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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Metrification \Met`ri*fi*ca"tion\, n.

  1. Composition in metrical form; versification. [R.]

  2. The act or process of converting the standard system of units of a country to those of the metric system; metrication.


n. 1 composition in metrical form; versification. 2 (context US Canada English) metrication

  1. n. writing a metrical composition (or the metrical strucutre of a composition)

  2. the act of changing from imperial units of measurement to metric units: meters, grams, seconds [syn: metrication]

Usage examples of "metrification".

I buckled down to work on Metrification, devising a program that would convert American to the metric standard, no easy task.

I signed the Omnibus Infrastructural Metrification Educational Assistance Act.

I was working on a Metrification pep talk I had to give at the National Bureau of Weights and Standards when the door opened and Feels walked in.