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1610s, from Japanese.


n. A type of Japanese longsword, 日本刀 (にほんとう, nihontō) having a single edge and slight curvature.

Katana (comics)

Katana (Tatsu Yamashiro) is a fictional superheroine that appears in comic books published by DC Comics. The character made her feature film debut in the 2016 Suicide Squad film, portrayed by actress Karen Fukuhara.

Katana (disambiguation)

Katana is Japanese for backsword and often refers to uchigatana, especially in English. For a list of fictional katana, see Katanas in fiction. Katana may also refer to:

  • Katana (band), Swedish heavy metal band
  • Katana (brand), Japanese golf equipment brand
  • Katana (comics), a DC Comics fictional character
  • Katana (web series), a martial arts web series on Strike.TV
  • Qatana, a city in Syria
  • Qatanna, a town in the Palestinian Territories
  • Katana (photocopier), a photocopier manufactured by Ricoh
  • Suzuki Katana, a motorcycle manufactured by Suzuki
  • Sanyo Katana, a mobile phone manufactured by Sanyo
  • "A1 Katana", a model of the Diamond DA20 aircraft manufactured by Diamond Aircraft
  • a character from Coyote Ragtime Show
  • Katana, the development code name for the Dreamcast
  • the former name of the Enigma (yacht), one of the world's largest private superyachts
  • Katana (manga), a manga by Kimiko Kamada
  • General Katana, a character from the movie Highlander II: The Quickening
  • AR-15 Katana, a prototype lightweight assault rifle

Katana as a surname may refer to:

  • Randy Katana, a trance musician from the Netherlands
Katana (photocopier)

Katana is the name given to a Ricoh photocopier. It is a high volume machine that is able to copy at speeds of up to 135 pages per minute, while the slowest Katana copier can copy at 90 copies per minute. It is a black and white machine but has a color scanner fitted to it. It can be used as both a photocopier and printer at the same time.


Historically, were one of the traditionally made that were used by the samurai of feudal Japan. The katana is characterized by its distinctive appearance: a curved, slender, single-edged blade with a circular or squared guard and long grip to accommodate two hands.

Katana (band)

'''Katana '''is a heavy metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden established in 2005. The 5-member includes Johan Bernspång on vocals, Patrik Essén (guitar), Susanna Salminen (bass guitar), Tobias Karlsson (guitar) and Anders Persson (drums). The name of the band Katana comes from Japanese katana, a backsword, because of Japanese influences on the band's music. They are signed with Listenable Records / Sony Music and managed by Gain / Magnus Lundbäck.

Katana (village)

Katana is a medium size village in Phillaur tehsil of Jalandhar District of Punjab State, India. It is located 2 km away from Apra-Banga road and 3.3 km away from postal head office Apra. The village is 16.7 km away from Phillaur, 42.6 km from Jalandhar, and 121 km from state capital Chandigarh. The village is administrated by Sarpanch who is the elected representative of village.

Usage examples of "katana".

Dorel tried to pet an excited Katana and make her way down the hall to the living room.

Rather than embarrass both of them, she stepped over Katana and walked to the door.

Dorel looked from him to Katana, their eyes beseeching her almost identically.

Dorel could do nothing but tow her along like a gray dust mop over the garden trail as Katana towed her.

Dorel pulled Katana to a stop, set the squirming cat down and leaned against a cedar fence post to catch her breath.

Suddenly remembering Katana, she rushed blindly out of the bathroom and ran to the deck.

Dorel and Katana strolled among the dripping trees and bushes, getting soaked but enjoying the freedom of a wet walk unhampered by raincoat or umbrella.

She wrapped it around herself and opened the door to find Katana lying in the hall on guard.

As Dorel stepped hesitantly inside, Katana lay down in the hall, his back to the bedroom.

She twisted a sheet around herself as he pulled Katana by the collar into the bedroom and shut the Airedale inside.

He watched her go to Katana and pull the dog away from the stain on the carpet.

She moved carefully off the bed so as not to disturb Katana and Benten crowded next to her and who seemed to prefer her company over that of Michael.

Corolla filled with a grinning, happily barking Katana and yowling Benten.

She pulled the cat carrier out of backseat and watched Michael open the door, holding Katana back by the collar.

Michael in the living room at the bookcases, staring into the open sword drawer with Katana sitting alertly at his feet.