legislation to protect against victimisation.
▪ How could legislation be designed to protect this woman?
▪ However, planning permission is required, and legislation is tightening its grip on mast sites.
▪ The broader settlement would require legislation be passed by Congress.
▪ Extending them to a substantially wider range of courses or students would, however, require primary legislation.
▪ The proviso states that the Covenant does not require any legislation or other action prohibited by the Constitution.
▪ If required, legislation will be invoked to give effect to the changes.
▪ It would be an extravagant use of parliamentary time to require new legislation for changes of this kind.
▪ The make-up of some of the most influential quangos is laid down in law, and would require more legislation to change.
▪ Article 6 requires legislation by Member States to take effect by 1 January 1993.
▪ Wilson plans to sign the legislation Monday.
▪ Clinton has refused to sign GOP-backed legislation to reimburse the fired travel office personnel for their legal expenses.
▪ On Sept. 9, 1957, the president signed legislation creating a six-member commission on civil rights.
▪ President Clinton Saturday signed Republicancrafted legislation to pay about 750, 000 furloughed government workers, putting them back to work.
▪ Truman did not actually sign the military aid legislation until July 26, 1950.
▪ I am eager to sign legislation to make our legal system work better at less cost in a fairer way.
▪ Pete Wilson, who signed the helmet legislation, said earlier this year that he still believes he made the right decision.
▪ First he supported the legislation and then we heard his special pleading for his constituency.
▪ Clinton said Monday he would be willing to support legislation sponsored by Sen.
▪ More than 90 percent of them said they would support new legislation to ensure higher energy-efficiency standards in household appliances.
▪ Last year, Hayworth supported welfare-reform legislation that would have slashed federal spending by $ 66 billion over five years.
▪ If the president can be induced to veto Dole legislation, that claim will look stronger still.
▪ President Clinton has vowed to veto the legislation.
▪ The Senate would have the power to veto legislation affecting Melanesians, but would have restricted powers over financial legislation.
▪ Although the chief executive can veto legislation, the legislature can override that veto.
▪ Losing the majority in the Bundesrat, which may veto tax legislation, is a nuisance but not a disaster.
▪ Clinton already has vetoed Republican-drafted welfare reform legislation twice.
▪ In 1993, Wilson vetoed routine enabling legislation to keep the advertising program going.
bring forward legislation/plans/policies etc
▪ Following assessment of the responses to our discussion paper, we will bring forward legislation to achieve this.
▪ Home Secretary Kenneth Clarke wants to bring forward plans to change the law in the new year.
▪ It will bring forward legislation in the coming parliamentary session to introduce student loans, partially replacing grants, from autumn 1990.
sign a bill/legislation/agreement into law
Legislation is needed to stop the spread of computer pornography.
▪ civil rights legislation
▪ new legislation on the sale of alcohol
▪ The legislation requires motorcyclists to wear helmets.
▪ An Appendix to the Circular discusses a number of related issues, and relevant legislation.
▪ Campaigners argue that poor countries faced with a health emergency have a right under international trade legislation to buy generic drugs.
▪ Consultation with the religious denominations was promised before new laws were adopted along the lines of the legislation of 1928.
▪ It will be joined at some point by Clinton, even though he has no legal role in the legislation.
▪ Madeira was transformed into an offshore centre by virtue of legislation enacted in 1986.
▪ Peace would mean no more suits For the tobacco industry, peace would be national legislation that would end anti-smoking lawsuits.
▪ Statistical accounts of those whose benefits have been cut under the Actively Seeking Work legislation to date were provided.
▪ The policy was continued, with a number of amendments, in the 1925 legislation.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Legislation \Leg`is*la"tion\ (-l[=a]"sh[u^]n), n. [Cf. F. l['e]gislation, L. legis latio. See Legislator.] The act of legislating; preparation and enactment of laws; the laws enacted.

Pythagoras joined legislation to his philosophy.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1650s, from French législation, from Late Latin legislationem (nominative legislatio), properly two words, legis latio, "proposing (literally 'bearing') of a law;" see legislator.


n. 1 The act of legislating; preparation and enactment of laws; the laws enacted. 2 Law which has been enacted by legislature or other governing body

  1. n. law enacted by a legislative body [syn: statute law]

  2. the act of making or enacting laws [syn: legislating, lawmaking]


Legislation (or " statutory law") is law which has been promulgated (or " enacted") by a legislature or other governing body or the process of making it. Before an item of legislation becomes law it may be known as a bill, and may be broadly referred to as "legislation", while it remains under consideration to distinguish it from other business. Legislation can have many purposes: to regulate, to authorize, to outlaw, to provide (funds), to sanction, to grant, to declare or to restrict. It may be contrasted with a non-legislative act which is adopted by an executive or administrative body under the authority of a legislative act or for implementing a legislative act.

Under the Westminster system, an item of primary legislation is known as an Act of Parliament after enactment.

Legislation is usually proposed by a member of the legislature (e.g. a member of Congress or Parliament), or by the executive, whereupon it is debated by members of the legislature and is often amended before passage. Most large legislatures enact only a small fraction of the bills proposed in a given session. Whether a given bill will be proposed and is generally a matter of the legislative priorities of government.

Legislation is regarded as one of the three main functions of government, which are often distinguished under the doctrine of the separation of powers. Those who have the formal power to create legislation are known as legislators; a judicial branch of government will have the formal power to interpret legislation (see statutory interpretation); the executive branch of government can act only within the powers and limits set by the law.

Usage examples of "legislation".

One highly impressive exhibit of early state legislative power is afforded by the ferocious catalogue of legislation directed against the Tories, embracing acts of confiscation, bills of pains and penalties, even acts of attainder.

State legislation involved is found to conflict with certain acts of Congress, and in which the principle of national supremacy is invoked by the Court.

This regulation was eventually to become the Dangerous Drugs Act in 1920 - marking the start of British antidrug legislation.

The absolute veto of the Court of Appeals in the Wynehamer case was replaced by the Supreme Court, under the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, by a more flexible doctrine, which left it open to the State to show reasonable justification for that type of legislation in terms of acknowledged ends of the Police Power, namely, the promotion of the public health, safety and morals.

And while the Anti-Corn Law League, the Socialist propaganda of Robert Owen, and the agitation for factory legislation, all promised help and attracted large numbers of workmen, the Chartist movement was by far the strongest and most revolutionary of all the post-reform popular agitations.

Senator Bill Frist--the only physician in the Senate and cosponsor of the two major pieces of legislation dealing with this frightening new threat--offers straightforward, practical advice on how to keep your loved ones safe.

The president of the lessee corporation had refused to testify on the ground that the questions related to his private affairs and to matters cognizable only in the courts wherein they were pending and that the committee avowedly had departed from any inquiry in aid of legislation.

After twenty-four years experience Congress repealed those portions of the Reconstruction legislation which dealt specifically with elections, but left in effect those dealing generally with Civil Rights.

It is the conception which underlies congressional legislation of recent years making certain crimes against the States, like theft, racketeering, kidnapping, crimes also against the National Government whenever the offender extends his activities beyond state boundary lines.

The railroad companies were suddenly confronted by a mass of hostile and conflicting legislation which represented for the most part an honest attempt to fulfill a neglected responsibility, but whose effort on the whole merely embarrassed the operations of the roads, and which in many instances failed to protect the real public interests involved.

Wright, the contract clause had been considered in almost forty per cent of all cases involving the validity of State legislation, and of these the vast proportion involved legislative grants of one type or other, the most important category being charters of incorporation.

Under subsequent legislation, an excise is levied on interstate carriers and their employees, while by separate but parallel legislation a fund is created in the Treasury out of which pensions are paid along the lines of the original plan.

Meantime, California was informed that the rights of German nationals, under the Treaty of December 8, 1923 between the United States and the Reich, to whom real property in the United States had descended or been devised, to dispose of it, had survived the recent war and certain war legislation, and accordingly prevailed over conflicting State legislation.

We shall see how from this time the Commons gradually grew in influence,--though with periods of relapse,--until at length they have become the controlling power in legislation.

In most of these instruments the governors were elected annually by the legislative assemblies, were stripped of every prerogative of their predecessors in relation to legislation, and were forced to exercise the powers left them subject to the advice of a council chosen also by the assembly, and from its own members if it so desired.