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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cabob \Ca*bob"\, n. [Hindi kab[=a]b] [Now more commonly spelled kabob.]

  1. A small piece of mutton or other meat roasted on a skewer; -- so called in Turkey and Persia. [Also spelled kebab, kebob, or kabab.]

  2. A leg of mutton roasted, stuffed with white herrings and sweet herbs.

    shish cabob See shish kebob.

Usage examples of "kabab".

There was chicken cooked in pomegranate juice, and lamb cubed and marinated and broiled in a manner called kabab, and a rose-flavored sharbat cold with snow, and a billowy, trembling confection like a fluffed-up nougat, made of fine white flour, cream, honey, daintily flavored with oil of pistachio, and called a balesh.