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kilometers per hour

n. the ratio of the distance traveled (in kilometers) to the time spent traveling (in hours) [syn: kilometres per hour, kph, km/h]

Usage examples of "kilometers per hour".

And scarcely any such effort had been taken with the hundreds of supply trucks, which, they saw, were still moving in tight little convoys, at about thirty kilometers per hour, heading for assembly areas just a few klicks south of where the shooters were.

It certainly seemed like it, and the rover anemometer was now registering gusts of 230 kilometers per hour, but in the lee of their little mesa it was unclear whether these represented true maxi-mums or not.

He pulled up, and streaked over the desert at seven hundred kilometers per hour, fifty meters above the dunes.

Even in a vacuum, our speed was restricted to four hundred kilometers per hour in the copper layer since it wasn't magnetic, and our tanks had to run on the magnetic bars that served as their treads.

I drop to within ten meters of the surface of the Storm Sea, flying east at a velocity of 1230 kilometers per hour.

A racing car traveling at 200 kilometers per hour (120 miles her hour) is going almost one-fifth the speed of sound.

The division moved off in the early afternoon at a steady fifty kilometers per hour, driving down a multilane highway cleared for its path.

The closure rate sucked his breath---the F-15s were cruising, straight and level, at only five hundred kilometers per hour.