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kilometres per hour

n. the ratio of the distance traveled (in kilometers) to the time spent traveling (in hours) [syn: kilometers per hour, kph, km/h]

Kilometres per hour

The kilometre per hour ( American English: kilometer per hour) is a unit of speed, expressing the number of kilometres travelled in one hour.

The unit symbol is km/h (officially used abbreviation in the European Union and most other countries) or, rarely, ; however, in some English-speaking countries it is also referred to as kph, especially within the generations that went through metrification or still use Imperial units or U.S. customary units. Worldwide, it is the most commonly used unit of speed on road signs and car speedometers.

Usage examples of "kilometres per hour".

He faced to spin, carried in the jet stream at five hundred kilometres per hour.

He set off towards Withoim Manor coaxing a full fifty-five kilometres per hour from the engine, rocking slowly in the seat.

Since we're moving at only 100 kilometres per hour, we shouldn't have reached it for some time.

RO-80 included weight and speed figures: 1210 kilograms with a dry tank, 180 kilometres per hour.

Benny realized that the board's passenger had jumped off when it emerged from the Central Line gateway at two hundred kilometres per hour.

The meteorology 'puter guessed the winds near its centre to be moving in excess of 780 kilometres per hour.

I followed the course of the river flying at 150 kilometres per hour and floating so close above the surface of the water that I had to be careful not to hit the rocks which frequently loomed up unexpectedly.

The Trabi wouldn't go more than seventy-five kilometres per hour and never should have been on a motorway, but I don't understand how he could lose control and hit an abutment so hard.

He glances down at the computer on his handlebars, forty kilometres per hour, forty-five kilometres per hour coming up and now there is nothing to do except hang on.

The speedometer stood at a steady 100 kilometres per hour, the speed limit on this stretch.

The first torpedoes with atomic warheads were fired and shot with a speed of thousands of kilometres per hour toward Earth, whose population was still waiting for the alarm.

He stepped hard on the brakes but the Audi slid on the drenched road surface, aquaplaning at ninety kilometres per hour towards the car in front, itself still hurtling forward, brake lights no more than a panicked wish.

The lander zipped past at over 2 EXP 3 kilometres per hour, decelerating fast.

Moving along at the speed of about 129 kilometres per hour on the belt, which seemed to follow a straight direction to the temple, they expected to arrive in the vicinity of the temple in about 2 hours.

I got on my bike and went back to the house a bit recklessly, shooting through puddles on the path and taking the Jump - a bit on the path where there's a long downhill on a dune and then a short uphill where it's easy to leave the ground - at a good forty kilometres per hour, landing with a muddy thump that nearly had me in the whin bushes and left me with a very sore bum, making me want to keep opening my mouth with the feeling of it.