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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ But the proposals were rejected by Democratic legislators, who said the underfunded public school system would lose too much money.
▪ Pete Wilson and Democratic legislators is not broken.
▪ But Democratic legislators say the tax cut would cut school funding by more than $ 3 billion.
▪ Yet any big move by the reborn Republican governor will require a compromise with Democratic legislators.
▪ The measure was opposed by Bush and by many Republican legislators on the grounds that it was too lavish.
▪ One issue was how to appease an ideologically fervid group of freshmen Republican legislators.
▪ But longer terms are opposed by many Republican legislators.
▪ Rob Hurtt, R-Orange, whose campaign contributions are aimed at electing more conservative Republican legislators.
▪ Numerous opposition legislators denounced the decision and stated that they would appeal against it.
▪ A tenth of its state legislators may be indicted following a corruption sting.
▪ Others hold office as county clerk, assessor, or recorder of deeds and a few are congressmen and state legislators.
▪ Voters also overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment which would limit state legislators to no more than 12 years in office.
▪ McGreevey, a state legislator and the mayor of Woodbridge, just missed doing the same thing in reverse.
▪ Gross says that for the third consecutive year, state legislators saw fit not to increase funding for Woodbourne.
▪ Filner insisted yesterday that the federal letter of clarification has solved the problem, and state legislators will revise state law.
▪ Insurers also learned that state legislators would act to reduce victims' rights....
▪ They can elect legislators who have the power to impose their will on judges through one means or another.
▪ Given a separate electorate, Harijan candidates and elected legislators would stress what divided them from caste Hindus.
▪ Rob Hurtt, R-Orange, whose campaign contributions are aimed at electing more conservative Republican legislators.
▪ In 1870, 13 black men were elected legislators.
▪ First, demand real reform from your legislators, and promise that you will hold them accountable.
▪ That tax-free allowance is currently $ 35 for Maricopa County legislators and $ 60 a day for the rest.
▪ The Government has wisely allowed legislators to choose between this approach and one of the Warnock minority alternatives.
▪ The law bars 26 veteran legislators, including the Democratic leaders of both houses, from seeking re-election next year.
▪ This is an area where legislators urgently seek reform.
▪ This makes the bilateral game one in which legislators learn about bureaucratic biases and manipulate penalties for deceit.
▪ Vargas said the body would try to respond to concerns of legislators and officials over the content and timetable of some programs.
▪ When legislators look where cuts can be made, arts budgets are often the first to come under scrutiny.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Legislator \Leg"is*la`tor\ (l[e^]j"[i^]s*l[=a]`t[~e]r), n. [L. legis lator, prop., a proposer of a law; lex, legis, law + lator a proposer, bearer, fr. latus, used as p. p. of ferre to bear: cf. F. l['e]gislateur. See Legal, and Tolerate.] A lawgiver; one who makes laws for a state or community; a member of a legislative body.

The legislators in ancient and heroical times.

Many of the legislators themselves had taken an oath of abjuration of his Majesty's person and family.
--E. Phillips.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1600, from Latin legis lator "proposer of a law," from legis, genitive of lex "law" + lator "proposer," agent noun of latus "borne, brought, carried" (see oblate (n.)), used as past tense of ferre "to carry" (see infer). Fem. form legislatrix is from 1670s.


n. Someone who creates or enacts laws, especially a member of a legislative body.


n. someone who makes or enacts laws


A legislator (or lawmaker) is a person who writes and passes laws, especially someone who is a member of a legislature. Legislators are usually politicians and are often elected by the people of the state. Legislatures may be supra-national (for example, the European Parliament), national (for example, the United States Congress), regional (for example, the National Assembly for Wales), or local (for example, local authorities).

Usage examples of "legislator".

Christianized body,-- men living in the light of nature, of reason,--that they immediately expelled the brutal Areopagite from his seat, and from the association of humane legislators.

The legislators behind Barnett, some standing on chairs, exploded in belly laughs.

Dye, then a state legislator, was traveling with Barnett in the motorcade.

American legislator and diplomat, was born in New Berlin, Chenango county, New York, on the 14th of November 1820.

On March 4,1797, Dolley sat in Congress Hall with the wives of other legislators, some like herself for the last time, and saw John Adams inaugurated as second President of the United States.

They proposed an amendment that would have required legislators to meet in the open at all times, even when jawboning with the governor.

The different forms of the various religions they ascribe to the difference of individuals, nations, and legislators.

It has been sagaciously conjectured, that the artful legislator indulged the stubborn prejudices of his countrymen.

According to Alcide, many of the condos had been bought as an investment and were subleased to legislators, most of who would be gone for the pre-holidays.

The ancient Sunbelt legislator appeared to have monumentally broad shoulders, huge, densely chiseled muscles and zero body fat.

The ancient legislators clothed this doctrine in the pomp of a mysterious ceremony, in mystic words and magical representations, to impress upon the mind the truths they taught, by the strong influence of such scenic displays upon the senses and imagination.

Thence in the midst of the dauntless throng of workmen of that great district of Paris, enclosed in the Faubourg as in a fortress, being both Legislators and Generals, multiplying and inventing means of defence and of attack, launching Proclamations and unearthing the pavements, employing the women in writing out placards while the men are fighting, we will issue a warrant against Louis Bonaparte, we will issue warrants against his accomplices, we will declare the military chiefs traitors, we will outlaw in a body all the crime and all the criminals, we will summon the citizens to arms, we will recall the army to duty, we will rise up before Louis Bonaparte, terrible as the living Republic, we will fight on the one hand with the power of the Law, and on the other with the power of the People, we will overwhelm this miserable rebel, and will rise up above his head both as a great Lawful Power and a great Revolutionary Power!

Santa Fe was the state capital and attracted a large number of alcoholics who were legislators or lobbyists, plus oilmen, cattlemen and tourists.

Under fire from angry constituents, legislators are fumbling around with a sham responsea whopping three-day waiting period.

It describes how some state legislators have accepted free vacations provided by lobbyists from major utilities, auto dealers, the hotel industry, Big Agriculture and insurance firms.