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The Collaborative International Dictionary

leaders \leaders\ n. the body of people who lead a group; the leadership[3]; as, they hung the leaders of the insurrection.

Syn: leadership.


n. 1 (plural of leader English) 2 the two front horses of a team of four in front of a carriage


n. the body of people who lead a group; "the national leadership adopted his plan" [syn: leadership]

Leaders (band)

Leaders are an American Christian metal band from Hollister, California. The band started making music in 2011, with members, lead vocalist, Lazarus Rios, lead guitarist, Josh Reeves, bass guitarist, Jake Dirkson, and drummer, Johnathen Somner. They signed with Facedown Records, where they released, Now We Are Free, a studio album, in 2012. Their second album, Indomitable, released by Facedown Records in 2013.

Usage examples of "leaders".

We know that because we know our leaders are the finest leaders there are, as are the Marines who were promoted today, and as are the lance corporal fire team leaders and corporal squad leaders who have yet to be promoted.

It was particularly tough on third platoon: it had not only lost its commander, it also lost a squad leader, three of six fire team leaders, and a gun team leader.

I'm here with you, the men of the third platoon, because your loss of leaders on Diamunde was so much greater than anybody else's.

The six men in the front row, in a new situation, not knowing much if anything about their new leaders or fellow Marines, sat stiffly while the Marines behind them lounged.

I was paying close attention to what you were saying, but I only heard two fire team leaders named for second squad.

As soon as the squad leaders had the men moving, Hyakowa went to the company supply room to make arrangements with Sergeant Souavi for the storage of personal gear the Marines of third platoon would leave behind and the issuing of gear they'd need where they were going.

We've got more new men than any other platoon in the battalion, more new fire team leaders and squad leaders learning their new jobs.

Hyakowa shouted orders to the squad leaders to have their men board the Dragons.

Bass said to third platoon's communications man, Lance Corporal Dupont, as soon as the squad leaders reported everyone in position and everything quiet.

Bass put on the override circuit so he and the squad leaders could listen in on all transmissions from the recon.

The large one, if he so chose, might have someone carry her report to the Master and the leaders, those who just came down and those who were hiding, where they waited for all the Earth barbarians to assemble.

Even though she wasn't particularly curious about it herself, she knew the Master and the leaders would want to know about it, so she watched in order to be able to report.

The Master and the leaders insisted they eat the things that swam in the waters, so she and the others ate them.

He turned back to his squad leaders: "Set secure night positions, one-third alert.

A moment later they were followed by another assault team of two leaders and ten fighters.