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Answer for the clue "The status of a leader ", 10 letters:

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Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Leadership is a quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal that covers the field of management studies . The founding editors-in-chief were David Collinson and Keith Grint. The current editors of the journal are Brad Jackson ( Victoria University of Wellington ...

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. 1 the capacity of someone to lead 2 a group of leaders

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
1821, "position of a leader," from leader + -ship . Sense extended by late 19c. to "characteristics necessary to be a leader."

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Leadership \Lead"er*ship\, n. The office, position or function of a leader; as, Gingrich held the House leadership for six years. The quality of character and personality giving a person the ability to gain the confidence of and lead others; as, Washington's ...

Usage examples of leadership.

The United States was prepared neither to seize the leadership nor to acquiesce in Japanese control of China which must result from failure to seize it.

The beaching craft, with slightly more experienced leadership, had even more complicated and difficult tasks.

Jack Bedell could not let anyone else issue orders, or the impetus of his leadership would be lost.

Gray Eye had taken full advantage of the chaos and the weaknesses of others to assume the leadership of the beholder community.

Its leadership was inexperienced, and its ideology was too vague to have any immediate relevance to the deep-seated problems besetting Iraq in the early 1960s.

Well, that part of the plan collapsed with Watergate, so we decided to make the Bicentennial a celebration of the new Republican leadership.

Randall Birley did not show a great deal of emotion when he addressed the company, but his voice was uncharacteristically flat as if he were making an enormous effort to show leadership by not breaking down.

Franz Weidenreich assumed leadership of the Cenozoic Research Laboratory and wrote a comprehensive series of reports on the Beijing man fossils.

Committee--that Chalabi set aside his dominating role and instead become part of a collective leadership that the administration hoped would meld the opposition into a more cohesive whole.

On March 6, the GOP House leadership scaled back its plan for large corporate tax cuts in order to win over Senate Democrats.

In a community where racial tensions run high, the naming leadership of Miller Dawkins has been something to behold.

Lynn, and while yet his own party scarcely ventured to hope anything from his leadership, Lord George proved himself an orator and a debater, a party tactician, and an energetic, vigilant, intelligent chief of opposition.

The Jewish leadership must be warned of what Emich and his followers intended to do.

In their four days together Leo had gradually assumed the leadership, and Erith seemed content to let him.

Recent history in controlling the fallout from Ervil Lebaron, Mark Hofmann, Paul Singer, Evan Mecham, and Bruce Longo told the Church leadership that their safest position was to let this fiasco pass on its own.