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init. 1 kilometre per hour. 2 keystrokes per hour.


n. the ratio of the distance traveled (in kilometers) to the time spent traveling (in hours) [syn: kilometers per hour, kilometres per hour, km/h]


KPH or kph may refer to:

  • Kilometres per hour (km/h) – a physical unit of speed or velocity (non-standard; km/h is usually preferred where SI conformance is important)
  • The Campaign Against Homophobia (Polish: Kampania Przeciw Homofobii) – a non-governmental LGBT rights and support organisation in Poland
  • Keystrokes per hour – a term used in reference to data entry speed
  • KPH Radio – a coastal radio station in California
  • Potassium hydrogen phthalate – a standard for acid-base titrations
  • The Kplang language of Ghana
KPH (radio station)

KPH is a public coast radio station on the West Coast of the United States. For most of the 20th century, it provided ship to shore communications including telegrams (using Morse code) and marine telex service (using radioteletype). The station discontinued commercial operation in 1998, but is operated occasionally as a historic service - its signal can be tuned in throughout a large portion of the western hemisphere.

(Ship to shore telephone calls were not handled by KPH but by other stations such as the nearby AT&T high seas station KMI.)

Usage examples of "kph".

Except on the autoroutes, the legal speed limit in France is 110 kph : the man being interrogated must have been doing at least 150 when he had passed the transporter.

Georgina had fed the coordinates of the break into the autohelms of their drill-rigs, so all they had to do for a while was relax, wiggle around in their armor, and maybe snuff up a euphoric or two while hurtling along at 500 kph toward a mess under the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

The tank slid forward at forty kph, grinding the concertina wire between the guardrail and the vehicle's own hundred and seventy tonnes.

The tank slid forward at forty kph, grinding the concertina wire ­.

The tank slid forward at forty kph, grinding the concertina wire between the guardrail and the vehicles own hundred and seventy tonnes.

At ground level the air was almost still, but in the topmost of the three bands of convection cells, sulphurous winds of over 400 kph buffeted vessels.

The tyres had tungsten-steel studs for traction and the headlights had wipers to clear the encrusting snow, but that didn't mean fast driving and I suppose we didn't average more than 70 KPH and that was a shade fast for the conditions.

Even so, violent motion hammered Gonzalez against her crash couch's shock frame as the big tanks edged up to a speed of over sixty kph.

But the storm-wind was blowing, blowing everything before it, and we joined it, and all of a sudden there we were, deeper than it was possible to be in the atmosphere of Mormyr, making a few lousy hundreds of kph, in one piece, flux balanced and staying balanced despite the best efforts of the storm, slowing down, safe and well.

Nothing very much was happening now: at close on 90 kph we were just locked together with our treads sliding across the wet road surface independently of the steering line.

Her speed rose steadily above a hundred kph as she threw more and more power to her drive, and the Wolverines began to fall astern.

She had to hold their forward speed to 10 kph to avoid outrunning the effect, but the loss of a minute or two in transit time was a cheap price to pay for the relative safety and control.

With multiple turbo-compound engines, airships were capable of speeds in excess of 120 kph, and unrefueled flights of several thousand kilometers.