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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a leadership contest (=in which two politicians compete to become leader of their party)
▪ The party did not want the turmoil of a leadership contest.
a leadership election (=to elect a new leader for a political party)
▪ The result of the leadership election will be announced today.
a position of leadership
▪ She had risen to a position of leadership.
leadership potential (=the potential to become a leader)
▪ She always felt that I had leadership potential.
▪ The Empire Crusade was designed to cause the maximum trouble for the Conservative leadership.
▪ The Conservative leadership should show itself as compassionate and imaginative as well as tough where necessary.
▪ It is difficult to understand why the Democratic leadership should have been quite so defeatist in 1981.
▪ This is what democratic leadership means.
▪ It is the most democratic style of leadership identified by the research study.
▪ Formally, the Democratic leadership in both chambers opposed the Helms amendment.
▪ Mbeki also helped make space, though apparently reluctantly, for a rump of the old internal Mass Democratic Movement leadership.
▪ The Democratic leadership in Congress, which was noticeably absent at the signing ceremony, fought the measure.
▪ The Democratic leadership in Congress has pushed him hard on the issue.
▪ Ford promised to convince the Clinton administration and the Democratic congressional leadership to back away from the bill.
▪ His spirit was as warlike as ever, but he could no longer offer effective military leadership.
▪ Although some critics attack Becton because he is not an academic, others praise his record as one of effective leadership.
▪ This was a good idea, but the organization lacked effective leadership.
▪ But funding has been significantly less than other programmes, dissemination of materials less effective and leadership less dynamic.
▪ The components of Adair's three elements indicate the factors that are relevant to effective leadership.
▪ Should you promote a man who is effective and has leadership qualities but is very difficult to work with?
▪ The Methodist people had declined numerically, lacked effective or consistent leadership and had become feeble and thoroughly disheartened.
▪ I don't know if the general public has fully grasped just how undemocratic the present Labour leadership election rules are.
▪ They have been replaced by a Labour leadership keen to blame many of their problems at the Government's door.
▪ The T and G is a weathervane union closely connected to the Labour Party leadership.
▪ But to suppose that this picture bears the faintest resemblance to what the Labour leadership wants betrays something like paranoia cubed.
▪ I find that the front-runner for the Labour leadership, after some nifty trade union footwork, is John Smith.
▪ First, the Labour leadership chaos.
▪ The Labour leadership has taken a typically defensive position on the politics of the war.
▪ The Labour leadership at first welcomed Section 28, then opposed it.
▪ His spirit was as warlike as ever, but he could no longer offer effective military leadership.
▪ Our national supply of top-grade, rugged military leadership material must already be spoiled.
▪ The Defence Council is therefore the body which joins together the top political and military leadership.
▪ Belgrade supplied the rebels with arms and professional military leadership.
▪ Training is given in military skills, leadership, engineering, gunnery, driving and communications.
▪ It seemed likely that the military leadership was the real power.
▪ Both sides also agreed to hold regular exchanges between their respective military leaderships, and to exchange military attachés.
▪ Some one with greater political vision might have seen the end of hostilities as the right moment to substitute civilian for military leadership.
▪ The losses led to calls for the resignation of the national leadership.
▪ But strong national leadership is only one precondition to a successful family planning program.
▪ The Communists were realizing the possibility of forming alliances with the national leadership of other Left-Wing parties.
▪ It will keep its regional and national leadership intact.
▪ When the Emperor was restored in 1868 national leadership concentrated on centralizing authority in order to foster a national drive for industrialization.
▪ In Britain we refer rather to the office of Prime Minister and his or her performance rather than national leadership or individual leaders.
▪ In yet another, complete relocation of the library was under way under new leadership.
▪ Several are in turnaround situations, having changed direction under new leadership.
▪ In December 1990 the already extensive presidential powers were greatly expanded with the creation of a new state leadership structure.
▪ Simply prescribing new participative leadership styles for all effective managers can do more harm than good.
▪ The first Congress for which the new leadership was responsible was held in Torquay in 1983.
▪ It is time for a new generation of leadership.
▪ Still less is there an easy solution to be had from Labour's new leadership contest.
▪ The shadow cabinet elections can not go ahead until the new party leadership is in place.
▪ Local authorities and trade unions will need to respond to gratuitous fault finding and undermining of political leadership.
▪ So much for his brave words about the nature of political leadership.
▪ The Tigers' political leadership is attempting a difficult balancing act.
▪ Citizenship and political leadership were vested in those most inherently worthy.
▪ The Defence Council is therefore the body which joins together the top political and military leadership.
▪ Scholars in certain intellectual traditions may be less prepared for everyday life than those in current political leadership.
▪ Mrs Thatcher provides a mobilizing style of political leadership.
▪ They link the government and the top political leadership to the masses.
▪ They none the less strengthened the authority of the republican leaderships as they gradually extended their effective control over local affairs.
▪ In a letter to House Republican leadership last year, Rep.
▪ The Republican leadership ha been stunned by its unexpected defeat in 1948.
▪ The Republican leadership has clearly decided to resist the isolationist label.
▪ Tom DeLay, one of his most intemperate critics in the House Republican leadership.
▪ With the approval of House Republican leadership, Rep.
▪ Why did the Soviet leadership decide to send him?
▪ The Soviet leadership enjoys no such trust.
▪ This new strategy was ridiculed by the Soviet leadership and opposed by the heavy engineering sector inside Czechoslovakia.
▪ Second, and more important, came the succession of Mikhail Gorbachev to the Soviet leadership.
▪ The Soviet leadership was thrown into panic.
▪ The Soviet leadership openly proclaimed the illegitimacy of military bases on foreign territories only after the death of Stalin.
▪ The Soviet leadership appeared concerned that it should ensure for itself a role in any future Middle East peace settlement.
▪ The Soviet leadership could anticipate diplomatic dividends from these initiatives among the non-aligned countries.
▪ The fifth plenum announced austerity measures to tackle the worsening economic situation and called for stronger party leadership and unity.
▪ In 1971, for example, only about 35 percent of freshmen in the survey said they had strong leadership ability.
▪ The lack of strong leadership in the independent sector reflected the absence of any new producer talent.
▪ The students were chosen because of their strong leadership potential, academic achievement and involvement in extracurricular activities.
▪ In times of crisis, the organisation may need strong leadership by a central group of senior managers.
▪ Although strong leadership is typical of Great Groups, its form may vary.
▪ The need for strong leadership is frequently emphasized.
▪ To motivate others to implement their decisions, they need strong leadership qualities.
▪ And Bryan Gould could well survive despite his unsuccessful leadership challenge and decision to quit the shadow cabinet.
▪ Therefore, the leadership challenge is to have no weak links.
▪ Within the Conservative Party the Gulf crisis lent weight to the argument that a leadership challenge would be inappropriate.
▪ That was the biggest leadership challenge of all, just as it had been at Chrysler.
▪ Background to leadership challenge By late 1991 the Hawke government faced a number of severe difficulties.
▪ Some Tories even forecast that Mr Major would quit voluntarily rather than face the humiliation of a Tory leadership challenge.
▪ By the closing date for nominations for the leadership contest of Nov. 15 only Thatcher and Heseltine had been nominated.
▪ He presided over the 1990 leadership contest that saw the departure of Margaret Thatcher and the arrival of John Major.
▪ Labour's National Executive Committee agreed last night that the leadership contest should take place at a special conference on July 18.
▪ Refuse to play games Is there an alternative for Labour to the introspection of leadership contests and inquests?
▪ He certainly welcomed the leadership contest, but then so did many others.
▪ I don't know if the general public has fully grasped just how undemocratic the present Labour leadership election rules are.
▪ Many observers say that if the leadership election were held now, Redwood could topple Major or at least come close.
▪ He had been moving towards resignation since being routed by Mr Smith in the July leadership election.
▪ Labour is now embarked on a leadership election.
▪ At the leadership elections expected today, it is their votes that will determine the outcome.
▪ There should be a provision for annual leadership elections in the Parliamentary Party.
▪ In the leadership elections scheduled for mid-February 1992 it was expected that Peres would be challenged by Rabin.
▪ So leadership elections are as much a threat as an opportunity for the left.
▪ The party leadership - Neil Kinnock included - could barely conceal their delight when the vote was declared.
▪ But virtually no one outside their party leadership gives them a chance to win five.
▪ The strength of opposition to calls for a working party to consider the options for electoral reform delighted the party leadership.
▪ When his opportunity came to seize the party leadership, he proceeded with characteristic single-mindedness that bordered on ruthlessness.
▪ He couldn't afford a public scandal amongst the Party leadership.
▪ Austen Chamberlain, who succeeded him, had little skill in party leadership.
▪ Such interpretations tend to infer that the military are pushing assertive and dangerous arms policies on a somewhat hesitant Party leadership.
▪ If it can retain its customers' faith it could achieve the leadership position it covets by 1997.
▪ He was appointed by Gingrich to his leadership position, rather than elected.
▪ With its packages yet to hit the street, Clarify figures its technology will cop the leadership position.
▪ We should reclaim our leadership position by immediately sending a significant amount of food aid.
▪ The husband devotes himself to his business and has a leadership position in the family.
▪ When Reno made clear she intended to stay, Gorelick was left without the one government leadership position she wanted.
▪ Obviously, the type of leadership qualities required for a fast food establishment are not the same as for an insurance company.
▪ And archivists seem to have come around to recognizing his leadership qualities.
▪ Vlasov showed great energy and leadership qualities, transforming his division into a conspicuous example of efficiency.
▪ To motivate others to implement their decisions, they need strong leadership qualities.
▪ It's up to Kendall to show he has still got the leadership qualities to climb the ladder back to the top.
▪ Critics also say he lacks strong leadership qualities.
▪ Candidates must also show leadership qualities and a desire to compete and achieve.
▪ Your young daughter's bossy attitude in later life may be channelled into quite acceptable leadership qualities.
▪ Each group alters the leadership roles to strengthen the task-oriented role at the expense of the maintenance role.
▪ Like anyone in a leadership role, though, I suppose I should set an example.
▪ Other countries were looking to the United States to take a firm leadership role, said one official.
▪ Heads should therefore still be taking a key leadership role.
▪ He was almost always in the leadership role, with Roh a supportive follower.
▪ The Local Government Act 2000 also gives local authorities the powers they need to take a community leadership role.
▪ His leadership role was taken from him and he resumed his role as physician.
▪ This is obviously where the lack of leadership skills and abuse of headship most frequently surfaces.
▪ The base currently trains around 8,000 airmen and officers a year in administrative and leadership skills.
▪ The leadership skills they need to make the decentralized system work can be rapidly learned.
▪ You will learn about how the body responds to exercise and develop leadership skills.
▪ Students also belong to a travel-and-tourism club that emphasizes leadership skills and community service.
▪ All of which explains why his traditionally strong leadership skills aside, he did so poorly at leading the division through change.
▪ What are the key leadership skills?
▪ His leadership style was to maintain power through a combination of force and cunning strategy.
▪ A leadership style that has made her a remarkably effective prime minister would be a crippling liability in the White House.
▪ Anne was not prepared for the more authoritative leadership style that Laura had developed since the old days.
▪ Changes are limited to internal sub-units, focusing on improving leadership styles, building teamwork, and resolving intergroup conflict.
▪ As his early moves and leadership style indicate, Barak personally will determine the agenda and reputation of his government.
▪ Perhaps Jobs should simply be forgiven for what can most kindly be described as an immature leadership style.
▪ The concern among Bush's peers in the world leadership club goes beyond the accords being sunk by U.S. diplomatic torpedoes.
▪ We have assumed world leadership, or rather... it has been thrust upon us.
▪ In the 1970s teachers and administrators who had been trained in the United States began to assume leadership of the education service.
▪ Each also assumes leadership of a party that can aid or hinder his plans.
▪ There, Eva was always a great favourite and able to assume leadership easily.
▪ His refusal to talk to the media is but the latest example of his disinterest in assuming any leadership responsibilities.
▪ First, we assume that visionary leadership is a dynamic, interactive phenomenon, as opposed to a unidirectional process.
▪ Ed was almost a fifth-year senior when he assumed the leadership we were looking for.
▪ Some one has to assume leadership, he states, and it is the man who should do so.
▪ We have assumed world leadership, or rather... it has been thrust upon us.
▪ The subordinates alternately described the managerial role as providing sales leadership and as maintaining an efficiently run organization.
▪ Labour can not provide that leadership.
▪ Both companies consequently emphasized providing leadership, developing subordinates, and maintaining long-term partnerships with clients.
▪ It was priests not peers who were now providing leadership in the Church.
▪ But in a democracy he also has a responsibility to provide leadership and help shape public opinion.
▪ The Evaluation Officer provides leadership and coordination for the evaluation of the Course and is the editor of Feedback.
▪ In addition, the retailer formed a new unit to provide leadership to its stores in its top 10 markets.
▪ Vlasov showed great energy and leadership qualities, transforming his division into a conspicuous example of efficiency.
▪ However, the Department of Employment shows no leadership, no understanding, no commitment and no real interest in training.
▪ They claim that Dole benefited from showing leadership in Washington during the budget talks.
▪ Candidates must also show leadership qualities and a desire to compete and achieve.
▪ But somebody must show leadership and vision.
▪ Folland, 29 on Sept 17, has shown leadership qualities with Devon.
▪ United Kingdom will show leadership in financing the consolidation of industries across national boundaries.
▪ Assistant Coach Contanzo was given full leadership of the team.
▪ Harvard has a formidable team of black academics, working under the leadership of Henry Louis Gates.
▪ He took office in January and quickly established his leadership style.
▪ He will challenge Sinclair for the leadership of the Liberal Party.
▪ His forceful personality concealed his weak leadership and poor political acumen.
▪ It was Gorbachev's leadership which helped reform the country.
▪ Party members had lost confidence in the leadership.
▪ The leadership of the Association was criticized for not making its plans more easily accessible.
▪ the Chinese leadership
▪ The collapse of European communism in the late 1980s shocked the Chinese leadership.
▪ the company's leadership in robot technology
▪ The marketing department was much more focused under his leadership.
▪ Turkey has lacked any clear leadership since the collapse of the coalition government four months ago.
▪ Under the leadership of the Conservative Party, the gap between the rich and the poor widened considerably.
▪ We want to identify employees who have leadership potential.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Leadership \Lead"er*ship\, n.

  1. The office, position or function of a leader; as, Gingrich held the House leadership for six years.

  2. The quality of character and personality giving a person the ability to gain the confidence of and lead others; as, Washington's leadership was indispensible to success of the American Revolution.

  3. The people who serve as leaders of a group; as, the party leadership was in disarray after the election.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1821, "position of a leader," from leader + -ship. Sense extended by late 19c. to "characteristics necessary to be a leader."


n. 1 the capacity of someone to lead 2 a group of leaders

  1. n. the activity of leading; "his leadership inspired the team" [syn: leading]

  2. the body of people who lead a group; "the national leadership adopted his plan" [syn: leaders]

  3. the status of a leader; "they challenged his leadership of the union"

  4. the ability to lead; "he believed that leadership can be taught"


Leadership is both a research area and a practical skill encompassing the ability of an individual or organization to "lead" or guide other individuals, teams, or entire organizations. The literature debates various viewpoints: contrasting Eastern and Western approaches to leadership, and also (within the West) US vs. European approaches. US academic environments define leadership as "a process of social influence in which a person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task". Leadership seen from a European and non-academic perspective encompasses a view of a leader who can be moved not only by communitarian goals but also by the search for personal power.

Studies of leadership have produced theories involving traits, situational interaction, function, behavior, power, vision and values, charisma, and intelligence, among others.

Leadership (book)

Leadership (published October 1, 2002, ISBN 0-7868-6841-4) is a book written by Rudolph W. Giuliani (co-authored with Ken Kurson) about his time as Mayor of New York City and how he cleaned up New York City, reduced crime, and revitalized the economy of the city. Most of the book was written before the September 11, 2001 attacks, though Giuliani did include a section about his experiences that day and how he dealt with the emergency and the cleanup afterwards.

In 2007, this book was re-issued during Giuliani's presidential campaign, with a new introduction including Giuliani's perspective on various problems facing the United States.

Leadership (disambiguation)

Leadership is a process of social influence in which one or more persons attempt(s) to enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a task or tasks.

Leadership may also refer to:

Leadership (newspaper)

Leadership is a daily national newspaper published by Leadership Newspaper Group, based in Abuja, Nigeria. On its website, the paper asserts: "We shall stand up for good governance. We shall defend the interests of the Nigerian state even against its leaders and we shall raise our pen at all times in defence of what is right. These are the values by which we intend to be assessed".

On 9 January 2007 a dozen State Security Service agents stormed the Leadership offices and arrested general manager Abraham Nda-Isaiah, editor Bashir Bello Akko and journalist Abdulazeez Sanni. The cause was an article written by journalist Danladi Ndayebo that discussed the political maneuvers in the ruling People's Democratic Party (PDP) party that led to nomination of Umaru Musa Yar'Adua as presidential candidate. On 6 May 2008 a squad of armed, plain-clothed policemen from the Niger State Command raided the Leadership head office and arrested the deputy editor, Danladi Ndayebo, apparently without any warrant. According to the editor, Prince Charles Dickson, the cause was a feature article said to have defamed the character of Senator Isa Mohammed.

In December 2009, the Nigerian Union of Journalists named Leadership "Newspaper of the Year". The award was accepted by Abraham Nda-Isaiah, its Group Executive Director. In a restructuring effective 1 January 2011, Azubuike Ishiekwene was appointed the first managing director of LEADERSHIP Newspapers, while Abraham Nda-Isaiah became managing director of LEADERSHIP Holdings. Ishiekwene had formerly been editor of The Punch, and then managing director of that newspaper. In the April 2011 elections Golu Timothy, a former editor of the newspaper, was elected to the State House of Assembly in the Kanke Constituency of Plateau State. He ran on the PDP platform. Golu was reported to be seeking the position of Speaker in the Plateau House of Assembly.

On July 17, 2013, the Leadership reprinted the writer Shai Afsai’s photographs and first-person article “Igbo Jews of Nigeria Strive to Study and Practice” under the title “Igbo-Jews Of Nigeria Study And Practise Judaism,” citing the Leadership’s Igho Oyoyo as its author. After being threatened with legal action by the New English Review's editor, the Leadership issued an apology for the plagiarism and a corrected byline, ten days later.

Leadership (journal)

Leadership is a quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal that covers the field of management studies. The founding editors-in-chief were David Collinson and Keith Grint. The current editors of the journal are Brad Jackson ( Victoria University of Wellington) and Dennis Tourish ( Royal Holloway). The journal was established in 2005 and is published by Sage Publications.

Usage examples of "leadership".

The United States was prepared neither to seize the leadership nor to acquiesce in Japanese control of China which must result from failure to seize it.

The beaching craft, with slightly more experienced leadership, had even more complicated and difficult tasks.

Jack Bedell could not let anyone else issue orders, or the impetus of his leadership would be lost.

Gray Eye had taken full advantage of the chaos and the weaknesses of others to assume the leadership of the beholder community.

Its leadership was inexperienced, and its ideology was too vague to have any immediate relevance to the deep-seated problems besetting Iraq in the early 1960s.

Well, that part of the plan collapsed with Watergate, so we decided to make the Bicentennial a celebration of the new Republican leadership.

Randall Birley did not show a great deal of emotion when he addressed the company, but his voice was uncharacteristically flat as if he were making an enormous effort to show leadership by not breaking down.

Franz Weidenreich assumed leadership of the Cenozoic Research Laboratory and wrote a comprehensive series of reports on the Beijing man fossils.

Committee--that Chalabi set aside his dominating role and instead become part of a collective leadership that the administration hoped would meld the opposition into a more cohesive whole.

On March 6, the GOP House leadership scaled back its plan for large corporate tax cuts in order to win over Senate Democrats.

In a community where racial tensions run high, the naming leadership of Miller Dawkins has been something to behold.

Lynn, and while yet his own party scarcely ventured to hope anything from his leadership, Lord George proved himself an orator and a debater, a party tactician, and an energetic, vigilant, intelligent chief of opposition.

The Jewish leadership must be warned of what Emich and his followers intended to do.

In their four days together Leo had gradually assumed the leadership, and Erith seemed content to let him.

Recent history in controlling the fallout from Ervil Lebaron, Mark Hofmann, Paul Singer, Evan Mecham, and Bruce Longo told the Church leadership that their safest position was to let this fiasco pass on its own.