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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cabob \Ca*bob"\, n. [Hindi kab[=a]b] [Now more commonly spelled kabob.]

  1. A small piece of mutton or other meat roasted on a skewer; -- so called in Turkey and Persia. [Also spelled kebab, kebob, or kabab.]

  2. A leg of mutton roasted, stuffed with white herrings and sweet herbs.

    shish cabob See shish kebob.


kebab \kebab\, kebob \kebob\, n. See kabab and kabob.


n. (alternative spelling of kebab English) vb. (alternative spelling of kebab English)

Usage examples of "kebob".

They would have been spitted like shish kebob before the first words of parley came out of their mouths.

Moto were waiting in the bar of an Arab Restaurant that catered to dramatic Shish Kebobs and belly dancers.

Fried wontons, fried chicken, fried shrimp, fried egg rolls, pigs in blankets, shish kebobs on wooden skewers, each piece of meat capped with fat.